NEW WIG ALERT!: Meet Laura (and the Professionnel Collection)

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In my last post about purchasing wigs and toppers in-store, we talked about some of the benefits of going in and actually talking to someone about what your wants and needs are.

Consultations are important since you can have a conversation with an educated expert, and you can properly get measured. Plus, when you buy from them, you can often get your pieces customized to suit you perfectly.

Today, we’re going to talk about an added perk.

Sometimes they have exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else. 🙂

I have a bone to pick with whomever named this wig I’m about to tell you about. She’s called “Laura” and that’s just a sharp jab to the gut, now, isn’t it? #socloseyetsofar

Jon Renau’s Laura is a loooooong synthetic wig that I’ve officially fallen in love with.

I know what you’re thinking…you’ve heard me say that before.

I’ve gushed about Alessandra, Sarah, and a few others.

But you know how you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s right in front of your face?

Laura and a few of her wig and topper sisters are brand new this season as part of Jon Renau’s Professionnel Collection, and are only available in walk-in boutiques (to find the one nearest you that sells this private collection, check out Jon Renau’s store locator page).

This Professionnel Collection (ooh la la) has been expanded with some exciting features and new styles!

Let me tell you a bit about Laura, and then we’ll talk about the other styles.

All photos here are right out of the box – no customization or tweaking.

What do I love about Laura?

First off, she’s long. Y’all know I love long.

[A note about all the photos of me on this post. I STRUGGLED getting these. I had just gotten home from the gym and taken a shower and I was still SOOOO hot. Plus it was 102 degrees out. I was literally melting here and tried getting my 5 year old to help take photos of me and it just wasn’t working. Depending on how big your screen is, these may be a bit blurry!]

Laura Wig Jon Renau

She’s listed as being 16” at the crown and nape, and that’s always been a little confusing to me. Alessandra, for instance, is listed at 13.75”.

I always compare and contrast that with the first synthetic topper I ever tried – that’s just where my bird brain goes: Noriko Milan. She’s only 12” but looks SO much shorter than Alessandra. My everyday topper, Top Style Synthetic (formerly Top Secret), is 18”, and Laura is longer than that.

I guess it’s all in how it’s measured? Wigs are likely measured at different spots on the head, whereas toppers are measured root to tip? I’m just guessing, here…

Anyways, Laura is long and swingy, and kind of a grown-out version of Alessandra. She also has a lace front and has a single monofilament scalp.

In terms of construction, she’s wefted in the back. I tend to prefer hand-tied styles these days (I find them closer-fitting and since I have an odd head shape this works better for me), but given all the rest of Laura’s qualities, I’m willing to overlook this!

Laura Jon Renau Cap

It was really hard to take a selfie since the style is so long, but hopefully this gives you an idea, along with the first photo I shared:

Laura by Jon Renau 10RH16

And check out this length!

Laura Wig Length

The other thing I like about Laura is that she’s available in two of my very favorite colors: 10RH16 (shown here on me) and 8RH14. If you haven’t already, check out my post on how to decipher wig color codes. This has a base color 10 with a 33% blend of color 16.

You can see 8RH14 on the now-discontinued (I think!) Jon Renau Long Mono topper. I wore that many moons ago and it’s with that piece that I fell in love with the 8RH14 color. Unfortunately, it’s not available in many styles, or I’d switch back to it in a heartbeat!

I mention this often, but one of the reasons why Jon Renau is my preferred brand of choice is that they have SO many styles in the color I wear. That means I can keep the color consistent while switching up styles.

Wavy one day, straight the next. Topper today, wig tomorrow. All in 10H16 or 10RH16.

For those of us who don’t wear different styles every day and choose to keep their wig- and topper-wearing close to the vest, keeping the color consistent makes life easier.

Along with Laura, the (walk-in boutique only) Professionnel Collection includes 2 toppers and several wig styles.

