Awesome Topper. Awesome *Custom* Color!

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Noriko wigs come in some incredibly realistic looking colors with gorgeous highlights…that, I knew. What I didn’t realize until recently was that you can get almost any piece (wigs, toppers, whatever) in the Noriko wigs line in just about any color they offer, regardless if it is available to the public.

How, you ask?

Just place a custom order! Who doesn’t love custom?


Can You Really Get a Noriko Wig or Topper in Any Color?

Yep, you typically can – but it will cost you a bit more. You can get Milan in her standard colors in a variety of places, but since mine is custom, I got mine from Gallery of Wigs. Custom Milans do cost a bit more when you order a special color (understandably so!). Plus, you have to order at least three of them (or is it multiples of three? I think just at least three…).

If you do the math – I was out $510 plus a bit of time. Custom orders take at least 10 weeks to complete (mine took 11).

It was worth it! Why oh why aren’t more Noriko wigs and toppers made in this GORGEOUS color??

(A note: with daily wear, I can expect this piece to last me six months.)

Noriko Topper Brown

Don’t we all just love selfies? I’m trying not to do SO many of them (I’m talking the cell-phone kind) but sometimes you need one.

Important to note: the photo of me in the car is RIGHT out of the box. I hadn’t even washed it. I just deshined it a bit, clipped it on, and boom. New topper.

Let’s take a quick look at what this Noriko wig color looks like up-close.


I just LOVE the hint of copper throughout the piece, as well as the ash blond highlights on the top. As I’ve previously discussed, I can wear a hint of red (I normally shy away from it as it washes me out) if it’s balanced by ash tones. Noriko Wigs GETS THAT in this piece.


Why I love Noriko Milan SO Much (and Noriko Wigs in General)

The size of this Noriko hairpiece is perfect for me right now. Given that my hair loss is diffuse, the large base size covers all of it nicely. I usually recommend those starting out wearing hair get something smaller; the Milan clocks in at 8.5″ wide. It’s often called a “wiglet” or a “3/4 wig” because of it.

I talk about this more in this video I made about this piece…I made this video a few years after this post was published, however:

Noriko wigs and toppers definitely have my vote when it comes to colors, as well. I’ve tried 4 or 5 different colors, and while they don’t all work for me, they are all beautiful.

The fact that I can get this piece in Almond-Rocka R (R stands for “rooted” – you can see these in the next photo. Even though it comes with roots, I usually add even more roots to my synthetic pieces) really seals the deal for me. I mentioned in my 2015 post that I’ll be experimenting with human hair this year; I feel confident moving on to that knowing that I’ve found The One in the synthetic world.


Seriously, The One.

Even if I am making this face:


Let me know what you think of this color. I always love hearing from you guys.

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37 thoughts on “Awesome Topper. Awesome *Custom* Color!”

  1. Hi Lauren! Just went for consultation today and am nervous about getting extensions. Had the back of my head shaved 8 months ago due to neck surgery. I’ve got very thin fine hair and the top is the worst. My beautician says I won’t need anything in the top. Should I listen to her? It’s gonna cost almost $1000

    • Sorry for the delay, and no…if you’re sparse up top I would not recommend extensions. It’s hard to cover them unless you have a decent amount on top. Let me know what you decided?

    • The front has a poly rim, so it will stick there with no issue. Tape is pretty dang sticky, so I’d imagine it would stick even in the back, too…but don’t quote me on that as I’ve never tried.

  2. Hello Lauren and Ladies!
    I have recently discovered this page and love it!
    I think reading these detailed posts about Noriko’s Milan helped me decide which topper to try (a very first one). Lauren, you look gorgeous in it and marble brown and almond rocka are both beautiful colors! I agree that the Milan comes in wonderful shades.
    Mine is the raisin glazed and I am in love with it… except the clips! I have practiced so much the first evening, that I have managed to hurt my scalp on the sides and front (I had an extra clip sewed in by the lady in the salon).
    Is there any way to make the clips/wear comfortable? I went from happy to desperate, as I fear I won’t be able to wear this beauty (or any topper at all) :(.

