Dawnita Rocks Noriko’s Geneva (Wavy Topper!)

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Hey y’all, check out this guest post from Community member, Dawnita. Like many of you, she has naturally wavy/curly hair and wanted a topper that matches her own hair texture. She tried out Noriko’s Geneva and is loving it! Noriko Geneva is considered a wiglet (read: large topper) and is one of the few wavy top pieces out there. I think she looks great!

I finally broke down and ordered Noriko’s Milan in Marble Brown after our family pictures came in…because I’ve had to doctor all of the ones of me because of the thinning.

I was horrified when I had to move clips because I didn’t realize I am bald at the temples.

I watched tons of videos on YouTube, trimmed the bangs and thinned it out on the sides a little to fit my head and face shape. Milan is perfect except…my hair is naturally wavy. Around the house I just don’t want to spend the extra time with this straight hair. I have been happy that I can pull it back in clips on the sides, a headband, or a little messy updo, but this straight hair wants to stick out while my hair wants to curl.

I’ve looked and looked for ideas and considered buying a full wig, then cutting out the bottom wefts to make my own topper.

The big problem is finding something that matches in color and basic length. Then Cysterwigs had a sale and after watching their review of Noriko’s Geneva, I decided to try her in Marble Brown. I thought Noriko Geneva was going to be a lot shorter than Milan but figured I’d be sporting updos with it anyway so it was worth a try. When you stretch out the curls though, there is very little difference.

I’m beyond thrilled! For around the house, this is going to be perfect. Noriko Geneva doesn’t have the monotop and it will take me a bit to get use to the extra volume but I’m going to love the variety between Milan and Geneva. Once I play with this a bit, Geneva will even make awesome date-night hair!

These pictures are right out of the box. I had been wearing Milan all day, so my bio hair was straight when I tried Geneva on. I’ll have to practice & primp to get things integrated better.

I just couldn’t wait to share!

noriko geneva

noriko geneva wiglet

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