Pregnitude Success Story, Even with PCOS!

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In February of this year, I started on Pregnitude; I know I wanted to be a Pregnitude success story, but before buying it I did some quick research. It seemed to be a supplement that could really help with PCOS. I started it a few days into my cycle in hopes that, if anything, it would help my cycles to regulate to help prepare my body during the trying to conceive process (and, of course, I wouldn’t mind being one of the countless Pregnitude success stories!). I dutifully took it morning and night mixed into my spearmint tea — it’s completely tasteless, so unlike other supplements it wasn’t a chore to take. If I could be a Pregnitude success story without a disgusting taste in my mouth, all the better.

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I am a late ovulator to being with (thank you, PCOS) on even my best cycles; I can’t remember a time where I ovulated before day 20. My previous cycle, that’s exactly what I did, so I was hoping to keep it around day 20 with the help of Pregnitude. If you read my last update on Pregnitude, you know by now that I ended up ovulating on day 21.

(Want to know how to track my ovulation? Check out my ovulation tracking post!)

You all know I believe that the absolute best OPKs out there are the super-cheap Wondfo ones, so I ordered not too long ago the Wondfo combination of 50 ovulation AND 20 pregnancy tests. Guess the price? An insane $22. I love Amazon. And I loved being able to use the tests willy-nilly.

The Testing Begins. Fingers Crossed for a Pregnitude Success Story

I decided to try testing about 7dpo (days past ovulation). I tested at night (dumb, I know) and got a negative…this was WAY too early to discover if I was a Pregnitude success story, and I kicked myself for doing it. The next morning at 8dpo, I tested again, thinking it would also be too early:

Pregnitude Success StoryPregnancy Test, 8dpo, Wondfo Test Strip


My heart dropped as I could’ve sworn I saw a very faint line. I had two extra First Response Early Response (FRER) tests so I took one of those, too:

Pregnitude Success StoriesPregnancy Test, 8dpo, FRER


This one was harder to tell. I would’ve thought it would’ve been clearer since FRER is supposedly the leader in early tests. What I should’ve done that day was invert the photo, which would’ve looked like this:

Pregnitude Success StoryPregnancy Test, 8dpo, FRER, Inverted


See it? Holy crap. Just in case you’re not convinced, here’s another positive FRER at 10dpo:

Pregnitude Success StoriesPregnancy Test, FRER, 10dpo


So, does this count as one of the many Pregnitude success stories? I don’t know. I was fully expecting conceiving to take several months, at least…especially considering how wacky PCOS has made my cycles, but maybe, just maybe with the help of Pregnitude I was able to get pregnant much more quickly than if I had gone it alone. No matter if I am a Pregnitude success story or someone that has just gotten lucky, I’ll take it!

If you’re contemplating starting Pregnitude, I’ll ask you this? What do you have to lose (ok, aside form $35-$40)? If you’re wondering where to buy Pregnitude, I’ve found the best deals for Pregnitude on Amazon and for Pregnitude on

Being a “Pregnitude success story” does have one downfall — the hair. I’ll go into more detail soon about my experience with hair loss during my last pregnancy and about my anxiety with this pregnancy (and after). I can promise you one thing: it’s going to be a roller-coaster!

One final pic. I’m now 14 weeks, but here’s me around 11 weeks:

Pregnitude Success StoryBelly Bump, 11 weeks, 2nd child

Thought I’d come back and give a little update. Well, no words are really needed, are they? Meet my Pregnitude baby!

Prefer to jump back to the past? Read my first post on when I first started up with Pregnitude.

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143 thoughts on “Pregnitude Success Story, Even with PCOS!”

  1. Hi! I know this is an older post but I’m hoping you can help me. I’m wondering if Pregnatude curbed any pms for you? I’m currently 10dpo and have been on Pregnatude for over 30 days now and I have ZERO pms even though AF should be due in less than a week!

