The ’80s Called…

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The ’80s called…they want their bangs back! Ok, I know these aren’t ’80s bangs (which I rocked!) but they are a trend I thought I’d never see again, especially with my hair loss.

I had my baby nine months ago and promptly started the post-partum shed around three months after he was born. Boy, was that EVER traumatic for someone with hair loss to begin with! I wanted to punch every new mom who was blessed with thick, lustrous hair (what’s that?) during their pregnancies who lamented that they were losing so much hair they were “about to go bald!” Or, “I’m going to need to get a wig since I’m losing so much hair!”


My shed stopped at about six months post-partum and the post-partum hair regrowth began. The super-short wispies are starting to growth out to something more substantial, and I’m not sure what to think of my new “look”:

Post Partum Hair Regrowth Bangs

Forgive the lack of shirt – I was about to hop in the shower! But taking a pic was just too tempting to pass up. I saw a bit of post partum hair regrowth peeking out from below my headband. For the fun of it, I decided to brush that regrowth down to see what I’d look like. Holy heck, I have bangs for the first time in forever!! Alright, so I know they aren’t REAL bangs that are workable…and I also know that directly above them I have a huge, glaring piece of scalp, but they were still surprising to see!

Since most of my hair loss is concentrated up front (pre-baby), it makes sense that the majority of what I lost (that is now coming back as post partum hair regrowth) is up front, too. I’d love if all of this growth was all over my head, but it doesn’t look like it continues all over. Maybe a little, but not as much as you see here.

Since I have no choice but to let it grow, I’m going to keep a close eye on how it looks to see if I can maybe pull off some side-swept bangs with my toppers, eventually.

I know there are some moms that read this blog – how did the post-partum shed affect you?? Did you also get some wacky post partum hair regrowth?

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  1. I am 9 months postpartum and it was super humid the other day. I told my mom I looked like a Chia pet. Lol My daughter who is 9 told me this week I was bald. I was like actually that’s my hair that is growing back in…. Kids like to tell the truth I guess. This is baby number 3 and I never noticed hair loss with my first 2. I already have thin hair so this growth is very noticeable if I try to wear my hair up. Also while I was pregnant I grew out a pixie cut. I feel like just chopping my hair again but I hate the stages of growing a pixie cut. With my first 2 I was in my 20’s and I am in my 30’s with this one so maybe that’s the difference for me. I did have my 2nd natural though as well…. I am glad I found your blog.

  2. I was a hair dresser for 30 years. I witnessed several ladies following child birth. Hair was always lost (different degrees) following the birth unless they went natural. Natural might also have issues but I had VErY few ladies choosing natural.
    Men and womenalike lost hair after surgery. I believe it is a result of the anesthetics. The anesthetics come out ofyour body by rising out of the top of your head and shoulders.
    Plays havoc with hair roots.
    In thirty years I NEVER saw someone who’s hair did not return from anesthetics. I use to tell customers: just about the time you are REALLY ready to panic, the hair loss stops.

    • Interesting – I had an epi with my first but no drugs with my second. I experienced hair loss with both post-partum but it was less extreme with my second (due to lack of drugs or due to the fact that I didn’t have any left to lose?).

    • You lose hair from hormones…you can lose hair from anesthesia too, but that will not last months, like postpartum hair loss. You are going to have women opting to not get an epidural, with your response, to find out that they’ll most likely lose hair anyway. Get that epidural! Up to 90% of women lose hair postpartum. It’s because your hair was in a resting phase during pregnancy, and once you have the baby, it goes back to its regular pattern of actively shedding. Did you not learn about the 3 stages of hair growth in hair school?

      • I have heard anecdotally from several women that if you are prone to hair loss, anesthetics can, in fact, have a greater effect on losing more hair. I personally loss less with no epi than with, however, I still wish I had the epidural with #2…there was wasn’t any time. 🙂

  3. I’m currently postpartum with baby #2, and this time around, the hair loss seems even worse. Hello again, horrible receding hairline.. A friend of mine recommended taking iodine drops to help with hair loss. I’m definitely at the “I’ll try anything” stage, so we’ll see how it goes. Some people I’ve read said shedding stopped after 3 days of the drops, and new growth immediate. A miracle? Too good to be true?! We shall very well see! For now, it’s going to be fabric headbands, iodine drops, and a whole lotta hope that I will soon not be in danger of being as bald as both my baby, and my husband.

