Time to Make a Hair Appointment (Ugh)

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I’ve waited as long as I could…I figure it’s time to make the (dreaded) hair appointment. My last hair appointment was in November (crazy, right?). My hair holds color pretty well since I only wash it every 2nd day. This is good, because nothing makes me more anxious than getting my hair done.

Is anyone with me on this?

When I speak to the receptionist, I want nothing more than to ask if Vicki (my stylist) is busy that night. As in, will she have others around me? I always feel that they are looking at my hair my scalp the entire time I’m in the chair. It’s not too bad when my hair is all done in the foils; it’s the after part that gets me. The combing, the cutting–and worst of all–the drying. And it must be a stylist thing. My girl always flat irons my hair, I think to better show the color. I get it, but there’s no need to make my skinny hair skinnier.

There are a few good things though, that come with getting my “hair did”. One, I get to do a proper compare/contrast with the last time I got my hair done (oh my, look at all that scalp. Eek!). Hopefully, I’ll see some improvement! Two, the hair dye does help to plump up the hair, so freshly-dyed hair can help to conceal women’s hair loss, too. For a few weeks, I should be able to use less of my products to conceal hair loss.

Oh, I almost forget about the awkward conversation, too! It’s almost like I feel I have to apologize for my awful hair by making jokes (lame), or by explaining what new medication (right now, none) that makes it “worse than it really is” that I’m on. I long for the good ol’ days when this wasn’t even a second thought. I at least long for the days when I could wear bangs — but now, that’s too much to ask for.

If you get a second, send me some good vibes — maybe, just maybe I’ll be the only one in the chair that night!

Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.”
–Sam Ewing

16 thoughts on “Time to Make a Hair Appointment (Ugh)”

  1. Lauren, I stumbled across your blog in my search for answers and/or solutions to my thinning hair. This post in particular really resonated with me since I just had my hair done last week and can identify with every one of your feelings. My hair loss (at what I consider a too-young age — 28!!) has severely damaged my self-confidence. I am incredibly aware of every other woman’s hair, in the salon or otherwise, and assume everyone is of mine, as well. I had long, out-of-control hair as a teenager that I hated back then, and I sure do wish I loved that mess when I had it!!

    I just wanted to say that I’m grateful that you had the bravery to start this blog. It is extremely comforting to know that I’m not the only young woman going through this. I’m currently considering my first topper after seeing how wonderful and natural yours looks in your photos! I just can’t imagine showing up to the office in another year when I (presumably) have no hair to hide my scalp on top.

    Thanks again, and I truly appreciate you sharing all the tips and tricks that have helped you. Cheers, and best wishes!

    • Thanks for dropping me a note! And yes…you do become extremely “hair aware” throughout all of this. I highly recommend starting NOW with experimenting with helper hair. It’s much easier to transition before you hit the point of no return–at least, from the standpoint of it not being as obvious.

  2. I just found your blog today and OMG what a Godsend! I’ve been having increasingly worse hair loss for the past 2 years and it’s so frustrating. Have you found that the Rogaine has helped you any? I tried it but noticed that after about a week it seemed I was losing MORE hair. I wanted to keep using it to see if it would stop, but the idea of losing more hair when you already have to little is terrifying.

    I ordered the Bumble and Bumble Powder you talked about and can’t wait to try it. I did want to mention that another “camouflage” that is worth a try is Joan River’s Great Day Hair Powder. I ordered it from QVC after a friend told me that her aunt loved it. You apply it with a eyeshadow type brush that comes with it and it has a sort of “texture” that helps it stick to your hair. I just can’t get the right color which is why I’m looking for something else.

    Again, thank you so much for the blog!

    • Rogaine helped somewhat, I believe. I didn’t experience a shed while starting it, but I know that it is common. I totally feel you about being scared to lose even more, though! I hope you like the B&B! I HAVE tried the Joan Rivers product – it’s great for using in small areas and for integrating my toppers with my bio hair. Not so great for larger-area coverage like the B&B is, though! 🙂

      And thank you for your kind words!

