Products to Hide Women’s Hair Loss

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There are actually a ton of products to hide women’s hair loss out there, it’s just a matter of finding which ones work for you. If you need to cover a larger area, many women opt for for hair fibers.

These are small (they almost look like dust) hair fibers that you shake into the area that you need coverage and then pat down. They cling to your own natural hair and have a similar texture, so they look fairly realistic. The hair fibers I’ve used in the past are Toppik hair fibers. They come in a few colors and are pretty believable (I take “Light Brown”)!

UPDATE: Definitely read below about my spray-on technique which I used for maaaaaaaaaany years. I’ve also used awesome hair fibers by BoostnBlend. I think once you see my before/after pics (with close-ups!) using these shake-on hair fibers, you’ll agree this product is a must-have.

One of my favorite products to hide women’s hair loss is Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder…I get it from Amazon. It’s always worth a click to see if Sephora has it, too. I think it’s actually touted as a dry shampoo, but what it does is conceal your scalp and thicken up the root area.

Now you all know what my hair loss looks like with freshly-shampooed hair:

female hair loss

And here I am with NO concealers, but with volumizing products for thin hair:

Volumizing Products for Thinning Hair
Me with Volumizing Hair Products

So, what did I use to get the look above? Well, a few things. The #1 product my readers write me ALL THE TIME about is Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus. This product is amazing for adding thickness at the roots – I can’t believe the difference this product makes in my styling route.

I also like to use Nioxin Diamax right at my roots. This product is actually made to thicken each individual hair strand. Combined with the Big Sexy product mentioned above, it makes a huge difference in my before/after, don’t you think?

I love layering the two products, but if you are looking for just one product to add volume, go with Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus.

Now, if you add in my Bumble & Bumble concealer (color: Brown), you have this:
Pregnancy and Hair Loss Concealed

Sorry it’s so blurry!

The Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder is the icing on the cake that takes my hair to the next level. The other products help it to look “more normal”, but the hair powder gives me the confidence to go on with my day, knowing that my thinness is perfectly concealed.

So there you have it–me at my very worst to what I look like every day. Now you know the major products I use…be sure to check out my complete volumizing and disguising routine, too.

Here’s a video I did on using the Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo:

What products to hide women’s hair loss do you use? Anyone use Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder like me?

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  1. I’m so glad I came across your blog! I’ve been noticing thinning hair for the past two years now. Having turned 30 a few months ago and wanting to have kids soon has made me realize that my hair loss might become significantly worse after pregnancy. Some of the women in my family have very thin hair (my mother to be one of them) so I believe what I’m experiencing is genetic. I’ve always had such lucious thick curly hair. Now I notice people looking at my scalp as my thinning has made it revealing if not carefully styled.
    I know stress doesn’t help and I try staying hopeful and positive but I can’t help feeling anxious and scared of what might become.
    My bf reassured me all the time that no matter what he will always find me beautiful and he wants to start a family with me but I can’t help but stress about this hair loss and I’m slowly distancing myself from the joy of having a baby.
    Sometimes I feel like I’m being selfish and egoistic thinking this way even though it’s not who I am at all…
    I envy those women who have thick hair as I feel it must be such a security blanket and confidence booster.
    Hair was never something I would have thought to worry about until now and I hate myself for it.
    I’m sorry for such the long message but I’ve been keeping these thoughts to myself for a while and reading your blog gave me the Inspiration to share.
    I’ve done some research on what I can do to help so I started taking multivitamins and using natural products on my hair such as:
    -Pure aloe Vera gel for my scalp which really adds volume and shine,
    -Oneka shampoo
    -rosemary essential oil which I add to my shampoo.
    I haven’t noticed and new hair growth but I’m really trying to stay hopeful that my hair loss will stop and my hair will grow.

    • You definitely aren’t alone in these thoughts…I know MANY women who have put off pregnancy because of this. The choice is yours to make, but I can tell you that kids are likely very much worth the sacrifice, should worse come to worst. 🙂

  2. I am currently growing hair back after losing it due to chemo. It’s coming in good on top but not around the sides and back. I have a wig that I wore when I didn’t have any hair but the wig is itchy now that I actually have hair. I’m going to a formal wedding and am not wanting to wear my wig because of th heat. My hair has come back in gray and dark brown. Mor gray than brown. Would the Bumble & Bumble tinted dry shampoo cover up th bald places? What about the one for gray platinum and silver hair? I just don’t know what to buy both white and brown to mix to look natural?

