Beautiful Berlin (by Noriko)

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This edition of “Hair Out There” comes from Karen. Karen recently started wearing wigs and tells me/us about her first time wearing Berlin by Noriko. You all know how much I love Noriko….!

Hi Lauren! I wanted to give you an update on my wearing hair life now.

I figure that you probably enjoy hearing people’s stories of wearing their hair for the first time out in the big world. 😉

So I ordered the Paris by Noriko, and totally butchered it by trimming it. I used to be a hair stylist, so I figured I could work this wig.

Um, not so much. Okay, so $150 down the drain, just like that.

Determined not to give up, I decided to order something closer to my current length and style so that I wouldn’t have to cut it, so I ordered the Berlin by Noriko.

Got it, and realized that I’m so not digging the permatease (unfortunately it didn’t have an option of a mono top.) I put in on and first of all realized that the Florence Henderson long pieces in the back have got to go!

Okay, those are gone, now time to work this wig to not look so puffy! Bobby pins worked. So I wore it around the house to get used to it. Then I decided the next day I was ready to wear it out in public.

How about a Target trip?

So I feel like I have this huge blinking billboard above my head telling people to look at my wig. I walk in and look at everyone around me to see if people were giving me funny looks.

After I walk past people I turn around really quickly to see if they are looking at me.

Turns out, no one gives me a second thought! My hair is just a boring old style that no one cares about!

YES!!! That’s exactly what I was going for.

So I’m feeling pretty good while shopping, then I hear the dreaded words….”HI KAREN!”

Oh no! Someone that knows me.

I look up and see a mom from my daughter’s school.

“Your hair looks great!” (keep in mind I have been hiding under a hat for the past year)

I just say, “Oh, thanks!” and then change the subject.

I feel really uncomfortable and just want to get out of there and I’m pretty sure I was acting a little paranoid. She probably thought I was shoplifting! LOL!

So, I finally was able to break away and find the closest mirror to double check my hair. Looks real enough, no blue mohawk, no flaming red spikes, just a Marble Brown short haircut.

Okay, I’m good.

The next day I decided to drop my daughter off at school wearing my wig.

I just drop her off at the drop-off zone, but I do get out of the car to go around and open her door and watch her walk to her classroom door.

Of course, a mom shouts from across the yard (with lots of other parents in-between) “I LIKE YOUR HAIR!!” Right after she says that, another mom comes walking up behind me and says, “HOT MAMA!”

On gosh! Please, not so much attention on my hair! I appreciate the compliments, but I just want to run!

I decided to wear it around two different friends on two different occasions just to see if they notice.

They both say, “I like your hair” but then proceed to go right into their stories about their days. Okay, I guess they really just thought it was my natural hair.

I did tell them, and they were surprised!

They just thought that I had just gotten back from the salon. My one friend says, “Karen, you’ve been wearing a hat for so long that no one knows what your real hair looks like!

So, long story short, I’ve been wearing my wig for about two or three weeks and I LOVE IT!

I am starting to not give it too much thought once I’m out. Nothing like before. I am in search of the “perfect” wig, which I have a feeling that every other wig wearer is too.

That’s probably how you end up with like 40 of them!

I’m really trying to find a mono top with my same hairstyle. Maybe a lace front after that.

Until then, I found a good solution to covering the unnatural looking hair parting with this wig. I just use a cloth head band, and it works like a charm.

Looks cute, covers the part, and tames the puffy look too. I decided I will tell a select few friends and family, and the rest of the world isn’t entitled to an explanation of my hair.

If someone says, “I like your hair” I just say “thank you” and move on. I’m not obligated to go into the whole story of it being a wig.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Berlin (by Noriko)”

  1. Karen, thank you for your post. I meant to post something earlier but I forgot.
    I recently started wearing hair too and I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier.
    It’s funny because some days I’m the spokeswoman for helperhair in my little pocket of people
    and other days, I don’t want to let people know I’m wearing hair. My close friends and family
    know I’ve made the transition but everyone else that I don’t want to know are just in awe of
    how long and different my hair looks. In my head I’m like, “Yes! This rocks!!” but also like,
    “Gee did my hair really look that bad!?!!?” especially when people I don’t see often notice (Ex: Receptionists).

    Great post and good to know about this topper if I decide to go to shorter hair again.

  2. I can SO relate to the “please nobody notice my hair!” thoughts! When people are too inquisitive I just tell them I got extensions but mostly I try to change the subject. Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks Karen (and Lauren!), this is good info about the Berlin. I’ve had my eye on this topper for quite a while now, ever since I started thinking about helper hair and then found Lauren’s blog.

    I’ve researched the heck out of the Berlin, and I still can’t imagine exactly how it would look on me. The pics on the various websites do show it to be a little Florence Henderson-ish! I suppose if I ended up getting one, I could take it to my hairdresser and have her do some adjustments if needed.

    Do you find it easy to incorporate your bio-hair with the Berlin? I do have a full head of hair, just very thin on top, so I imagine it would be suitable. Also I keep my hair about collar-length, give or take an inch.

    Another thing for me is the color!! I cannot decide which would be the best. My bio-hair is light brown with a lot of natural gold running through it, and some white as well (I’m almost 55).

    Anyway, thank you for a good read!


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