Let’s chat about them and show them off a bit. I’m going to share photos from Jon Renau’s site to help give you a visual. They are vertical, so you’ll need to scroll a bit. If you want to flip through the look book, you can have a look at it here.

Human Hair Professionnel Collection

These next few wig styles include European human hair (yes, thin, fine, European hair!), as well as single-monofilament tops and lace fronts.

[Reminder: Monofilament is that material that makes the “scalp”. A single monofilament allows you to see through the top of your piece to your own scalp. With the exception of one, all of these pieces I talk about today have a sizeable monofilament top that allows for multi-directional parting.

Lace fronts have, you guessed it, lace across the forehead, which allows the hair to be worn off the forehead. You can read more about lace fronts in this blog post.]

Let’s talk quickly about the toppers.

European human hair easiPart and easiPart XL in 8” are now available! These have French drawn scalps, which means the knots on the scalp are super-hidden, making for a truly realistic look.

Jon Renau Euro easiPart French 8

Kicking off the wigs, Amalfi is a lace-front, single monofilament, hand-tied European human hair wig in a fun, shorter length.


Capri is even shorter and hugs the back of the nape for a fantastic transition to the neckline. Such a beautiful silhouette! She also has a lace-front, in a single-mono and is hand-tied.


Positano is a swingy bob. I would like to own that necklace. 🙂


Ravello is a longer, mid-length style that hits right at the shoulder. This would be a great style to wear straight or add a slight wave to.


Carrie is a best-seller and is now available in Euro hair and is hand-tied. You may remember the interview I did with Emily from Jon Renau a few years ago…Carrie is her go-to style. Carrie is also available as an Average size (all of the other wigs are sized as Petite/Average, so slightly smaller in circumference).


If European human hair is not within your budget, here are two styles available in traditional Remy hair.

Penelope is a longer style that looks fabulous both wavy and straight. I kinda have my eye on her!


Synthetic Hair Professionnel Collection

Now that we’ve talked about human hair, let’s move on to the synthetic styles.

The specs on the synthetic portion of the Professionnel collection differ a bit, so let’s go through each one. Each DOES have a lace front. We’ve talked about Laura above, so let’s talk about the rest of them!

Lucy is an adorable style with beachy waves that is slightly shorter at the nape. Not only is she 100% hand-tied, but she has additional wefting on the sides which helps to create a shaped style – this keeps the silhouette exactly as intended and the hair pointing where it needs to, to maintain this beautiful style.


Hailey is a classic bob that hits right below the jaw. I love that the hair doesn’t end bluntly…it flows so nicely. Of course, any salon can customize your purchases to swing exactly how you want it to. Like Lucy, Hailey also has some wefting to help with shape.


Brooklyn is also a lace-front bob, but has a bit of an angle at the front. She’s a little sassier and modern.


Halsey is such a fun pixie style…that I could never pull off! But I know many of you can! She’s a little different in that she has an open cap.

This is common on a lot of short styles because having an open cap versus a monofilament gives you VOLUME. So, you won’t be able to part this in the way you can the rest of the styles we’ve talked about…but with this style, you won’t want to.

A little bit of Piece Out Contour Creme will make this style so edgy and gritty. You can see how I used this to give my longer topper a bit of texture here.


All of the synthetic wigs, with the exception of Laura, are also available in gray and gray blend colors. So many color options!

What do you think of these new styles? Do you have a favorite? Which would YOU love to see in person?

And who else thinks Laura should’ve been named Lauren? 🙂

12 thoughts on “NEW WIG ALERT!: Meet Laura (and the Professionnel Collection)”

  1. Hi, Lauren!

    I have soooo many questions as I work on buying my first topper. Not sure which part of your site to post them in (general questions?) but I’ll figure it out.

    Main questions includes: My natural hair is brown (graying, especially at front, I do get it colored to match), frizzy, a little curly, and lands just below my shoulders. I am a low (LOW!) maintenance person. Even when I had more hair I rarely “did” it. I’d either wash it the night before, put in product, and have nice curls the next day, or just let it be bushy and put it up. Now that’s so thin, I just put it up in a small pony or bun. I add a little powder if I need to for especially thin parts.