    • I always recommend spraying some underneath your hair and then spreading some of your hair over it – which may or may not work on the sides. If your loss is on the TOP of the sides, I’d say go with the darker and use a bit of your hair to cover it.

  3. Hello I have tried the topex and caboki which work great on the top of my hair where I have a little more hair but the very front of my hair closest to my forhead foesnt respond well to the hair fibers it gets all balled up and looks very un natural an doesn’t stick to the really thin areas any other ideas for the very front of the head thanks

  4. Hi thank you for telling me your story I always felt like I was the only one dealing with thin hair I’m still on the lookout for products to help conceal me thin hair Ive tried wigs but always feel like people are staring at me. I will look into the toppik it sounds good. Thank you again for sharing your story it helps me know I’m not alone.

  5. Hi Lauren, thanks so much for this wonderful website! I am in my early 40’s and noticing a fair amount of thinning. To make matters worse, I am nearly all grey, and color my hair a medium/dark brown/auburn. As my grey grows out, it looks much thinner due to it being so light compared to my dyed hair. I was just wondering how long the bumble and bumble powder lasts you?

  6. What a fabulously honest and helpful site Lauren. Brilliant. I’m in the same boat. It’s absolutely devastating.
    How do you all cope with hot sun on your scalps. Mine burns so bad, is painful and really sweaty. I don’t want to stand out as ‘ the one in the hat’. So I avoid going out in the sun or if I have to I continually look for shade to walk in. Can anyone else relate to this?
    Also, do people sleep with Toppik in their hair st night or wash it out for the scalp to ‘breathe’?
    It’s nice to know there are others that understand x

    • Hi Jane! But when I was bare-scalped (ha!), I would use a stick sunscreen and run it along my part. Of course, that didn’t help the areas that were thin across my head.

      I’ve always washed every other day, so would sleep in my hair fibers. 🙂

  7. I’ve just bought and used the big sexy hair root pump plus. Wow! The lift it gives at the roots really does make a difference. I’ve added batiste brown dry shampoo as well. Good combination! Thank you. I almost look normal.

  8. Can anyone tell me their experience with Rogaine. I’m afraid to try it because I heard it can make your hair fall out worse. Or you can have a reaction to it and then it will really fall out. If anyone has experience with Rogaine could you please share if it worked and did it make your hair fall out worse at first. I have some much anxiety over this.

  9. Just wondering since you use the spray on your hair when it is dry do you have to dry your hair again? Or does it dry quickly on its own?

  10. Hi, Lauren,

    Also a new follower. And like so many of the other ladies on here, I’d like to thank you for creating your blog and sharing your story with others. It really helps to not feel so alone.

    I’m still just trying to adjust to all this, but one question I had was regarding the use of Toppik or the like–although it seems I’m thinning throughout, it seems the top back of my head is the most problematic. However, it’s harder for me to personally see back there (although others can : (
    So I’m having a tough time getting Toppik somewhere that I can’t see and holding a mirror and the bottle at the same time. Do you have any suggestions/tips for using it in tough to see spots?

    • That’s a tough one – anyone have any ideas for Ra?

      If it were me, I might have my husband help (not likely, though). Or, just go slowly and check often with a mirror. The Bumble & Bumble might be good for this area as it’s a bit more precise than the fibers.

  11. Hi, I also came across your video first on youtube, that led me to your blog. I have probably been shedding too much hair for several years now, but it was this past June/July of 2014 that I first noticed two very thin (see scalp right through the hair) patches. I also noticed tons of hair loss in the few months prior to that in those 2 specific areas, but didn’t dwell on it since I didn’t see any consequences from the loss and was wrapped up in raising my 2 small kids. Of course when I did see the spots randomly one day out of the blue, I freaked out, then proceeded to have any and every blood test that was mentioned online. Of course normal results except a lower Ferritin level, which I since raised to above 60 and still take my iron supplement so it may be still be on the rise. No real additional growth that I see from that and in face, my shedding has picked up on and off anywhere from 120 – 150 on average from beginning of am to pm shower. Anyway, sorry so long, I actually have a question or two. I am wondering if the topper you have been wearing has thinned out your hair any further due to stressing the roots? Does it irritate your scalp with the weight over the course of the day and what about shifting or movement in windy situations such as going in and out of businesses and such? I have really been fighting myself on using any products to conceal the obvious loss and feel resentful that I have to waste more time and energy on something that is already robbing me of my self esteem and sanity. I feel like covering it up is telling my body, I give up, do whatever you want and thus will excel the loss further and faster than before. Any advice would be appreciated as you are definitely a roll model. Most of the women I’ve seen or read posts from seem to have been lucky enough to make it close to or past menopause before experiencing this loss, so at 35 the thought of dealing with this for that many more years is daunting. If anyone has made it this far in reading, I thank you for taking your time!

