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Last week, I posted about my new Noriko Milan in a custom color – Almond Rocka. Oooh, I love it so much! But something funny happened a few days later.

I usually wash my pieces every two weeks or so (see my post on caring for synthetic hair!), and the beauty of having a few different pieces is that I never need to have something off my head. This is helpful if a topper needs more time to dry, as was the case this weekend. I needed a backup.

I decided to grab my Noriko Milan in Marble Brown.

I barely even looked in the mirror as I clipped it on…I just threw it on, got dressed, cleaned up my bedroom a bit, and was about to go about my day. I decided to quickly throw on some sunscreen, so I went back into the bathroom and caught my reflection in the mirror.

Why, hello, Marble Brown.

Maybe it’s because I’ve officially moved on to the Almond Rocka, or maybe it’s because Marble Brown was my very first topper, but I kind of missed that old gal.

(Hey, the beauty of fake hair is that you can switch things up whenever you want, so I didn’t feel too guilty having the thoughts I did.)

I like that she’s a bit summery, a bit brighter…and kind of a bit like home (I’m officially off my rocker, I know).

So, I’d like your opinion.

Guys, I dug in the trash to get your opinion. I sure did.

Kind of a funny story: I chose the polka dot shirt I wore for my original post about the Almond Rocka color because I knew I’d be throwing it out right after. I LOVED that shirt, but it got terribly snagged in the wash. I knew you wouldn’t be able to see the snags in the photos, so I decided to wear it one last time. After I took my photos, I pitched it.

But, I wanted Almond Rocka to have a fair fight against Marble Brown. And that meant dumpster diving to get my shirt (into my bathroom garbage can). No biggie, there was really only some floss on top of it. 🙂

Having the same shirt and the same(ish) makeup will help determine the winner, I think.

Which do you prefer on me?

Here’s Almond Rocka (and me goofing around):


And here is Marble Brown:



What do you think?

Kind of sort of similar!

A side-by-side view:


I asked my husband to pick and he thought I was crazy—he didn’t see any difference. But, I know I can rely on you guys for some opinions!

Let me know which you like in the comments, pretty please.

82 thoughts on “Your Opinion, Please!”

  1. Even though this was a while ago i love the side by side comparisons, i really wish the retailers would do this on their websites instead of those little swatch photos!! I thought they both looked awesome on you, but i like the marble brown.

  2. First of all you’re beautiful with either one, but I’m going with almond because your cool tones shine through and I think it’s the color that best compliments your complexion and makeup!❤️

  3. I LOVE you in the marble brown – Both look great on you but to me the brown looks more natural and fits your skin tone. better Just mu 2cents. TY for this blog…I just signed up and love it already – you have a quirky sense of humor…I love it!

  4. I know this is an old post but I’ve been reading as considering ordering in marble brown (currently a ginger brown) and I had to comment to say how great you look in both!

    As a teacher I have to take care swapping my hair as students really really REALLY pay attention…but I’m not going to let it stop me playing with colours and if they really notice it I’ll just say “it’s fake and that’s the fun!”

  5. I heard it from Alison Alison on youtube. You can also research it. The food grade DE is suppose to have a lot of benefits for the body because it’s mostly silica which is suppose to be really good for the hair. By the way I’m thinning In the front of my hair. I’m 50 years old and I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I suspect it’s androgenic alopecia. I bought a topper from Tony of Beverly and I hated it. Didn’t flow to easy at all. I’m unemployed right now but as soon as I’m back to work I will be trying your brand. I ran across your sight while doing research on thinning hair. Thank you for all your support. Let me know what you think about the DE. GOD BLESS.

  6. I like them both on you. You look beautiful and confident. Have you ever heard of a natural product called diatomaceous earth? I’ve heard that it takes all the toxins out of your body and makes hair grow back. Heard about it on youtube.

    • I have heard of it, but only from a different perspective. I used to be involved with swimming pools at a former job, and we needed D.E. for some aspect of it (which I now can’t remember!). Haven’t heard about it as it relates to hair, so please share any info you have.

  7. I think it might be Marble Brown however it really is about the freedom and empowerment they give you, and for that well you “Rock” them all! Just wanted to let you know your blog has changed my life quite a bit and I want to thank you!

  8. The Almond Rocha looks a little more ashy…whereas the brown marble has a slightly more golden tone to it. Both of course look great!

  9. I’m loving this website. Thank you so much!

    Question for you – is your bio hair as long as your topper hair? I ask because your toppers are pretty long, and I can’t get my stupid hair to grow nearly that long but I would also prefer a longer topper. Just curious!

  10. First off I would like to say WOW what an inspiration you are! I just stumbled upon your blog today as my quest continues to find the perfect fix for my horrible hair! I’ve battled with fine thin hair forever, and tho I am much older then you (50), I still feel the insecurity of well lit rooms, bright sunshine and the dreaded wind blowing thru my hair! It’s been about 3 years since I found the magic concealers and most recently (2 weeks ago) my Estetica Mono Topper. I am loving the confidence it has brought me and can’t wait to now try all of your recommendations. Your blog is heartfelt and I hope you know that your personal journey will truly make a positive impact on soooo many women’s lives…keep up the great work your beauty shines thru no matter what color you chose!! BTW Marble Brown! 🙂

      • So far I’m liking it for a first time wearing anything! It has beautiful hi & low lights and a nice side bang. Tons of compliments and support from friends and family as my choice was vocal and due to my own personal war I had lost with my hair. i just got fed up one day, stopped at a wig shop on my way to work was fitted with my topper fell in love with it and off to the office I went with awesome hair. Everyone knows which is ok, I think my biggest fear is people I don’t know…funny huh? I too am now hair obsessed and have started my search for the perfect one! In my 2 week period I’ve purchased another Estetica Wiglet online in Carmel Kiss and 2 wigs at our local Holly’s Beauty Supply. Not digging the wigs at all, they are so cute and fun but sooo uncomfortable. Guess while I still have hair i’ll be sticking to the topper. Not sure I’d ever handle a full wig as I live in hot humid Sunny FLORIDA but I did see a you tube video where you can cut a wig down to a topper. I will definitely be trying your favorite brand. Sorry so long winded


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