When is it time to wear a hair topper?

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Today’s question comes from Carolyn, and she wants to know when she should start thinking about moving from concealers to a topper:

Check out part II, how do you know when it’s time to move from a topper to a wig, too!

14 thoughts on “When is it time to wear a hair topper?”

  1. I just found your site tonight after using a headband at work to push my fringe out of my face. I’ve had a pixie cut that was styled forward, and I almost cried when I saw how thin my hair in the front really is. I’ve been dealing with a PCOS diagnosis for 10 years and was told my hair would eventually grow back. No such luck though. I actually contemplated shaving my hair and wearing wigs until I saw your post about toppers. Seeing as I’m growing out my pixie cut, I’m thinking it might be nice to get one and have it properly styled when I have my haircut into a short layered bob. Thank you!

  2. I still find myself struggling with knowing if I need a topper yet. My crown area is thin especially along my part but the rest of my hair has a lot of volume. I’m not sure a topper will work with having a lot of bio hair?

    As far as concealers I could not find your link for some to try.

    • My fave concealers are listed here, with links back the blog posts where I talk about them: My fave products. For a topper, you might look into a very small piece with Jon Renau’s easiPart. It’s about 2″x5″ and meant to help with thinning parts.

  3. I just got my first topper! I love it. I would love to see how you do your updo’s! Your site is an absolute God-send and I can’t stop reading. I have felt so alone for years!

    • I plan on doing an updo video, soon! I’ve actually filmed one once before on how I do my basic updo (I’m not a huge style person, I keep it simple), and a video definitely helps. I’ll upload it, soon!

  4. I never used the concealer products on my hair, mainly because I didn’t know about them. But once I discovered toppers, I wish I had known about them 20 years ago. Everything you said about the ridiculous amount of time spent trying to get your hair to look half decent, and the pathetic thin pony tail is exactly what I have experienced my whole life.

  5. Thank you for the “ask me” section. Tomorrow my first topper arrives. I am excited and anxious. I need to review your blog to see what supplies I will need to keep “them” (lol) in good shape. And you are right, it has just begun to take too long to conceal. Thanks again.

  6. First, I want to say thank you for this great website/blog! I have been struggling for years with my thinning hair. I am very seriously considering moving to a hair topper and subscribed to your 5 day email on this, but i have a couple of questions. I’m an avid outdoors person and wondering how these hair toppers do in wind? Or if your at the lake or pool do you recommend even wearing them then? Just curious about this. Thanks so much for all this great information!

    • They should do just fine in the wind! You can always use a piece of wig tape, or some temporary glue (strong gel!), or a headband over it if you need extra security. For the pool, depends on your activity. I just splash around (no submerging), so I tend to just wear it in a updo. No problems!

  7. Love this new ‘ask me’ section to your blog Lauren.
    You do such a great job ‘normalizing’ this whole hair loss thing. Thank you so much; I wonder if you realize the wonderful service you are giving to so many women who have felt alone and scared with this issue.

    If you will, could you address the logistics of toppers and wigs: how many are required; is one enough; how long does one last; do you need a regular supply or is one good for years?

    Thank you.

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