  3. I feel your pain. I have had hair loss going on since I was a teenager. I used to go to the hair salon until I was 18… That was the last time I went (30 now). I got so sick of the comments “your hair is REALLY thin”. Uh, yeah I know! I just started cutting it and coloring it myself and have been ever since. I’m no professional but I think I do an okay job. It’s the coloring that is more difficult. I used to do highlights but it became too hard. You are really strong to be able to go to the salon. I wish I had the same strength. Just think, it’s worth it once it’s all done! Sending good vibes to you!

  4. Oooh yes. I totally understand this. I wait as long as possible, sometimes a whole year to get my hair done. The last place I went had a young girl, who was obviously new to doing hair. She seemed shocked by my thinning crown, and said that if it was her hair, she would be freaking out. Gee, thanks! She also asked me to comb my own hair since she was afraid to. It’s appointments like these that make me want to just cut my own hair and save myself the humiliation.

  5. Same story here! I make jokes and try my best to explain what I myself don’t even know what’s going on with my head One time I was in the chair bad the lady said she wouldn’t cut mine because there was nice way time make it look good. I didn’t have enough! Try that out on the self esteem…then top it with everyone watching me cry while I get up and walk out.

    • Sorry my message got messed up…correction–she said there was no way to cut mine that would make it look good.

  6. Hey! Huh… I get it! I started loosing hair about a year ago. Not too much, but every time I shower or brush my hair, it’s coming off and off and off. It’s quite funny for me, cause from one point I am super hairy (whole body) and now as a joke, starting to loose hair on the head. It’s not too bad, I couldn’t whine about it, it wouldn’t be fair, but I can relate to it. Most of the days I do my hair up in a bun to keep it falling out and being everywhere on my clothes, table, on my keyboard, in my food, hahaa. But I guess cause I have a lot of hair, it isn’t showing too much. Just sometimes people ask, why I am loosing so much hair, when I keep it open and ask if I am under a lot of stress.

    Going for a whole-body depilation is similar for what You write about going to Your hair stylist though. I’m always saying sorry I’m so hairy, having to book 45 min instead of regular 15 min that other people need, having to have hair removed from every inch of my body.. I changed a lot of the dep-ladies cause they would ask too many questions and now I’ve finally found a person who is totally cool about it, she even researched PCOS to be able to relate to me and she does her job fast, well and without any of the annoying questions. She understands it’s embarrassing enough for me not to add to that. I respect and appreciate her for that.

    Oh well.

    Good luck with the stylist appointment and I have to say, You look real pretty on the anonymous pics;) Hope Your hair starts to listen to You more and stops falling out.

  7. Hi!

    I’m on a similar boat. My hair is thinning but my scalp isn’t that visible. What freaks me out is if my scaly scalp (dandruff or psoraisis or whatever) is being watched during a haircut or eye brow shaping or mustache removal LOL

    Those stupid scales are very prominent in my hairline and almost non-existence elsewhere.Waiting for the random and rare calm down of those scales, I sometime have to let the facial hair grow (read not visit salon)

  8. Lauren,
    I feel your pain! I love but hate to get my hair done. I always feel better when it gets trimmed because I find it to be lighter and bouncier. But I hate sitting through the styling. I have an awesome stylist and I love her but it still sucks, because like you said, you feel like everyone is watching you. I feel like I am that person sitting in the chair and as a person walks by, or the person sitting across from me, thus seeing me in the mirror, does a double take as they notice my scalp shining through. Mine is HORRIBLE when she parts it all over to cut my layers. When she combs my would be bangs forward, holy crap, it makes me want to cry. I try not to look. But my stylist is great so that makes it better. We do talk about my thinning and all that. And now I have been going there so long that I don’t even hesitate to talk to her about my hair in a loud enough voice that others can hear. I figures if these people have to see my mess of a head then I may as well let them hear what we are talking about so they aren’t wondering, and likely less likely to stare. But I agree with you- I long for the days when you just worried about having a plain old hair day- a bad head full of hair day. Where you didn’t have to give your scalp a second thought. I long for the days of just pulling it up in a pony and going out the door. I long for the days of when my bathroom sink, counter, floor, and toilet were not covered in the dark dust of wandering Toppik and other concealers. The mess the concealers make is a big pet peeve of mine. Trust me, I am grateful for the products and would be lost without them, but holy crap am I sick of the mess. So…I am sending good vibes your way. It’ll get over with quickly and you can get on with your normal days! Try not to worry too much and enjoy 🙂


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