    For someone like me, is it better to get synthetic hair (I’ve been told it’s less work, can come slightly curly, and can look very realistic). Is human hair always going to come straighter and then would be difficult to match my own hair underneath?

    That’s sort of the first decision.

    The next (and thanks for reading, I know I should post this in a larger group area!), is what would you recommend for, like, a starter piece. Something I can try if I’m not necessarily ready to wear hair every day.

    Jon Renau’s web site doesn’t seem to list prices. For most places, when you buy a topper or piece, unless it’s custom, are you able to return it??

    Last quick question here: how do you wear a lace topper if you have a hairline? Does the lace cover your hairline? I’m so confused. Same with the poly rim piece you recently showed that you got from Serenity. Does it go below your hairline? I’m trying to avoid using clips as much as possible.

    Thanks so much! I’ve gotta post some of my own photos, and I look forward to being active in this community!

    • Hi! I’m low maintenance too. 🙂 Synthetic is going to have more straight styles than wavy/curly…and naturally straight human hair isn’t as easy to come by as hair with a natural slight wave/kink. With synthetic, finding a match is going to depend on your curl pattern – most come in a beachy-type wave, at best. For starters, I always love Jon Renau’s easiPart standard or easiPart XL, depending on your loss. JR’s site won’t list prices because they don’t sell to end consumers like you and I…you’ll need to go to a site like Wigs by Patti’s Pearls to order. Or, you can go to JR’s store locator page and see if there is a salon near you that sells them.

      For a lace front, that’s a bit more tricky with a hairline. You’ll just need to make sure the lace starts AFTER your natural hairline and rests fully on your forehead. You’ll need to secure with some wig tape or wig glue if you’re wearing a topper (with a wig, it stays nicely by itself because the tension of the wig fitted around your head holds it in place).

      The poly rim will go at your hairline or slightly behind your own hairline. 🙂 I hope that helps! With both, you’ll need to still use clips around the sides and back of your head, though.

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I am new to your blog. I’m having a hard time navigating your website. I started writing to you some other place on your site so please forgive me if I’m repeating myself. I have Lyme disease
    which made my hair get very thin. I decided I didn’t want to look this way. I bought a wig “Gabor
    Gratitude” about 5 months ago. I love the color. I don’t wear it much, because of my illness I don’t get out much. I recently washed it . Not sure if I did it right. I hadn’t found you yet so I did find people on Utube so I did what one person on there used Downy as a conditioner. It didn’t come out very good. It has lost it’s body & wave. I was going to get one of of the brush things but I don’t want it to get soft. What I am trying to do is give it back some body & height & put the wave back into it. After washing it became flat especially around the bangs & top. Can you give me the best way to do that? I am so grateful for you & your blog. I was going to buy a second wig just like it to have a spare in case my current one needs washing & I don’t have time to do it
    before I need to go somewhere. But after washing it I’m not sure if I should spend the money on it if It’s going to turn out like this. Any advice you can give me Is so appreciated.. Thanks,

  3. Very much like this color on you, especially the subtleness of the lighter colors. Many of your previous styles I feel have to pronounced stripes which in my opinion make them look too wiggy.

    • Thanks! It’s interesting you say that since 80% of posts I do are in this very color. 🙂 Unless there’s something I feel I need to show you guys, in that case I might pick another color if I know I won’t be wearing it.

  4. Totally thought it should be named a Lauren haha! My color is 12 … and I always forget the rest) Renau is always my go to. I am so eager to try human hair, but the expense stops me. This new one, Laura, looks incredible (I use a lot of clip ins, color spray and topper to keep it all as realistic looking as possible, but I’m so tried of all the work it takes. Interested in this but don’t think it’s in my color ?


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