{NEW} Hope Topper: Lace-front, Synthetic Hair Topper

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I love pieces in interesting colors.

Yes, I tend to stick with the safe medium-brown-with-blond-highlights, but sometimes it’s fun to try something just a bit more…edgy.

Uniwigs sent me their newest synthetic topper to try and review. Guess what her name is?

Hope. 🙂

This topper is on the larger side at 8.5×9” (much like the Uniwigs Point Synthetic Topper I reviewed for you guys before), she’s 16” and…wait for it…she has a lace front!


uniwigs hope topper

She, like most in-stock pieces at Uniwigs…is also 10% off with code LAUREN10.

For anyone who is worried about integrating their bio hair–maybe you don’t have enough up front or you prefer to wear your bangs off your face–a lace front could be a good solution for you.

They can be a bit tricky with toppers, though.

Because they don’t have the tension that a full wig has, you’ll likely need a product to help hold down the lace. Something like It Stays {this makes for a good lace front wig adhesive) or a white wig tape would work well, here.

(Do not use blue wig tape! Blue wig tape is designed for long-term use. It’ll be waaay too sticky/grippy for something you remove daily! Ask me how I know…)

Check out the video I made on the Hope topper. You’ll be able to get a good idea on how the lace front can look:

The lace front blends really well. The piece does have blonde in the front, which helps with a realistic hairline. But even the sections that are mostly brunette look great.

Here’s a close up of the lace front:

no black dots on lace front

You know on some darker pieces the hair looks like little dots on the lace? Uniwigs has done a good job with this as you don’t have that pin-prick look that can be a dead giveaway.

If you own a wig or hairpiece that has been giving you a headache in this area, there are tricks to lessen this issue…but we’ll have to chat about that another time.

I mention this in the video, but this color is gorgeous with a capital G. It’s called “Chocolate Caramel”.

Can you go wrong with a color named that?!

The base color of the Hope topper is almost a coppery shade, or maybe a light auburn. Either way, it’s a very warm brown BUT, it’s interestingly offset by a natural/icy blond color.

I can’t normally wear red tones.

Actually, you can add “red” to the long list of colors I can’t wear. Nothing too dark, nothing too monotone, nothing too warm, nothing too pink, etc. Blah blah blah, my list goes on and on.

But, when you combine the warmness of this piece with a contrasting ashy blond, I can pull it off.

uniwigs hope topper

That’s the beauty of wigs/hair – you can actually pull off more colors than you might think with the right color combination. And bonus…that color combination never fades or needs refreshed. #alwaysabrightside

Check out Hope if you’re in the market for a large, long, lace front topper at a great price. Uniwigs has been running a ton of sales recently, but if there isn’t a better one going on you can always save 10% with code LAUREN10.

You can also view Uniwigs’ entire topper collection here.

Let me know what questions you have about this Hope topper, or lace fronts in general!

Be sure to check out my review on Point Synthetic, as well as human hair Claire.

P.S. To those of you in Texas and Florida (I just recently moved to north Texas from the Southwest Florida coast and still have family there)…I’m thinking of you.

18 thoughts on “{NEW} Hope Topper: Lace-front, Synthetic Hair Topper”

    • Hi Trish, sometimes the part is just a little too dense (some people like it dense, others prefer a wider part), so plucking allows you to pluck one by one until you get a “width” for the part that you are comfortable with. There’s no science – you quite literally pluck one or two hairs at a time until you get to your desired look. Pro top: Part your hair on the opposite side to practice with.

  1. I love that color on you Lauren! And to Janet… it is not human hair but I recently bought the amore long top piece. It is very low density, the hair is synthetic, but beautiful…fine & silky. There is absolutely no wiggy look :). Oh, & that’s the amore, not the noriko- they look the same but the noriko has the dreaded permatease

  2. Lauren,

    New topper is sooo pretty. The density of it looks absolutely perfect for those of us who don’t have much bio hair and don’t want to look “overly-hairy” when wearing helper hair. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi Lauren! Again you rock with that topper as with your others. I have a question from an older fan of yours. Toppers that are synthetic are too thick for me and scream wig when I put one on. I have thinned my top secret and trimmed but it does not work. I recently bought Jose Ebers hair enchancers. They are tape in enchancers made of human hair. Currently I do two. One on the top side swept with my hair and one on the opposite side to give fullness. I have done 4 but that was too much and I was able to see them on my scalp. It’s not perfect but it works. My daughter says I look younger. I realize I need human hair. I am looking for a thin 8 inch or 10 inch topper. As we get older too much hair is just what looks good on us. Any suggestions of thin toppers that are not too long.

    • As you already know, hair can ALWAYS be cut. Top Secret is definitely a ton of hair, so I can see how you’d think that would be too much density. Claire from Uniwigs was pretty good density-wise. You might also try a Milano topper (www.mcwigs.com) as they have lower-density pieces that come in shorter lengths.

  4. Hi Lauren, I would like to buy a gift certificate for my niece who is experiencing hair loss and very open to this. Do you know of any sites that I can order from to give her a gift certificate?

    • That’s so awesome of you!! Most of the major sites offer them – you might do one to Cysterwigs.com or Wigs.com so that there’s a nice mix of synthetic and human hair.

  5. Hi! I just received the Claire Wave topper from uniwigs today! I have been looking on amazon for a “lace wig shampoo and conditioner” but am not having any luck.
    I do have “Sulfate Free Shampoo for Color Treated Hair with Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil By Arvazallia” and the conditioner for my other two toppers that are not lace. Do you think I can use this shampoo and conditioner on my Claire as well?

    Also, I got some got2b spiking glue, but it didn’t work for one of my toppers (haven’t tried the other one or Claire yet; hoping to not need it for Claire), and packing tape didn’t stick to the cap either. Any other suggestions?


    • Yep, go ahead and use those. Something moisturizing and sulfate-free is key, so it sounds like you are covered. 🙂 For the glue – what was the material of the topper it didn’t work on? Someone commented here that there is liquid polyurethene you can apply. I’ve never done this myself…but the glue does not a solid surface to stick to, which Claire does not have. Have you considered some low-tack wig tape (white!)?

        • So, I was thinking about the tape, but I still have a bit of hair at the area I want to secure it down (the center area closest to my forehead), and I’d worry tape would pull the little bit of hair I have left. Have you tried the tape before? How was your experience?

          I’m also hesitant to try the liquid polyurethene since it seems that people have been having allergic reactions to it (from my google search).


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