7 Synthetic Bob Wigs That Look Totally Real

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Even though I’m a long-haired girl, there are a ton of synthetic bob wigs that I’d just LOVE to wear.

They are super-cute and perfect for summer, since a bit of breeze in your neck is always great to keep you cool when you wear wigs.

How do I define a bob? To me, it’s a low-maintenance, carefree style that hits somewhere between the chin and collarbone.

I spent some time on VogueWigs.com since at the time of this posting, there are several freebies with purchase.

These are my top 7 picks for totally realistic synthetic bob wigs – which do you love??

Sleek & Natural Density

Raquel Welch Play It Straight

I’ve my eye on this wig for many years — I love the way it lifts off the face in the front. And the realistic colors. And the fact that it’s a bob but a tad on the longer side.

Play It Straight by Raquel Welch is basically the style I wanted in my mid-20s, but could never achieve.

Whenever I asked for this style, I always got something that was too rounded or could never maintain its shape. Now I realize it’s because my own hair didn’t have enough texture to really hold a style…but I sure complained about it back then. πŸ™‚

Why I love this wig: The longish bang combined with the way it gently lifts off the face looks amazingly sophisticated. Or maybe it’s just Raquel Welch in her stylist specs that gives me this feeling!

Cute & Classic

Jon Renau Kristen

This is your typical bob in every way. Jon Renau’s Kristen is chin-length and sleek, this lace front wig is a classic.

I love that this hair comes in color 38 “Milkshake”. I’ve been obsessed with that color for a while. I love it because it’s the perfect brown-turning-gray shade.

A girl’s gotta be prepared, right?

Why I love this wig: Aside from my ideal “I’m going gray” color, it’s open-capped. You forgo a monotop for this option (and save some money by doing so!), but it’ll keep you cooler in summer. And Texas where I live is H-O-T.

Cute & Classic…with a Mono Top

Amore Erika Wig

I realize that many of you prefer a monofilament top feature (meaning you can part it any way you want and you can see your own scalp underneath) in synthetic bob wigs, so I had to find an option with that.

Erika by Amore fits the bill, and has soft bangs to boot.

As Amore piece was the very first full-time piece I wore, so Amore holds a special place in my heart.

If you want a traditional bob with a realistic scalp, this is a good choice.

Why I love this wig: It has a classic style, but the ends are razored making it a bit more edgy.

OMG, the flips!

Envy Angie Wig

I LOVE the flips on this one!

Hair isn’t supposed to be perfect all the time, and quite frankly, some synthetic wigs (bobs or not) look like it.

Angie by Envy has so much texture and oomph and looks like so much fun.

The lace front and mono top will only add to the realistic look. Amaretto Cream looks to be my ideal color match.

Why I love this wig: Hello, the flips.

Gorgeous From All Sides

Ellen Wille United

I’m was kind of shocked that I haven’t seen this one before.

Ellen Wille’s United has softly textured ends (I’m definitely into texture lately). And check out the back of this wig! The back lays perfectly. It’s slightly messy in just the right way.

This piece also comes in two beautiful colors I’ve worn in the past (check out my posts about Mega Mono in Tobacco Rooted and Code Mono in Sandy Blonde Rooted). My absolute favorite color of ANY hair I’ve even worn is Tobacco Rooted — and let me tell you there are SO few Ellen Wille wigs made in that color.

So sad.

But this one comes in it, and that’s why it’s on my list. πŸ™‚

Why I love this wig: Great color options (for me…is that selfish?), and I adore the ends of this piece.

Sassy, Stacked Bob Style

Gabor Opulence Wig

First of all, I love this blond color. I wish the swatches on the site did a better job of explaining the color, but I love this on the model.

This style is also slightly stacked in the back, which gives your timeless bob style a modern flair.

Opulence by Gabor has a mono part and a lace front (both important to me).

This wig, like one of the wigs above, also comes in two very cool gray blends. I wish more wigs came in gray since so many of us will be transitioning someday.

I think gray is so elegant!

If I were to pick a color for my non-graying current self, I’d go with GL10-12. This is more of a blended brown with lighter highlights.

Textured, Layered Synthetic Bob Wig

Rene of Paris Zuma

Rene of Paris Zuma wig is beautiful! I love the texture on this synthetic bob wig. It comes in a few different colors which I’d like to try (Honeycomb Brown, anyone?).

