REVIEW: Point Synthetic Topper from Uniwigs (+ Discount)

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Y’all know I’m always on the lookout for a good synthetic topper.

Even thought I’m in love with my current one, I still like to keep my eye on what’s out there as it’s always good to compare and contrast.

Plus, I have to let you know the scoop on some pieces you might have your eye on. πŸ˜‰

Uniwigs reached out to me about a newer piece they have in stock called the Point Synthetic Mono topper.

I took a look at the stock photos and decided it looked like something that had potential, so Uniwigs graciously sent me one to look over and review.

They also sent me a discount to pass along to you, too, yea!

You may have seen the sneak peek I posted on Instagram:

(I do believe this is my first post that includes hair paired with both a trampoline AND a chicken coop. #Goals)

The base of this topper is a familiar 8.5×9, so it has just the coverage I prefer (er, lots of it).

The length of the Point Synthetic Mono is 16″, and it comes all-one-length. This is great if you like that look or prefer to get your own style cut in. It’s like a blank slate to work with.

The hair is incredibly soft and swishy…it truly feels like my bio hair, or at least the bio hair I had before it started thinning.

Great movement!

This topper is available as stock in one color only, the one you see here. I asked my contact at Uniwigs if they plan on bringing on any additional colors, and she said they were.

One thing that’s interesting about Uniwigs (or at least with this particular topper) is that you can customize your own color.

Your own SYNTHETIC color.

You can choose any of the colors on-site and add a high or low-light to it and make it your own–all you need to do is speak to their customer service team.

At first, thinking about this kind of scared me (ha!). But, if you leverage their customer service and do some due diligence, I bet you could find something you are really happy with!

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull off this color, as the base is a 2 (I currently wear a 10), but I was surprised to find that I like it.

Point Synthetic Mono

I’m thinking this could be a fun fall color.

The highlights are a bit chunkier than what I normally wear, but add a bit of root and play with the part, and you’re good!

Here’s a shot in outdoor light of Point Synthetic Mono:

Uniwigs Hair Topper Point Synthetic

And…BONUS! This base fits so snugly to my head that sunglasses are no problem-o:

Topper with sunglasses

Check out this video to learn a bit more about the Point Synthetic Mono topper:

If you like this piece, or anything on Uniwigs’s website (they carry both synthetic and human hair, check them out!), use code LAUREN10 to save 10% off your purchase.

This topper isn’t often included in their discounts, so keep this code handy!

I’m really happy I got to try this piece. It kind of put me in a fall mood (now only if this hot Texas weather would follow!).

What do you think of this topper? Take a look around Uniwig’s site and let me know if you see anything else you like.

Oh, and if you’re in the market for human hair, check out my review of Claire, a lace-front, human hair topper from Uniwigs!

27 thoughts on “REVIEW: Point Synthetic Topper from Uniwigs (+ Discount)”

  1. You have chickens!! Yay, me too. I love them!
    With that out of the way, I love this topper on you. The color would work for me. I just ordered the Noriko Milan but I may pull the trigger on this on too. The hilights look very cool, even if a bit chunky.

  2. Hi Lauren, I just bought this topper. The color is gorgeous. Thank you for showing us this. I’m a little nervous to cut it shorter in case it Rio s it!

  3. This one is my favorite on you so far. Really really pretty, and soo natural, love the color.

    (P.S. For the second time , I used you method of using eye liner to add a root to my latest wig and love the results)

  4. Body def: some natural wave that has a little bounce.
    My hair isn’t curly by any means but it’s definitely no where near straight.
    I hope that helps.

    • You could take a wig in a style you like and cut it down, or, you could have some wave steamed into a straight topper. Top Level by Jon Renau has some wave as does the new Top Wave they are coming out with Oct 1. But that may be too much wave.

      • Jon Renau’s “Mono Long” topper has some body wave. Or what I like to do these days is cut up an Amore make into a topper..

        Lauren, the darker brown of this piece looks great on you! Love it!

  5. It looks great (one more to add to your arsenal) but I think I like your Jon Renau & Top Secret a little more.

    Do you know where I can find a topper that has body?

  6. I was going to write that this color looks far more natural on you too… just like the woman above wrote. It’s beautiful.
    Am still in the sad early stages of hair loss & these posts give me so much hope & calm my worry b/c you look great. Thank you.

  7. The only thing w Uniwigs is it’s $30 or $35 extra for a” custom” color and a custom color is usually anything other than black. So even if you want a simple brown you have to pay extra. I also was able to use a discount when using a code like you gave if you want a custom color. This kept me from ordering from them a couple months back.

  8. It looks very nice, and a base color of 2 is amazing for me! Would you call it ashy? Also, Do you think it has a similar amount of hair as the Top Secret? Is that why you curled your hair? Or do you normally do that? My hair has a good amount of body, so flat won’t work on me:(

    • I would not call it ashy….it’s not super warm but it leans that way. I’d say it has similar hair to Top Secret, maybe ever-so-slightly less (sometimes it’s hard for me to tell when the lengths are different, hard to compare). I curl my hair so that it has a bit of swing when the curl lessens because my bio hair is stick straight! This is definitely a sleeker style…I haven’t washed it so not sure how it will look after drying, but usually with synthetic what you see is what you get. I don’t anticipate it “poofing up” or anything. πŸ™‚

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