    My main question would be: is there a way to wear a topper with NO clips at all :(? Someone mentioned little combs – but I did not find anything more (a picture or something).
    This is literally a headache for me now – finally I made a decision/step ahead, and now I am stuck because of the pain!
    My hair is very fine, and lost a good quantity in a diffuse way :(.
    If I am correct, not everyone wears a front clip – is there a way to smooth/flatten Milan if no front clip? I am thinking of wearing a headband with it, just to be able to wear it. But a headband alone and back clips – does this sound doable for you, with more experience?
    Thank you in advance for the answer, I wish the best of luck to all of you.

    • Hi Rena, first things first. Clips will often cause irritation at first. You can try teasing your hair lightly and applying hair spray or dry shampoo at the clips’ sites in order to give the hair more grip. This will stop the clips from slipping as much, which will reduce the tugging on your scalp and therefore the irritation (hopefully).

      No clips at all is doable but not with bio hair – you could tape or glue the piece to your head but that would require shaving. I do glue the top center to my head (see this post on gluing your topper) but I’m not sure you can do this all the way around…I glue on a baldish spot.

      • Dear Lauren,
        thank you for the very quick reply, hints and link! I have started to research the topic, but feel overwhelmed and confused a bit.
        Probably I should not panic and wait a bit until I retry wearing the Milan. When the lady at the salon put it and I walked out with it (!) I felt it okay and not even all the clips were closed (noticed it later).
        I have also seen the WiGrip as an option – someone says you can wear it even with a topper, if you wear the hair down (Milan might just be long enough). I will try to attach the clips to this or a stay-put headband under too, but this might be tricky.
        Thank you again for encouraging me and everyone here. Your dedication is really appreciated!
        I will give an update if I have results, but this week I should just hide it and wait that the irritation goes away.
        Have a nice day and thank you again!

        • Yes, try again and see how you feel. I don’t know how the wig grip would work – if the wind blew, you would see it. The grip works by putting friction against the piece, however, you need the tension of the wig to keep the wig actually on, if that makes sense.

      • I would have one more quick question – as I have zero experience yet.
        If I won’t intend to use a clip/a couple of clips, is it wise to leave them sewed in? Or would the whole topper lay a bit flatter if I get rid off the unused clips?
        (I am not good at sewing and for now I barely dare to touch the topper…)
        Thank you in advance!

        • I can only speak from personal experience, and I’ve always left them in. I guess it depends on where the clip is and how you’ve positioned the topper. On one of mine, the front clip hit right on the top and I glue anyways, so in that case it made more sense to just remove it. In my current topper, it’s on the front-side, so I just left it.

          • Thank you, Lauren! I might also return to the salon and try on one with no front clip again, before removing this one.
            I have paid a really high price for the Milan,more than the double of the internet prices – but of course salon service costs, I understand. I just wish I could really wear what I paid for!

            Does/did the Milan “rise” in the front also for you? The headband (- if I place a pretty one on top of it – pushes it down nicely, but the front part is so obviously puffy to me… I want to keep loving it :)! So for now I don’t give up!
            Thank you for all the help!
            I am also reading your other posts and consider trying a topper with less hair than Milan (although it is nice to have all this pretty hair – balances nicely the body shape too, at least this is what I experience)!

  3. I just received my first topper!! So excited and nervous! It’s thick in the front and very shiny. Can you please share with us how to reduce the shine. I’m hoping in the next couple of days I can get it to look right on me.

    Thanks for all your posts!

  4. I love marble brown so much. I’m going to buy it next! I was wondering, if you grew your bio hair long like up to the chest could you still wear Noriko Milan? I want to grow my bio hair long (my bio hair is nice except for the scalp sigh) would it look funny with a noriko milan? Thanks xo

    • Yep, you could – my bio hair is about 3 inches longer than the Milan right now. Two things to consider: 1) Texture – my bio hair is really thin so I have to be sure to use volumizing products to get it closer to the texture of the Milan. 2) Color – as long as it’s in the same color family you should be a-ok.