Bonus! This swingy bob has a lace front so you can style off the face if you want to.

Check old the model’s pics. She’s wearing Rose Gold, and it’s totally modern looking that the nape of the neck is a darker color.

Why I love this wig: The ends of it are razored/textured in a way that looks exactly how finer hair looks. Rene of Paris Zuma is my favorite of the bobs.

Which of the Synthetic Bob Wigs Do You Love?

I’ve been thinking about synthetic bob wigs as we head into summer more and more. The temps have crept towards 90 the past few days, and a shorter style sees so appealing.

Which style do you love best? Let us know in the comments below! And if you have a different style that everyone should try, let us know that, too.

36 thoughts on “7 Synthetic Bob Wigs That Look Totally Real”

  1. Hello! Let me say, first of all, that I love your blog! I have thinning hair in the crown area (hereditary), but my hair on the sides around my ears, and on the lower back of my head is still normal. What a pain! Because I wear my hair pixie short, I have no idea of what I can do. Wig, hair topper, hair fibers, etc. Can you give me some advice.
    Thanks so much,

  2. Hi Lauren

    I’ve just come across your site. I hope you can help me? I have female pattern hair loss and recently the texture of my bio hair has become frizzy and flyaway. I need to start wearing hair but I don’t know where to start……please help me! I live in Malta (you’ve probably never heard of it) and it’s difficult to but hair here. What should I do? I think you look gorgeous and very confident in your wigs and toppers and would really like to get my confidence back. Please help!!!!!

    • I have heard of Malta. πŸ™‚ You’ll probably need to find a vendor that ships worldwide. Have you checked if Uniwigs does so? Or VogueWigs.com? Try there first.

    • Hi Sheree! You can’t post in the comment, unfortunately. But, if you have the pics hosted somewhere you can post a link. Photobucket.com is one such place, for example.

  3. Hi guys! I have Zuma in Rose Gold-R. I didn’t like it at first because of the permatease, but it was only the second wig I had purchased and I really didn’t know what I was doing (probably still don’t!). I finally changed my mind after I found a pic of me wearing Zuma on my phone that I had forgotten about — I actually thought it was a pic of me a few years ago before my hair started thinning madly. So now I have a new found respect for Zuma. πŸ˜‰

    I do want to point out how very different the Rose Gold-R color is on me, compared to the ROP official pics. These pics should help illustrate. Much more ashy than I expected, but better for me personally. When I first received it, I actually thought they shipped me the Ice-Blond in error and had to check the box. I just ordered ROP’s Evanna in Rose Gold-R AND Ice-Blond in hopes of liking one or both of these in the longer length.

    And, one final note; I’m waiting for EW’s United in Sandy Blonde to arrive. I’m hoping the color won’t be too warm. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for this list, Lauren!

  4. I wore Posh by Jon Renau every day for close to five years, before deciding go for longer styles. My favorite part was the “poof” the graduated back added, as my head isn’t as round in the back as I’d like it to be. While the picture makes Posh look a little limp/flat, it was easy to add volume to. To this day, I have not worn a style I’ve had so many people compliment me on. When wearing Posh, people would constantly ask me where I got my hair cut, or simply say they were envious of the thickness of my hair. While I don’t see myself going that short again for the foreseeable future, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Oh, and because of the shorter length, it lasted much longer than the longer styles I’ve worn since then.

  5. Lauren ,

    I’ve been followimg you on and off for a couple of years….. I have to find something for my daughter. I hope you can help us?! She is almost 17 and this will get her 1st piece. She has trich so she’s never really had hair ….. ever. Currently she is clipping in wavy extensions that she got for her winter formal. They were cut to about 8 inch by a hair stylist but she really needs a topper.

    We don’t know where to start!! She wants wavy hair and she really needs to be able to pull back for a pony tail for dance and cheer. Price is a factor, so I think we have to start synthetic.


    Thank you….

  6. I actually got Charlotte by TressAllure in Dark Amber HL & LOVE her. The highlights are gorgeous and she’s so easy & light & cool… The longer wigs were so much harder to keep up with. Having the length in the front gives lots of nice options for headbands & cute bobby pins. Next on my list is Jodie by Jon Renau in 38 Milkshake, but I’m holding off… I’m not ready to be “elegant” yet. πŸ˜‰

  7. Love the first one. I always went for that style whenever I cut my hair (just slightly longer) but my hair is that finely textured that it always just fell flat unless I put in loads of texture spray. LOL

  8. Play it Straight is the most undetectable bob ever! And you don’t have to style it any particular way for it to look undetectable. I have had 2 and they are great! It is not heat friendly at all.

