How can I fix synthetic hair that is too poofy?

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Today’s Ask Me comes from several people (but most recently Marie!). How many times have you taken synthetic hair out of the box and realized…holy moly, that’s a lot of big, poofy, hair?

I get it: hair that is too poofy can look totally wiggy.

With human hair, usually a simple wash and some work with heat tools will do the trick.

But, with synthetic and its “memory” system (synthetic hair has “memory”, which means it retains its shape even after washing), it’s a bit more difficult.

Let’s learn how I depoof my synthetic wigs and toppers that have too much volume.

Oh, and this is Top Wave in 18″ in Salted Caramel – she’s just plopped on for demo purposes to show you color. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “How can I fix synthetic hair that is too poofy?”

  1. I have worn overly- poofy synthetic wigs with a baseball cap or snug headband to help flatten it. The heat from my head combined with the pressure of the cap can help to tame it forever.

  2. Thanks so much for this! This has been one of my questions since getting my first JR synthetic. I’ve been afraid to wear it!

    Could you potentially do this same work while the topper is clipped to your head? (I don’t have a cork mold).


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