I Have Never Seen a More Gorgeous Color Than This…

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A few months ago, I was on the (never-ending) hunt trying to find the best mid-brown shade. I was wearing my Noriko Milan in Marble Brown, but such as with most things in life, we always think the grass could be greener, right?

You may recall my somewhat massive collection of brown hair pieces. I myself wonder why I just can’t get past this brown thing.

I reached out to Kathy at Gallery of Wigs to see if she had any suggestions based on my natural hair color – she said that Marble Brown was probably my closest match, BUT, if I found any other Noriko colors I liked I could get the Milan custom-made into that color.

I had a “what’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” moment as I thought about what she was saying. And then I got excited. I wasn’t limited to 15 or 16 colors…I could have my choice of a few dozen!


I immediately zeroed in on the color Almond Rocka-R (the “R” stands for Rooted) in the Kenzie by Noriko. It’s funny I was drawn to this color, since the color swatch I saw online contains a bit of reddish tones. Any images I could find on the web, however, featured the most *gorgeous* brown color I had ever seen in my life. Even though I have a huge disdain for red, I ordered it.

And it came.

And I fell in love. LOVE, people.

kenzie wig by noriko

It is THE perfect medium brown shade, with both hints of red and ash-blond highlights. I think the ashy blond color really offsets the red, making this color super-wearable on me. Typically, anything red makes me look incredibly pale, but this color WORKS. It looks like a normal color from afar, but when you get close you realize how complex of a color palette it is. It’s so unique yet completely believable.

One note: I had to adjust the part a bit when it came, so the top is a bit poofy (wetting it down would cure that).

Let’s see this color up close, shall we?

kenzie wig almond rocka


You guys, normally I’d do a wig review for you, too, but I was so enamored with the color that I threw Kenzie back in the box so I could return her and apply the money to my custom Milan topper. So, I’m sad to say that I don’t have much to say about the Noriko Kenzie wig, other than she was extremely comfortable and the style was really fun. She was a bit short on me, or else I might have kept her.

(It’s funny, looking at this piece, now, I kind of want her again…this Noriko Kenzie wig may be in my future, after all.)

I contacted Kathy immediately and she looked into what we could do about a custom order. I learned that the manufacturer would absolutely do it, but the charge was slightly higher (maybe $30ish or so more) and I had to order a minimum of three pieces.

Done. Ordered.

It took 10 weeks for me to get them, which was slightly ahead of schedule. Kathy mentioned it could take roughly 12 weeks. And…I am wearing one as we speak.

More to come on this new piece o’ mine. But, hey, yay for more hair options than we thought!

What do you guys think of this color? Is anyone else as in love with it as I am?

8 thoughts on “I Have Never Seen a More Gorgeous Color Than This…”

  1. It really is beautiful!

    I’m a recent devotee of your site, which I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago. May I just say a huge “thank you” for all of your great work here! Reading your posts has helped me gain a new attitude towards my hair issues (thinning on top) and now I feel more empowered to go ahead and get myself some wearable hair.

    I am really very sick and tired of that brief upward glance from people checking out the top of my head before they look me in the eyes. Do you know what I mean? I’m sure other readers do too. It usually fills me with despair and self-consciousness. I can’t wait to find a good topper and put a stop to all of that!

    • Oh my gosh I hate that! Especially when the person cannot stop glancing at the top of your head. You’re standing there having a conversation and their eyes constantly dart up to your head. Over and over again. Like a guy who can’t help ogling at a woman’s breasts. You want to say “Hey! My eyes are not on the top of my head!” Bugs me so much when people are so obvious.
      Helper hair will definitely help you!

  2. Looks fantastic, Lauren- you’re right, the color really works for you. That is so good to know that they can custom make a topper to match your specific color!


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