I *NEVER* Thought I Could Pull off This Look!

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When you have thinning hair, there are just some things you shy away from. You may remember a post I wrote not too long ago about the first time I wore big earrings to work. Who knew something so mundane would be totally eye-opening for me?

Pre-hair, there were other things I’d avoid at all costs. Scarves are cute, don’t you think? Never would I be caught dead in one (I’m talking about decorative scarf/wrap/thingies, not utilitarian ones for cold weather) as the bulk around my neck would look odd against the lack of volume on my head.

Funky hair colors or bold highlights were out as well. Aside from the fact that I didn’t want to spend ANY additional time in my hair stylist’s chair, there’s no way I was going to field comments about my new, eye-catching hairdo at work the next day. No way, no how.

A flat-iron was a tool I never imagined I’d use. Why would I want to press my thin hair to be even thinner an an attempt to get it stick straight? Of course, on synthetic hair (most of them, anyways, synthetic hair is available in heat-friendly fiber) I don’t use a flat-iron either, BUT, I can successfully wear my hair pin straight if I want to, without looking like a drowned rat.

Hats are handy sometimes, at least I think. I live in the South so I don’t need one for warmth, ever, but I can imagine their use in other climates. Wearing a hat would freak me out because I’d be wondering what I looked like when I took it off. Plus, I’d be concerned with getting my concealers all over it. I did wear a ball cap once in recent history for a company soft ball game. I was the only one after the game who kept it on.

Sunglasses were even difficult “back then”. I still wore them, of course, but I’d have to think twice about if I wanted to rest them on top of my head. My concealers did an awesome job of hiding my hairloss, but even just a few short minutes of sunglasses on top of my head would create a dent in my hair. Not the best look, unfortunately.

Alright, so you get where I am going, right? There are just things that you learn to avoid, or things you worry about in a way no one else ever would when your hair, well, sucks.

This year my husband and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary. We’re pretty low-key people, but as 10 years is a milestone, I wanted to look extra special. So I broke out the one beauty item I never in a million years expected to ever wear.


As in, “look at me, I’ve got nothing to hide and I think I kinda-sorta look good” red.

Red Lips

And guess what? It was awesome. My husband was floored and very complimentary, which in turn made me feel even better about myself.

The best part was that no one even gave me a second thought. Sounds sad, huh? But seriously, all I looked like to anyone who saw me was a normal-looking girl out on the town with her husband. I didn’t look like what I always imagined people saw me as, which I’ll keep to myself since some of what I thought about me wasn’t always the nicest.

Wearing hair has given me so much of my life back. I no longer have to give my look a second thought when I’m presenting at work, or picking out clothes, or just going out to eat with my husband.

I’m happier around my kids, I look people in the eye and–heck!–I’m even saving money by not visiting my stylist for colorings (does anyone else wonder why us “hair-challenged” girls still pay full-price for a stylist’s services when we have so much less hair on our heads? I used to be out the door in less than an hour with a cut, color AND blowdry but I’d still be charged the same price as the women next to me who was there for hours).

Those are just a few of the benefits to wearing hair. There are so many more I could come up with! After my anniversary dinner, though, I’d have to say that saving money is one of the best perks. I’m definitely contributing more to the red lipstick fund, now.

For those wondering, I’m wearing my Long Synthetic Topper in 8H14, by Jon Renau, purchased at Gallery of Wigs. You can read more about this hair topper here!


10 thoughts on “I *NEVER* Thought I Could Pull off This Look!”

  1. hey you are a big role model for me u changed my life and how I used wearing my wig, even though I get caught sometimes but I really don’t care. I like to wear natural one actually it made me so confidante and changed my life thank you really for every thing. I love you big heart for your support here.

  2. I’m so grateful to have found your blog. I have been suffering from hair loss for years. Following each pregnancy, I lost more and more hair and it never grew back. All blood tests are normal so that doesn’t quite help. I have curly, SUPER fine hair that is getting worse on the top and on the sides. So embarrassing. I’m going to retry Rogaine, I think. I’ve listed your concealer ideas and will try them too. I like the idea of a topper/wig, but have no idea where to get one to match the colour and curls. Thank you for being there for women like me!


  3. Looks great, Lauren! I can’t seem to make that deep side part work on me but I LOVE it on you.
    What topper are you wearing daily now? Still the JR?

  4. you look great! love the red lipstick!

    i so appreciate your site and info. i’m older and have thinning hair in the front and i think working it’s way to my crown. just started taking biotin. hope it helps but looking into styles that help hide my “wide” part and scanty bangs.


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