ThinHairThick Toppers: No More Bald Spots!

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Life, man.

So much going on – globally, nationally and personally. I can definitely use a little levity, so I’m bringing you a bit of intel on ThinHairThick. And yes, I do have a coupon code for you (use LAUREN30 for $3o off)!

If you’ve been nervous about jumping on the helper hair train because you fear clip damage, or, if you’re looking for a clever way to secure a topper…this is it!

I’m going to answer all your questions in this post, but if you have any questions about this innovative product, leave them in the comments. I’m happy to answer them. For the next few days, Tiffany from ThinHairThick will be answering any questions about the products, her hair loss journey or anything on your mind!

What is ThinHairThick?

ThinHairThick (THT) carries both human and synthetic hair toppers that use a grippy headband system to secure your topper – NO CLIPS needed.

I know many of you have seen the damage topper clips have caused with my own bio hair. A large part of me doesn’t mind, because I do plan to wear hair forever. But, many of you would prefer to keep your bio hair intact and healthy.

There’s also a large majority of my readers whose bio hair is simply too thin to have success with traditional clips, but don’t want to yet jump to full wigs.

THT used to carry human hair only, but over time introduced synthetic hair no-clip toppers to their lineup. I’m a huge proponent of synthetic hair (you can read the blog post I just linked for all the reasons) since it’s sooooo easy. Tiffany, the founder of THT appreciates the ease as well and was super-excited to bring synthetic into her product line.

ThinHairThick Package

So what comes in your ThinHairThick package?

I love this little cork-like bag that holds the product!

You’ll get you hair piece, and two different types of headbands to wear. One is a fuller/wider headband and the other is skinner at the nape of the neck.

It’s a matter of preference, but I prefer the skinnier version myself, and you’ll see it here:

How Does ThinHairThick work?

It’s so simple.

Take your own hair, and put it into a ponytail to get it off your neck.

Place the headband on, and pull some of your bio hair out in front to help the piece blend (just like any other piece you may have worn).

Note: There is a certain way to wear the band, but the instructions are really clear. You want to position it the correct way so that the material (it’s velvety!) rubs against your head the way it should to keep the hair topper in place. If the band is worn flipped inside out, it’ll slip).

Once the headband is in place, you can put the hair topper on.

The topper has a set of combs that are meant to slide under the headband.

Thin Hair Thick Clipless Topper

Let’s pause for a moment to reflect on my large bald spot that you see here. THIS is what ThinHairThick prevents by not using clips!

Slide all the clips under the headband. Then, secure the elastic from the topper over the velvet-y headband.

This part is a teeny bit cumbersome. Once the combs are placed under the headband, then you can take your bio hair out of your ponytail and brush it all together to blend.

It’s a layered approached. From bottom to top, you’ll have your headband, then your bio hair, then the piece.

I think this video shows the execution pretty well:

The piece that I have is the Long version (18-20”) in color Ash Brown. A Medium length of 14-15” is also offered. My look is so much more basic than the blonde in the video above. 🙂

ThinHairThick Synthetic Topper

I love this color – it’s perfect for me. All of the colors are gorgeous, in fact. I simply adore the two gray options as well!

As my long-time readers know, I like to show you pieces right out of the box wherever possible. It’s always such a bummer to see a beautiful piece out there and when you get it, you realize that it’s been heavily altered.

This is a standard practice, of course. A piece will always look its best when it’s cut to your face, washed and styled! I just personally prefer to show you pieces as close to “raw” as possible.

I love how swingy she is when she arrives.

(I am currently in my “office wear” in this pic. A somewhat-decent tank top and clashing pink PJ pants. Working from home is the best!)

Thin Hair Thick Ash Brown

ThinHairThick Synthetic Fibers

The synthetic fiber is heat-defiant (HD), which means you can style it as you would human hair (just use low heat!). The trick with HD fiber is that even if you prefer not to use heat tools on it to style, you should use heat on it semi-regularly, as it will help to keep the fiber looking and feeling new & fresh.

As much as I love so many of my human hair pieces (and THT has those, too!), I always come back to synthetic. I love being able to not be SUPER careful with it, and I love how the style holds the whole day. Of course, a fantastic price point is helpful, too.

