There are No Words for This Topper (Yikes)

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Many of you have been so complimentary in your comments about my pieces and have said that once you are ready to take the leap into trying a topper, you hope you have the luck that I have. For the most part, you’re right…for someone as picky as I am (particularly when it comes to color), I’ve had a pretty decent string of luck when it comes to the synthetic hairpieces I own. Until now.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! There was no time to fix the lighting, fix the makeup, fix nothing. I had to be sure you could see the look on my face (and really, if I can get past the *awfulness* of this hair all I can think about is the massive wrinkle between my brows).

Mystery Topper

I made this pic nice and large so you can fully appreciate it. 🙂 And no, while it looks like it, I am not naked here!

Although you can see the tag hanging off it, I’m calling this my “mystery topper” for now so as not to scare anyone off; this company does make a few toppers.

I saw this topper on one of my hairloss friends, and it was so sleek and pretty, so I’m not exactly sure what happened here. I contacted Kathy at Gallery of Wigs and showed her a picture of both the rat’s nest on my head, as well as the pic of my friend. She immediately looked into it and found out that there was some issue with the packaging that caused the hair to spiral curl. I’m not exactly sure how that would happen, but I’ll take her word for it. She didn’t address the awful, mega permatease. For those of you that don’t know what permatease is, it’s hair (usually wiry) underneath the top layer to help give the hair lift and body. I could probably appreciate a little volume, however, the bang area on this piece was ready for take-off.

In short, this piece was all kinds of wrong.

Kathy, as usual, was awesome. She contacted the company directly and had them ship her the “correct” topper. She checked the quality and then shipped it to me, along with a pre-paid return label so I could send this one back. She assured me that the new topper was “divine”.

You’ll have to wait until the next post to see if it is.

15 thoughts on “There are No Words for This Topper (Yikes)”

  1. Hey Lauren! Any tips on how to get ride of some or all permatease?! My noriko milan toppers look to me like my head is lope sided from all the permatease on the crown!! Pleasr any advice or help!!

    • Hi Rina! I usually wet it in the back and aim a hair dryer down on it (low heat) to push it down a bit. I have heard you can cut it out, too (just lift the top layer of hair up) but I haven’t tried that…proceed at your own risk!

  2. Question: Does wearing a wig or topper increase one’s hair loss ? Same affect as wearing a hat ? Im 43 years old and already post menopausal. I know….. it completely sucks ! WTH ???? I started the evil change 14 months after my third child was born and I was only 35 years old ! Ive has consistent slow thinning of my hair and no matter what shampoos (Nioxin) , supplements, ext….. nothing is stopping or reversing it. I get hormone pellets (bio identical) implanted under my skin every four months and I do feel better. Im also taking thyroid medicine. With everything involved in menopause my hair loss has pretty much destroyed me. Im EXTREMELY insecure and won’t even have my picture taken. I love the way the toppers look on you and am wondering if you have noticed in more hair loss since wearing them ? Thank you for this site ! Its so encouraging to read comments that describe exactly how I feel ! God bless !

    • Hi – yes, there can be additional loss caused where the clips hit. I always have two toppers on hand to wear…I wish I would’ve altered where the clips are on one of them so that I’m not pulling on the same hair in the same place every day. For me, it’s not a big deal as I’ll never be without a topper again, but it’s definitely something to consider. Some women don’t have this issue, but I find, for me, yes, additional loss does happen at the clip area!

  3. Hi.. i just got my jon renau synthetic topper.. but unfortunately i got this weird piece with spiral curl ,same like you had by mistake.. plss help. What would i tell, how i explain its not the one which i have orderd.. 🙁

  4. I’m afraid now. I ordered a hd easipart and im waiting for it to arrive :(. will it be as hideous as this one? Gosh 🙁
    why did you decided changing brands?

    • Don’t worry Kari – this one was a fluke. Apparently, I was the victim of old inventory. I’ll be writing a post for the early part of this week that shows what the replacement looks like! The main reason why I decided to change brands was because this particular color comes in a bunch of corresponding wigs, in case I ever decide to make the leap. 🙂

    • A tip, too – I’ve heard that you can wear the EasiPart both ways. They tell you to put the narrow part at the front of your head, but play with it; there are several women I know that use the wide part at the front of their head.

  5. I have been looking at their website and the hardest part (for me) is trying to pick a topper with the right color. It is good to know they were willing to help you work this out. Your other choices look great! Hard to say what happened to that one! Ha!

    • Color is hard for me, too. I spend alot of time looking at different sites as sometimes they have different colors on the models. Also, a Google search with the color might yield some real-life results, too. Most manufacturers also offer a color ring so you can match up your color at home.

  6. Awesome! I think maybe this came from the 1980’s collection. Reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes “Do you like Flock of Seagulls?” “Um… I can tell YOU DO!”

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