When is it time to move from a topper to a wig?

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Today’s question comes from Carolyn, and she wants to know when she should start thinking about moving on from toppers to a full wig:

Once you watch this, check out Carolyn’s first question about when it’s time to start wearing a hair topper (this is technically part II, baby!).

4 thoughts on “When is it time to move from a topper to a wig?”

  1. Thank you for the information. I’m considering going straight to a wig vs topper since I wear my hair very short, pixie style. But what I am wondering about is PRP, have you investigated it at all for hair loss and do you know anyone it’s worked for. This is an option I’m considering, just not sure because if the cost. Thank you in advance!

  2. Everyone knows about this remedy call wig but we usually don’t realize when to start wearing one as per our convenience and requirement. It was really helpful to know about when and how and also what to start with. Thank you so much for this helpful video. It helped.

  3. Lauren,

    Thanks so much for this informative video. It’s something that I also questioned myself. As always – you’re providing a wonderful service to us all!

    L Lowe


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