The founder of THT, Tiffany, loves synthetic for many of the same reasons. In reading her “Top 3 Pros of Synthetic Hair” post from her, I found myself nodding my head over and over again. We really bonded over point #2, in particular.

I’ve been wearing my THT for work. As I’m currently working from home (again…pink pajama pants…), I’d doing lots and lots of video meetings so I need to look put together a few times a day. That’s the nice thing – I can just take it off when I don’t need or want to wear hair.

You might be wondering what I mean.

When I’m at home, I don’t always feel like wearing hair.

(You could though, because ThinHairThick toppers are very, very comfortable!)

Plus, I’ve been working out a little bit, because I’ve been busy eating ALL THE THINGS.

I usually tape my toppers down, which works GREAT except when you want to remove it prematurely during the day. When it’s nighttime, no big deal…you just remove it and you’re done for the day.

But in the middle of the day it’s a bit of a drag because you have to peel the tape off and then reapply a new strip if you need to put your hair back on. Now, I can just take off my hair, work out, shower, and slip it back on – all without running through my tape supply. Win!

I also want to show you a pic outdoors so you can see the color in that light.

Ash Brown No Clip ThinHairThick Topper

No matter what you do in this topper, because the clips are secured UNDER the headband, and the headband doesn’t budge on your head, the whole thing stays really, really secure.

Those of you that have trouble with toppers lifting in the front will not experience that with these clipless toppers.

Here’s a closeup of the very front.

Thin Hair Thick Topper Rim

And here is the part area (it’s a mono top, which mean you can part your hair in any direction, and you’ll be able to see your own scalp through the piece):

Coupon Code for ThinHairThick – Save $30

If you want to try ThinHairThick for yourself either in synthetic or human hair, you can use code LAUREN30 to save $30 (not an affiliate code). The pieces are already super-affordable, so I think Tiffany is a bit crazy for offering that on top of the great prices. 🙂

Overall, I think these clipless toppers are a really cool concept. The scalp is realistic, the colors are beautiful and the construction of it preserves your hair for as long as possible (no tugging or pulling on delicate bio hair!). If you’re concerned about bald spots or are just wanting to try something that is amazingly comfortable, this could be a great option for you.

Check out the Synthetic toppers here!

Check out the Human Hair toppers here!

What questions do you have for me or for Tiffany?? Please post them in the comments below and we’ll get you an answer!

73 thoughts on “ThinHairThick Toppers: No More Bald Spots!”

  1. OK, I don’t know what she saw, but I’m VERY skeptical that she ever saw roots on hair bundles. Just to imagine the most awful scenarios — even if hair were being stolen from dead bodies, or from women being assaulted, it would still be infinitely faster and cleaner to cut it rather than pull it from the roots. Just doesn’t make sense. I’d want to see a picture before I believed it. It’s a completely gross thought on many levels, but I’m pretty skeptical that whatever she saw was roots.

    • Oh Frankie! I wish it wasn’t true either. Btw, it wasn’t bundles. Bundles are usually wefted already which wouldn’t show a root. The point is that the hair industry has a tendency to over harvest certain impoverished areas. Seeing is believing and I know it isn’t the prettiest picture to paint.

      • Seriously though, it makes no sense. No matter how you received it, there is no scenario under which it would be easier to rip it from the roots than to cut it. There have been reports in India of women being mugged for their hair, and those were all by attackers armed with scissors. The ethics of human hair can long be debated and are absolutely subject to question, but the gross out factor is one I’m pretty darn skeptical about.

        There are certainly sources that are careful to only source ethically. Their hair is naturally much more expensive, but that’s the price you pay for peace of mind, I suppose, as in so many consumer decisions.

  2. It doesn’t look like they have much to offer on their website. I wear wigs but want to transition to a topper and I’m still trying to weigh my options. I love their products but most are sold out.

  3. Wow Lauren! It’s really, really pretty. The color is gorgeous! I think the back of my head is a little flat too, cause I always had difficulty wearing a headband.

  4. I love this idea, aba I love lace front mono top towers. But despite what it says in the post, THT has almost no human hair toppers available, except a small handful on clearance. Are they discontinuing human hair? Will they get more?