  2. I also did 2 clear blue digital test in a row couple of days. They said not pregnant. I broke it. And I saw very faint line on both of them. What do you think?


  3. Hi Lauren,

    I am only 10-11 dpo. I tested yesterday. It showed up negative. But today morning that strip is saying positive with blue line. This one is ept. Do you think that may happen that I am pregnant ? Please let me know. I am going to do blood test done tomorrow though to make sure. Wish me luck.


  4. Hi, I had a tubal ligation back in April 21, 2006,went through a divorce and now my new husband and I decided to have more children. So on September 26, 2016 I went and had a tubal ligation reversal. We been trying since October and we have yet to become pregnant. I already have 3 children and never had problems trying to conceive, I tracks my ovulation using this site named (Ovia) and it’s pretty good. I also takes ovulation test with Clearblue, and my Dr. also prescribed me so prenatal pills(Select-OB) to help. I seen this ad talking about (Pregnitude) so I decided to purchase a box, so I started taking (Pregnitude) as of December 4, 2016 seeing nothing to lose after all we just paid $7,000 to reverse. As I read your blog you gave me so hope and faith,and I will keep you update with the results I get in the future. Thanks Lauren for your inspiration story!!!

  5. Hi Lauren ,

    I am 27. And I was diagonosized with pcos when I was 22. I was prescribed metformin . But after few months of having regular period it stopped working. My doctor put me on birth control since I wasn’t ready for a baby then. And now I really want a baby. I stopped taking birth control. My doctor put me on prova for 3 months and metformin. I am done with 3 months of prova cycle to regulate my period. I think I ovaluate on day 19-20 of my cycle. Now I am only on metformin and prenatal. And after reading about your blog and other reviews I started pregnitude from tonight. I do take Xanax and ambien because of my insomnia and anxiety and depression. Do you think those may have some interruption with pregnitude? By the way since I have my pcos I have gained 65 pounds over these years 🙁 we really want a baby now. Please wish me luck and respond what do you think .

      • Thanks Lauren for your kind reply.
        I use clear blue to track my ovaluation after I stopped birth control and started prova and metformin and now pregnitude. I feel like it gives me the right result since I get some body symptomps like, sensation on lower abdomen, tenderness of breast. But do u still think that’s a good option with pcos to track ovaluation? Except my Xanax and ambien, I am now on metformin, pregnitude, and prenatal. Sounds like pregnantude makes me less hungry,which is great . Because I need to loose weight.

          • Hi Lauren,

            Since I started taking pregnitude from November I am getting my period is exactly on 30th day on every month Which is great because when I was not in birth control pill I used to get my period like 3 months after or so. This month though my high fertility shows a day before 🙂 I am really hoping and praying to God to conceive this month. I am also taking prenatal and metformin. And also the clear blue says last few months that I am releasing egg. Please pray for me. It seems like long run ..


  6. Thank you everyone for commenting. I am glad Lauren started this and i have been trying for 9 months but still no pregnancy. I just placed my pregnitude order just now and this thread makes me more happier. I don’t have any diagnosis or whatsoever of pcos but the recent sanogram scan i had last week shows that my eggs and all were ok however i have a small fibroid that is not clinically significant. I do observe though that my ovulation test with the dollar store kit were always negative (two faint lines). Just this past week i haven’t seen my period i just did a pregnancy test and it shows or came out negative. My periods are regular and irregular sometimes. I sure will come back to testify if i have any signs, symptoms or results/experience with pregnitude once i start taking it (my order should come this friday). Again thank you everyone and Lauren especially.

  7. I just started pregnitude this month. Been ttc for 3 years, went through cervical cancer twice, gained almost 70 lbs. But I’m now cancer free, had to have my cervix reopened (not fun) lost most of my weight. Just got married in august. Hoping for a little miracle. My periods are normal like clockwork. 25 day cycles, 15 day luteal, 2 day period light/spotting flow. So praying this, as well as other prayers will help us this month.


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