    I also have Zuma. Lovely wavy style and oh, SO realistic, however the new browns are kind of weird. Honeycomb brown for example, has dark roots on top, blond on the bottom (that’s OK) but the back is entirely blond (odd). Mocha brown is a super dark color with 2 tiny stands of blond on either side. (Mine is in ginger brown.) I’ve gotten loads of compliments on Zuma because it’s so young and modern.

    I LOVE Kristen but too much permatease on top so I haven’t bought one but …..guess what? I’ve tried one on in 38! Lovely natural looking natural shade.

    • You’re SO right about it not being heat-friendly – I’ll have to amend that.

      That’s interesting about Zuma being very blond in the back…and it’s not just the underside?

      I am DYING to see a 38 in person!

  9. Well, I have a question which will show my ignorance, but here goes….what is permatease. I am still learning. And as a reply to the lady who stated that gals in their 60s and 70s could not wear the wigs you chose, I strongly disagree. I wear my own hair in the same cut as the Gabor wig you chose and it looks, chick and stylish. I think we women assume we won’t look good in something and then we just won’t try.

    • Permatease is short frizzy hair that is placed at the root of some wig styles to add volume and lift. When used around the part line, it makes it look like you have no part, which some gals like – I personally prefer a monofilament (which has a lace look at the part to allow your own scalp to peek through, therefore mimicking a “real” part) construction myself.

  10. All of the models wearing these bob wigs are young and, therefore, are able to wear these modern styles and look great. However….us older gals, 60’s and 70’s, cannot wear such young styles, as they are very unsuitable for us. For many years I wore Long Color Me Beautiful by Paula Young, I believe. However, over the years, the volume, the amount of hair, has been drastically reduced and the permatease is quite visible. Then I switched to Sweet Surrender and had to return the last two wigs I had ordered because, again, there was not enough hair to conceal the fact that they were wigs. And forget mono tops because they are so flat and cannot be styled to add volume to the top. I’m tired of people looking at the top of my head when they speak to me. All I want is a side-swept bang or fringe that has enough hair on a shoulder length bob. I can’t find it! Help me!

    • Hi Elaine,
      Have you thought of trying a bob with some wave in it? Juliane by Jon Renau is the most beautiful bob I’ve ever seen. It’s soft, romantic, and has a slight angle towards the front. This makes it very feminine around the face, but shorter and easy in the back! It’s got a lace front, hand tied cap…no one is going to see your scalp, and it will move like real hair with lots of body. It’s a little more expensive because of these options, but mine has lasted for a year now. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of this beautiful piece!
      If you look up this wig on youtube under Patty’s Pearls, you’ll find a woman your age who looks stunning in this wig…she very enthusiastically loves it πŸ™‚
      I own it in 12FS8, and its my favourite wig.

    • I totally agree with this comment! I turns 50 and had my hair cut into the semi pixie bob style and oh my goodness. I went from looking 10 years younger to 10 years older. In 1 visit to the hairstylist. The cut is perfection even tho I have thinning hair but it does not look on me as it does on these models! Pinterest was no help in finding what a cute short style would look like on an over 40 face. What’s an older gal to do! ?

  11. I loved this post, but cannnnnn NOT believe that Noriko Hailey is not at #1 on your list. I have it in 3 shades and literally need every additional shade. I can manipulate this piece to minimize the back combing, incorporate my own hair if I want to, ear tuck, and, rock this angled bob anywhere and everywhere!

    • Yes, you are right! She’s gorgeous! My only reason for steering clear of her is that she is non-mono, right? I so prefer mono…but correct me if I am wrong about her!

  12. Hi. My current go-to color is JR 38 (Milkshake) since I am brown-going-grey. I was so excited when I ordered Kristen! The color looked great, until I looked at the top of the head. The permatease was atrocious! It was all the grey kinked up with a few strands of brown over top of it. I could never wear that, so I had to return it. Products in color 38 are so limited in wigs, but so perfect for those who want to look natural, instead of “coloring” their hair. I would think that the permatease would be less noticeable in a more solid color. I wore an Erika by Amore for at least 8 months (daily to work, and many middle-school baseball ballgames) before trying the color JR 38.


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