  5. I was the winner of Lauren’s giveaway for the THT topper. I have very thin hair in the front and was very pleased to find that I could wear this topper without pulling out any hair to blend. I flipped my head around and it seems very secure. I think this is a good product for those of us that are experiencing hair loss in the front. I don’t think you will feel the tugging that you do with clips. I purchased it in the dark blonde color which, in my opinion, is a dark strawberry blonde blend. I, also, wanted to mention that they were great to work with, since I had several emails with them to determine color.

  6. I have a big head… lovely when it comes to hair loss. I fear the headband won’t fit or stay on as nicely? Typical headbands just seem to ride up in the back and eventually make the front slide off because they aren’t secure on the back… thoughts?

  7. Would have loved this product a few years ago before the clips took their toll. Rocking a shaved head and wigs now but I would have loved this product or given it a try at least!

  8. Hi Lauren! Beautiful piece! Could you please share whether this piece is very dense and super full coverage, or more moderate coverage? I do not have extreme thinning and prefer pieces that just add volume because I find thicker pieces look to bulky and unnatural. Thank you!

  9. great idea! What about us gals who wear shorter hair , like a bob? My toppers are always 10 inches, then cut in. Is there a way to tell how much hair is needed in the back to not make it stick out in a ” wonky” way?? Thanks!

    • I think this might largely depend on your head shape. If you have a prominent head shape…meaning not flat…I think 10″ could work as your hair shouldn’t be “lifted” by the headband as your head shape will keep the band in place. Does that make sense? Hard to describe! Of course, you’ll want to cut the topper length some… 🙂

  10. Can you post a back view of your head? I’ve had that these have very little back coverage. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard that from you! Did you have a change of heart, or did they change the design?

    • I have heard that and will say that the back coverage is not as full as a standard clip in (at least the ones that I wear)- but I think not BECAUSE of the hair/density, but more that the hair has more freedom to move about based on the design. The top of the piece ends at the crown, versus clipping a bit lower. I could take a pic, but a still pic with any piece won’t show anything except the topper hair and you need to feel comfortable with the coverage while moving. If you have major thinning at the back, you might not like the coverage. Even for me, I find this coverage adequate at the back.

    • Hello Tasha! We used to offer a slimmer base size design for those wanting just volume. Since more of our customers come to us for thinning needs, we have made the base larger and no longer offer the slimmer base size.

  11. I have look at this site previously but I could not find how the actual piece looks, density, colour, cut, etc. That’s the reason why I did not proceed with the order. Anyhow, I think this is a great idea and if Tiffany will have a better options on her website, the customers will just be more confident to buy her pieces.

  12. I’d love to know the coverage area as well. Is it similar to the Jon Renau Top Style? Would it be appropriate if I have no bio hair at the front to blend with?
    I’m wondering what length to get as well. I have the 18” Top Style, so I’m assuming the 18” would be similar for this brand?

    • 18″ is similar, yes. The coverage is going to be less than Top Style as that’s an 8×9 piece and the clips extend basically to midway down the back of your head (you know I know that style very well!). This piece stops at the top of your head right where it starts to curve down, by design. For the front, much like with any topper you could wear this with no bio hair if you wear the headband further up on your head. It just all depends on if you like the look of the having some bio hair up front or if you like the look without. There is enough hair on the piece where you will not see the headband even if you don’t have any bio hair up front.

      • //There is enough hair on the piece where you will not see the headband even if you don’t have any bio hair up front.//

        This is so great to hear, Lauren … as my front hairline is receding by the day, it seems, and I keep trying and struggling with traditional clip-in toppers that I just can’t seem to blend.

        Can you offer any insight as to how “grippy” the headband is, even if you wear it pretty close to your forehead? Would you ever “help” it with additional tape/glue?

        Thanks so much — I’ve been intrigued by THT for quite awhile, and have been waiting for the lower price point that comes with synthetic, but am still a little uncertain about the actual system!

        • Hi! The band is super grippy – due to the material, it’s designed to “catch” on your own hair. You know how if you rub velvet one way it’s smooth, and if you rub it the other way, it feels different? That “different” side is what keeps it in place…it basically brings slippage to a halt.

          And no you won’t see the headband even with no hair. There’s plenty of front coverage!

  13. Sorry for so many questions . . . I have little kids. What happens if (when) they pull on my hair? Does the headband slide off and reveal my scalp?

