Paleo Diet for PCOS: Does it Work?

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Alright. I’ve been thinking about this for the past few months and I’ve decided to jump on it. Here I am, making it official: starting January 1, I’m officially doing a 30-day Paleo Diet for PCOS challenge! Why 30 days? Because I’m someone that needs to set small, incremental goals. If I tell myself “I can’t have this ever again”, I’ll obsess about it and eventually give up. If I tell myself it’s only for a short while, I can handle it. I’ll reassess at the end of January and decide if I’ll continue. Hopefully, I’ll be feeling so great that it’ll be a no-brainer.

Why the Paleo Diet for PCOS Over Other Diet Plans?

I’ve always known that carbs really don’t work for me. When I lower my carb intake (I remember first trying Atkins when I was 21 — that lasted about three days — my skin immediately reacts positively. I’ve never been on any low-carb plan long enough to really see any other benefits (aside from being less hungry), but just the fact that I see an immediate decrease in acne is enough for me.

Problem is, I love carbs. I’m Italian, and I grew up eating pasta. Like, several times per week. I really, really love bread and my breadmaker. I just got an awesome KitchenAid mixer (it’s flippin’ purple!) and envisioned all the great cookies/pies/cupcakes/whatever I’d make with it. It was expensive, so I’ll be danged if I have to give that up.

Paleo Diet for PCOS
Paleo Diet for PCOS, here I come.

Then, I found two *awesome* Paleo websites and I knew the Paleo Diet for PCOS could be doable: PaleOMG and Health-Bent. Just take a look at some of the delicious recipes features, and you’ll thinking what I was thinking. Which was, “Uhhhh, what? This is PALEO!?!” Yup, folks, apparently you can eat foods such as vanilla bean chocolate chunk cookies and brownie cake bites on this plan. IN!

The Paleo diet for PCOS helps because it helps with insulin resistance–this seems to be the biggest point here. Bottom line, if you tend to be like me and notice positive changes in your body after lowering carbs, you could be insulin resistant, since carbs cause your insulin level to spike. When this happens, the excess insulin produces more testosterone which can lead to pretty much every PCOS symptom out there, including female hair loss.

So, let’s do this thang! For the next few days, I’ll be creating a plan of attack for my new focus for January: the Paleo diet for PCOS–I’m hoping it’ll attack some stubborn symptoms, in turn.

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  1. Hi Lauren, your post came up in my Google Alerts. Good luck with your 30-day Paleo challenge! Paleo cleared up so many of my PCOS issues and I hope you have the same success. And thank you for the link to those vanilla bean chocolate chunk cookies. Making those tonight.


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