  5. Are you still on Spiro? Is your hair growing back? Have you had a scalp biopsy done? I am going to the dermatologist tomorrow to try to get some answers on what the heck happened to my hair or lack thereof

    • Hi, no, not currently on Spiro (still nursing, can’t be on it). I’m undecided if I’ll go back on it, but I am leaning towards not. I’ve never had a biopsy – most experts have said just by my loss’s appearance it’s Androgenetic Alopecia. Let me know what comes of yours.

  6. I’m a little confused. I popped into the super secret page, because I’m a subscriber… 😉 and which one has the dark base? The Marble? And the Almond is lighter? Do they both have ash in them? It might help if you had the photos marked with the color name… I was so confused looking at their color chart. Anyway, I’m paper white, so would the darker base be better, or the lighter? I’m thinking when I take the plunge I may go lighter anyway. (BTW, my color started to dull and fade like that too, but after I cleaned up my diet and added Omega 3-6-9 supplements, my color brightened back up. I have my silver sprinkles, but the brown is brown again.)

    • Hi Dawnita – I should label the pics. I mention it in the copy but it gets lost – boo! Yes, the Almond Rocka is indeed on the right. Only the Almond Rocka has ashy highlights. Marble Brown definitely is more golden. You may or may not get a side-by-side comparison of them on me next week (hint, hint).

      The color of the base wouldn’t matter as compared to your skin tone – it’s made to match the hair. So you can be super tan and wear black hair or “paper white” and wear the same piece.

      Supplements…I can’t swallow pills. Do they make them in gummies? Ha. (I think, they probably do.)

  7. This is a win all around! Makeup looks beautiful, I love your top, and the hair!! I swear its growing out of your head! It is a lovely color and looks REAL. I have very dark brown hair. I’d love to see if I could pull of this color too. I was curious about mixing things up with a lighter color one day. Did a little research and found the noriko Georgia wig is made in this color. Might have to give it a try! That way I don’t have to commit to buying 3 custom pieces. Oh and i would love to know… How do you de-shine your pieces?

    • Aww, thanks!

      The beauty of wearing hair is you CAN mix it up, so go for it! Oh, and LOVE Georgia. I haven’t tried it but I’ve seen it on other people. If I cut my hair a bit I’d consider rotating that wig in.

      Deshining – a post is coming on that. But one of my secret weapons is dry shampoo. More to come!

  8. Lpve the Milan on ypu! Color is gorgeous! I love the nutmeg rooted. I cant access the secret page from my phone. Laptop im coming! You look beautiful!

  9. I have to say I love, love, love this color as well. It looks amazing on you. I have very dark brown almost black hair that seems to be getting darker. This looks like a color that I might be able to pull off. Thanks for your posts as always so informative and inspiring.

    • Noriko only makes the one-size topper, unfortunately (you CAN cut off some hair wefts to make it smaller, though – if you can sew a button, you can do it!), but I know it’s a lot of hair for many women. A smaller piece that I used to wear is the Jon Renau topper – maybe give that one a look?

  10. Ok – that one is incredible! Awesome colour and suits you down to the ground. Also love the quirky photos. You should do more of those. 🙂

    • Did you read what is on my Secret page? I feel like such a fool posing for the camera – hard enough to get a normal shot. I don’t know if I have it in me to master The Quirk. 🙂

      • I read it, it made me giggle. 🙂 I’m the same and then I fall into my usual “oh, hurry up and take a picture of me!” pose. But you are gorgeous in all your photographs so you don’t need to feel silly – rock the lens!

      • Lauren….I came across your Pinterest page while researching hair alternative options for my new hair loss problem. I believe it is hereditary. I am adopted, but I know my biological mom was already wearing a wig at 39 when I met her. I am 45 and over a 2 month span, have noticed a huge difference in density and thinning in the front top of my head ?. I don’t know what direction to go and need someone’s advise that seems to have experience. I would never guess you had a hair piece in. Do you mind answering some questions for me?



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