    • Love this concern because it seriously shows the inner workings of the mom-life struggle. It will stay put under most conditions. Of course, there are caveats like Lauren mentioned. ;0

  14. Last year I spent $800.00 on a gorgeous, 26 inch custom made topper because I have auburn red hair and trying to find any shade of red in almost impossible. I asked THT about this almost a year ago and I see they still only cater to blonds and brunettes. Very frustrating.

    • Yes, we can make a long 26 inch red shade. Something of that length and color would be a custom order, which we still do. We have always offered custom orders, albeit they take longer and are more expensive.

  15. Looks really nice….and happy to hear it stays put. Would you be able to do updo’s and/or pony tails after you put it on…..or would the headband show if you did?

    • It’s best worn down, however, if you instead put in a low ponytail, put the headband over your hair instead of under it, then put the piece on, you’d have your bio hair as the undermost layer disguising the headband. It would take some experimentation but I bet you could, just by switching up the order. I’ve done wigs in updos before by leaving my bio hair out at the bottom and using my own hair to disguise the rim in the back.

  16. Hi Lauren! It is grate to hear from you again and with such a promising product. I visited their web page but I couldn’t find any specs on the base measurement which are important to me because my thining goes down the crown area. Would be helpful if they add this information.
    I also read #2 reason to prefer Synthetic over human hair and… Is the second time I heard about that kind of issues with human hair recollection. Fortunately I also prefer synthetic 🙂 Stay safe kind regards

    • It’s an interesting shape and you might be able to see it in the pic I included that shows it with the headband. It actually ends higher than most clip-in piece…pretty much right where the head rounds at the top.

  17. You can do this with a wig grip + any topper with a comb upfront. It’s the same concept, just put your hair in a pony, put on the wig grip, and then slide the comb under the wig grip. I used to wear my hair like that for work before I switched to wigs. It’s super secure and comfy!

    • The Thin Hair Thick method is more secure than having one comb clipped to a wig grip. I think you could possibly rig a system to avoid wearing the front comb but that wouldn’t address the back area where a wig grip doesn’t go.

    • The rim is not very thick, so you’d have better luck with this piece than many others, I’d say. You might not have a ton of frontal hair, but you could always comb some forward and fake it a bit (like a comb-over, but just back to front).

  18. I am so freaked out about using a headband. I feel like headbands in general slip right off my head so I’m anxious to try THT because if it doesn’t work I lose money. But I love the idea of it because clips are definitely taking a beating on my scalp. Lots of bald spots as a result even though I am rotating my pieces.

      • If I can piggyback on Melissa’s comment… in my case hairbands slip in the back. My occipital ridge is virtually non-existant. It’s completely flat back there. I’ve yet to find any type of elastic/stretch headband that does not ride up the back of my head. I love toppers but I too am developing bald spots on either side of my forehead, and I still have enough bio hair (fortunately a bit has grown back after really bad hair loss, it was much much worse) that I can make a run to the grocery store without helper hair, so I don’t really want those bald spots expanding.

        • Yes, the o-ridge! I knew there was a term but didn’t look it up and it slipped my mind. I would prefer you have more of a prominent ridge to be most comfortable in this piece – I’d hate for you to be constantly pushing it down. The velvet material of this should help to keep it in place, but flatter heads will always be a bit more tricky.

      • I have the same fear. I don’t have a very prominent curve in the back of the head, so I feel the headband could easily slip up. Wearing scarfs in my head is also difficult because of this. I always need to secure them with hairpins.

        • Ok, I don’t think you’ll have that problem here (I suffer from slippage in the back, sometimes, as my head is flattish). The velvet material actually rubs your own hair in the opposite direction so that it “catches” – it’ll have traction, by design.

  19. I have been very intrigued by THT but nobody really shows the part. I wear silk top toppers usually but I like HD also

  20. *jaw-drop* WOW! *closing mouth*
    It looks Amazing, with a capital A. I’ve been very concerned about the tugging at my bio hair if I were to buy a topper, so this is exACtly what I’ve been needing. Just as I’m starting my helper hair journey. Great timing 🙂 I’m definitely checking out the toppers and dreaming of eventually buying a human hair one. I love the brown one you’re wearing. It’s super close to my natural colour (also ashy) and it’s been hard to find the right one with the different brands and so many of them going with warm browns only… Thanks for doing this spotlight on Tiffany and THT. (I should probably change out of my pineapple PJ pants too…)


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