    • Well, I’m sure you know (intellectually) that just because you decide to wear hair/use products to conceal, your body isn’t going to accelerate the thinning. Can it cause additional loss at the site of the clips? Yes! It’s always best to sew in additional clips and rotate the use of them so that you aren’t stressing one area too often. I was just too lazy. 🙂

      Sometimes, yes, I just want to take it off at the end of the day. This is moreso when my bio hair needs a wash, my bio hair is too long, or my topper is dirty. I am just more “aware” of it during those times and I want it off. It doesn’t hurt or rub or bother me in any other way – I can only explain it as being “aware”. Some ladies, however, absolutely NEED to take it off as soon as possible when getting home for the day (from work, for example). I haven’t experienced that, personally.

      And, I’m sorry about the “normal” levels from your bloodwork…I know that all too well, unfortunately!

  12. Thank youy so much for posting and sharing everything!

    My hair loss is almost identical to yours and I have tried practically everything. I have used hair toppers but I found my hair got thinner quicker with every day use and to be honest it got to be quite a chore having to put that thing on every day. I currently use hair fibers, dermmatch.

    I tried looked for the B&B dry shampoo you recommended but I had no luck Instead I found Rita Hazan’s root concealer at Ulta. I haven’t fully tried it yet, just tested it at the store, but from whet I’ve tested and with just the youtube video alone I really do like what I see so far.

    here’s the video:

    I’ll be trying the spray tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes! again, thank you so much for your blog, your pics, and your video!!!!

    • Yes, let me know how it goes! The B&B is available at Sephora (I think that’s the only chain store), select salons, and Amazon. Can’t wait to hear about your results with the stuff you got.

  13. I’m very chemically sensitive and my girlfriend is using some kind of powder that hurts my sinuses and eyes. Is there any product that is less of a powder that will not aerosol or have a strong scent? Thanks!

    • Tell her to look into hair fibers – either Caboki (which offers a free trial) or Toppik, etc. Those shouldn’t have any scent and they are non-aerosol. Depending on how much coverage she needs, sometimes something as basic as eyeshadow can do the trick.

  14. I am new to using toppiks (thanks to finding this site) and going out without wearing my hat made me feel a tad normal again. I look in the store mirrors and I can’t tell I even have anything in my hair. My husband couldn’t even tell! Eventually I will tell him though but I am surprised he can’t tell. Maybe I am just so self conscience about it is why I think he or others will notice. I just don’t want to use it too much. I tried Claudia Stevens powder and it was hard to wash out and almost didn’t rinse down the tub very well and I was afraid it was going to stain the tub but I used comet and it turned out ok. Not sure if I will use it again, toppiks seems to be better.

  15. Lauren, I saw a video of a women with pcos and she said she started noticing her hair falling out when she was about 28 or 29. Well, that’s also when I noticed it with me. But I didn’t notice anything else, now being just over 50 I have a lot of menopause symptoms and when I read the symptoms of pcos I notice many of them are the same. I also read that there is no true test to see if one really has pcos. So, how am I suppose to know if what I’ve been experiencing after 50 is pcos or just true menopause???? I don’t know what to think now that I read up on it. Many of my symptoms not including hair loss started after I turned 50. I never even read up on pcos until I came across this site. Now I am wondering if I have it or if its just menopause symptoms.

      • Not yet, I did just read that although they are similar the difference is hot flashes and I am certainly getting a lot of those, so I am thinking its just menopause but will still see my doctor. Thanks Lauren, I didn’t think about an endocrinologist I will look into that as well.

  16. Ok, so you must have just used the wrong word as I just read about your topper and wig search, sorry. When I read “was” I thought you were successful in getting it to grow back. I am new to this blog so haven’t read everything yet, sorry. Have you tried Paula Young wigs? I ordered two of them, They are ok for now, but I am still looking for one that really suits me.

  17. Yes thank you.

    “since my hair WAS thin”….are you saying that your hair grew back??? PLEASE tell us how, that is terrific!!


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