  4. I started losing lots of hair about 3 months post partum. It was really annoying but I have such thick hair and I always wore it up anyways so I did t think much of it. The hair falling out slowed down and eventually stopped when my baby was about 6 months old. Now my baby boy is almost a year old and I have these crazy short hairs ALL around my hairline! I have long hair so I wear it up a lot and it is so ridiculous looking! I am just now realizing it’s probably regrowth from all the hair I lost. I am thankful it’s growing back but I have to say these baby hairs flying out from all directions is worse than losing it! I can’t find a style that works since my hair is naturally pretty wavy/curly. Lots of bandanas and hats right now…. I totally get why people cut all their hair off post baby!!

  5. Soooo to be clear it grows back yes? Lol it just started my baby is three months and bam i’m shedding all the time idk what to do and i really like i may loose it all just scared ill always be bald is that crazy?

  6. I’m 23years old my daughter is now 9 months and around the age of 5 months i experienced a DRAMATIC amount of hair loss. male pattern in the front of course but honestly its thinning all over. the first time it happened was honestly over night i’ve always had LONG thick hair and never shed. well i woke up took a shower and handfulls of hair came out. honestly like someone chopped it. Its continued to fall out not in huge chunks but enough to scare me. ive had blood work done twice i’m waiting on one now. i have less then half the amont of hair. so scary idk what to do.

    • The timing of that sounds exactly like regular, to-be-expected post-partum shedding. It typically starts 4-5 months post-birth and can continue up to a year. Hang in there! Mine lasted about 3 months. Sounds like you could be shedding more than the average new Mom, maybe and unfortunately.

  7. Yes! I have this wacky regrowth! I’m 14mo postpartum and these new hairs are almost past my eyes(when pulled down). I have curly hair around my face, so these stick out every which way they want! I’m thankful they’re growing, but they’re so pesky! So glad to have found this, I thought I was the only one. Even my hair stylist thought my theory was strange!

  8. So happy to have found your blog! Thank you for sharing your experience with hair loss. My hair started thinning at the crown in my early twenties. It was a small patch where my scalp was just so obvious. Now, 5 months after my second pregnancy, (and 30th birthday) it’s starting that wonderful postpartum shed.

    I have been concealing this hair loss with a combination of a side part (read:comb over) , loreal boost it high lift creation spray (volume), and Salon Grafix spray powder shampoo for brunette hair (conceal scalp).

    Depending on how bad the shedding is this time, I think I may try Toppix. Do you know how it holds up under humid/rainy conditions? Is it waterproof? Thanks again!

    • Humidity should be ok, but rain/sweat will cause it to shift. I experienced this something with all concealers–never enough to really have anyone notice–when I used to use them. I always had a bit of hair to cover over my concealed areas to help, but rain (etc.) will make the concealers look a bit muddy.

  9. I just wanted to say thanks for being so honest and brave about your struggle with hair loss. I struggle as well with thinning that may or may not have been caused by bcp. I went off them about three months ago, so only time will tell. I wanted to mention that Forever 21 has some a wide selection of awesome head wraps to help hide scalp thinning/loss. After all, why not be stylish while trying to conceal this issue?

  10. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I, too, am nearly 9 months postpartum. My shed began around 4 months and is still going strong! I was diagnosed with alopecia areata about 2 years ago and was worried that the lack of huge shedding during pregnancy may cause a huge postpartum shed- I was right. I have been to the dermatologist who says I just have telogen effluvium (so normal post partum) and that it is not the return of the alopecia, though I don’t know if I believe him. The shed I’ve been going through for the last 5 months has been waaaaaaay worse than any other time with the alopecia.

  11. I am almost 8 months post partum and I have short regrowth, prior to my baby I was on spiro and metformin and birth control for over six years…. I did have some regrowth on the meds for so long, but once I stopped spiro and birth control I had MAJOR loss in the front even more than I started with and it was very noticable. I had such a major loss that I don’t think I want to go back on spiro until I know I am done having kids because I can’t loose the few hairs I have left if I was to go on it and stop again to conceive….. I have learned to love the Bosley fibers to hide my frontal thinning, but after this baby I am looking into pieces like you to cover because it is getting too much. I don’t have as much regrowth as you and my gyno said to not expect what I lost after stopping the meds to grow back. She claims what is lost is lost…. 🙁 She said I would have some regrowth within the next couple months but nothing monumental. She claims that after having my kids I should look into a hair transplant… I am bummed because with PCOS I thought that meds would be the answer but from my experience it only helps a bit and once you stop you are worse than before 🙁

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