What’s your story, Lauren?

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Today’s Ask Me comes from Cindi, who reminded me that I never fully shared what my hair loss and alopecia story was. I wonder how many of you can relate?

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2 thoughts on “What’s your story, Lauren?”

  1. Lauren, Thank you for sharing your story! I’ve been following your blog and videos for months as I contemplated wearing hair myself. I, too, have always had thin hair, and after many years of birth control, and then having two children, my hair seems thinner than ever in my mid-thirties. I also use hair fibers and BB brown dry shampoo (I get it at my local Sephora) and now, I use the Joan Rivers cover up that I heard about from you. I just purchased my first clip-on topper from PattisWigs, it’s the 12″ Jon Renau easiPart. I’m in love with it! Meeting with my stylist tomorrow for a few final touches! While I’ve been a bit nervous about wearing my helper hair, I’ve decided that I don’t really care what others may speculate. After all, what woman doesn’t do something to alter/improve her appearance?? HA! Mine just happens to be my hair! So far I’m loving my topper but it is causing me to have some sore spots on my scalp after only a couple of days. I think I will get used to it within a week or so. I’ve always had a super tender and sensitive scalp, so this doesn’t surprise me. I plan on sewing in some extra clips to rotate, and already wanting to save up some money to get one of those headband toppers from ThinHairThick. They are about to come out with a synthetic version that is much cheaper! One question for you….as anyone that you know (like family, church member, friend, or co-worker) ever commented on your hair or even outright asked what you’ve done differently or if it’s really your hair? I’m just wondering how I would even answer this if someone does say something! So far, the people that see me regularly haven’t noticed…at least I don’t think that they have! They didn’t seem to be staring at it anyways! Thanks again, Lisa

    • Hi there! I understand Thin Hair Thick’s toppers are very sparse in the back, and some ladies were disappointed because of that. If the biggest draw is the “no damage” claim, just sew or glue in some extra clips and and rotate their usage. Plus, updos are much easier without that band! Just my 2 cents.

      And nope, not one person has asked. 🙂


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