Paleo for PCOS Update: End of Week 3

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Aside from this past weekend and one day last week (it was my son’s birthday!), I’ve been on Paleo for PCOS diet/lifestyle. This weekend was my son’s birthday party and I didn’t want to field questions about why I wasn’t eating this or that. I know, I’m weak.

It’s obviously too early to know if the diet is helping my PCOS or not, but, I did notice something when I went off of it this past Friday night-Sunday. I developed a headache on Friday night—it was so bad that it woke me up overnight and it hurt my head to lay on my pillow—and lasted on and off (depending on when I took Excedrin) throughout the rest of the weekend. I found that odd, since I very rarely get headaches. I only got them every few weeks when I was pregnant; outside of pregnancy, I maybe get a headache once or twice per year. It was very strange that I had one for two days straight! Aside from the headache, I got that foggy feeling again. And I was more exhausted than usual. Is it all in my head?

Was it due to eating gluten and sugar? Paleo for PCOS certainly cuts that out. Who knows. But it’s a change I’m definitely going to keep an eye on. It won’t be the last time that I stray—I’m sure of that. So maybe, if it does have to do with gluten and sugar, I can only eat it in small quantities? Or maybe I am sensitive to it, altogether.

My body immediately started retaining water/doing whatever it does when I reintroduced “bad” foods to my diet. My clothes don’t fit any differently, but I look more bloated and the scale when up a few pounds (remember, I reported that I lost a few pounds on Paleo). I fully expect those pounds to disappear over the next few days as I settle back into Paleo, but the scale jumping back up was a swift reminder of what those types of food can do to your body!

That’s my Paleo update—have you noticed any positive changes to your PCOS symptoms by switching to a Paleo-type diet?

I’m really hoping to regulate my cycles with this diet, as well as maintain healthy hair (as much as I can) and skin!

Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Is it possible to go paleo without cooking meat? I haven’t actually cooked meat in 2 years. I only eat it when I go out.

    • Are you opposed to cooked meat or do you just not eat meat, unless out? The Primal Parent is an interesting resource — she eats meat but alot of it is uncooked, if memory serves me. She follows a Primal lifestyle, which can be close to Paleo. As far as not eating meat entirely, I think that would be hard on Primal/Paleo, since it’s so meat focused. There are lots of great egg and seafood recipes out there, though.

      • Actually the biggest reason is laziness and I live alone. Tofu, beans and eggs are so easy to cook. I will cook fish, maybe chicken sausage or bacon…But I am not one for cooking chicken cutlets or beef. not appetizing to me anymore. Plus someone other than me can cook steak much better than me 🙂

        • LOL, well, ok. I am all about quick and easy, too, which can make Paleo difficult because it takes some work. There are lots of recipes with fish and eggs, but alot of beans are off-limits on Paleo. It’s so much easier to stick with a diet that fits into your lifestyle, so this may be difficult for you. Maybe try gluten-free for a bit and see how you feel and then decide?

  2. thanks for posting this information. It’s nice to read about a real person with PCOS doing real things. I self diagnosed myself with PCOS watching Mystery Diagnosis. then my GYN told me she told me I had it years she didn’t. By this time I was already seeing a NAET acupuncturist for hormone irregularities and he suspected it. I have had a tremendous amount of success with treating my headaches with NAET acupuncture to regulate my hormone irregularities. He has been emphasizing the sugar issue. But stress adds to it and now reading about your blog- made realizing how I can help sugar not be additional stress. I think I am going to try gluten free (yeah have arthritis also-) this may help start the countdown..and 30 day paleo- such a realistic way to start..thanks

    • Let me know how it goes. I think if you start gluten-free, that’s a good, first step. Paleo is a bit more “restrictive” which really can work for all-or-nothing types. Definitely get a good book or start perusing some Paleo blogs. It does take a bit of preparation and you have to learn how to buy for it. But so many people have had great success with it that it’s definitely worth a shot!

    • Your story could be like mine. My files show me as being diagnosed with PCOS at 14, when I first started going to the gyno for problems. HOWEVER, my gyno never actually said the words, “You have PCOS.” Instead he said, “We found some cysts on your ovaries in the ultrasound. Here are some birth control. Take them and it will go away.” We were only able to put a name to what was going on with me years later when I was away at college and PCOS was featured on 20/20. My mom was watching it and thought, “That’s Melissa!” She called me up right away, so I turned on for the tail end of it. We scheduled an appointment at an Endo for when I was home on my next break, and that’s when I started getting treated.

      • Yep, I got the same in my teens! “There are cysts in your ovaries, but nothing to worry about! Take these!” After a few weeks (months?) they took another scan and the cysts were gone and–woohoo!–I was cured….not. 🙂

  3. I also use the lemon flavored liquid. It has more omega-3 for only 1 teaspoon. I heard of krill but I haven’t tried it myself, the pill is smaller.

  4. I just started trying to eat Paleo. I’m learning how to eat the vegetables instead of grains with my protein. I just wanted to let you all know that I had success with fish oil for my acne. When I was younger I had really bad acne. I started using the fish oil for something else but it helped my acne so much. I barely ever breakout anymore. I take one capsule a day.

    • That’s great about the fish oil! The only problem with that (for me) is I can’t swallow pills. I suppose, you can’t, uh, chew them? Yuck! I’m glad they work for you!

  5. Hi!

    I’m also on Paleo since 1.5 months – my periods that always last 10-12 days without BCP’s went down to being 5 days long + 2 days spotting. I also got some little cramps which I get only when I get ‘normal’ AF on BCP’s.

    Waiting for another AF to rule out co-incidence… 🙂

    Keep us updated about your experience with Paleo….

  6. The one thing I noticed when I was on the Paleo diet was that I no longer experience hypoglycemia…obviously from getting my energy from protein and sugar. It was great. It never did anything for my acne, or ovulation though- boo!

    • That’s great that you were seeing benefit, but ARGH about the cycles (and the acne, of course)! I’ve read so many stories from women who have seen a benefit in that area; I’ll keep the faith for now, but that would be sooo frustrating. Did you see any type of oil reduction with the acne?

        • Isn’t it funny how different things work for different people? I’ve tried Proactiv on two different occasions and that never worked for me–but it works for soooo many! Wish there was a universal fix for everyone!

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