Topper in a Casual Updo!

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Who says you can’t wear a hair topper up? While I admit that I miss doing high ponytails, almost any style can work if you wear a topper — you just might need to modify it a little bit.

With my current topper (my Noriko Milan), it’s sometimes difficult to put it in a traditional ponytail because the clips on the hairpiece pull on my bio hair (and, the Noriko has quite a bit of hair, making it somewhat of a heavy ponytail!). I so wish there was a way to do a standard ponytail and somehow alleviate the stress on the front clips. My hair is just too delicate to have a ton of pulling/tugging.

Because I miss some of the height of a fun ponytail, I’ve found this technique works well. It accomplishes two things – the overall “base” of the look remains pretty low (to help integrate the sides), but the ends of the updo are free to flounce and bounce and swing and play (ha).

I think it gives it some more visual interest than the low pony common to most toppers.

Hair topper in updo

And, of course, a pic from the front:

Topper in an Updo

And finally a pic from the back. Boo that this photo is a bit blurry, sorry!

Hair topper in ponytail

All I did was gather the hair in both hands, twist it a bit, then secure it up a bit higher on my head with a claw clip. The claw clip is nice since it attaches to a greater area of your bio hair.

This means less pulling, people. This is a good thing.

It’s sad to think my high-ponytail days are behind me, but this quick-and-easy updo works for me, for now. It’s pretty comfortable, it looks natural from all angles, and it takes literally 20 seconds to do.

Combine that with the one minute it takes for me to actually put on my topper, and I have a complete hairdo in no time at all!

19 thoughts on “Topper in a Casual Updo!”

  1. Thanks for these posts. I’ve been wearing a topper for several years but always the same one. I’ve been looking at getting the new Jon Renau and found you they your video review on it. I’ll have to change colors in it so I’m going to the person who colors my hair to get opinions.

    I love your pieces on updos and modifications- I’ve only ventured to a low pony or sides back in barretts so I’m looking forward to trying some of your ideas.

  2. Omg I can’t believe I found this page. It brings happiness to my heart seriously. Some of the things you say about how you’ve felt I get the same way and I am glad I’m not alone. My husband is in the USMC and quiet often I missed events because of my hair. We currently live in the UAE and is hard for me to find a new topper. I have couple of question for you… Where can I get a new topper? Which one are your favorite clips? I am interested in human hair. Thank you for creating this blog site. Believe it or not it brings happiness to a lot of us dealing with the same thing.

    • For human hair, check out Fortune Wigs or Milano Wigs for good first steps. Or, you can go a bit more mainstream and check out Jon Renau’s human hair ( carries them and other sites). For higher end, Joli Cameleon has gorgeous hair! 🙂 I can’t advise too well on clips for human hair, just look for something with silicon so it’s grippy!

  3. Any idea where to get a longer hair topper (12 in) that has grey added to dark brown? I am about 20% grey. I love the Noriko Milan but it doesn’t come with grey highlights.

    • Hi Mary – it does get tricky when the standard colors don’t quite work, huh? I don’t know of any toppers that have grey added in as standard, but, I do know of several women who have had custom orders done. Any of the Noriko toppers, for example, can typically be made with any of the Noriko colors – I do have a friend that got Milans doing just this. is typically where I go for custom work (my current Milan is custom). They cost a bit more (maybe 25% more or so) and you’ll need to order a few more units; I needed to order 3 at a time, which was perfectly fine.

      Human hair, of course, can be more customized to your needs.

      I hope that helps!

  4. I know people thank you for your blog a lot, but I wanted to thank you as well. As a 31 year old with two young children, struggling with hair loss, I feel like I am reading about myself. Your blog (and the grace of God) is giving me courage day by day to realize that everything is going to be okay. Just starting to meet people on the online community dealing with the same thing and it is so helpful to have the support. THANK YOU!

  5. Love this idea, I hadn’t thought to try it with my topper as I wasn’t sure how it would look from the back but your’s looks great
    I do use a claw clip on my bio hair when I am at home sans topper. It feels much kinder than hair ties which just tug and pull what little bio hair I have

  6. LOVE IT! Ironically, my hair has always been too fine (even when I had a full head of hair) to support this style. It would always just slip out, even with a bucket of hair product in it. Toppers are going to be more useful for me than I realised. LOL

  7. Do you have a post about caring for your piece such as washing, drying, styling, etc. ? I didn’t see one, but maybe I just missed it. I ordered the Milan “Paris” that you mentioned, which I am super excited about! I haven’t received it yet, but I am so looking forward to seeing that box on my front porch. How often do you wash it? Do you use conditioner? Do you air dry it? Do you put your piece on a mannequin head while not wearing it? Can you use hairspray on the piece? So many questions…I know!!!! And I’m guessing a lot of my questions will be answered when I read the instructions.

    Also, the first time you wore the hairpiece, did you feel like there was a blinking sign above your head that said, “HEY LOOK EVERYONE..I”M WEARING A HAIRPIECE!!!”?

    • No, I haven’t done one yet. I know, I know, I need to. I have a bunch of posts started about this, I just need to get them out. I’ll give you a few short answer to get you through:

      How often I wash: Every 2 weeks or so
      Conditioner: Yes – only conditioner will work but I love using my Nioxin on it
      Air Dry: Yes – that’s the beauty of synthetic. Let air dry and it falls right back into place
      Put on mannequin head: Nope! I hang upside down from a hanger in the shower
      Hairspray: Yes. They make special synthetic hair spray but I just use regular stuff. I don’t need it often, though
      Sign on head?: Yes. A large, neon, blinking one. 🙂 But, there was no sign “on” my head, it was just in my head. No one has EVER noticed. It got easier and easier each time I wore it and now, one year later, I don’t think twice about it. I would say it took about 2 weeks to feel normal.

      Let me know what you think of the Paris! It’s got quite a bit of hair (just like my Milan) but remember it can always be thinned if you need it!

  8. Where does your twist begin? Do you gather all the hair at the nape of the neck then twist up…or do you gather the hair a bit higher then twist up? I have yet to master this style, lol. I can sometimes pull off a low ponytail or sloppy bun but like the look of the clip. I’ll keep trying!

  9. Thank you for organizing this community! I am new to hair loss. At 36, I’ve just discovered that the copious amounts of hair in the drain are NOT growing back, thanks to years on birth control (nuvaring) throwing my body all out of whack. I do not know what to do. Found your blog this morning in my search for support/advice/encouragement since I do not know anyone in my daily life with this issue. I will continue to explore your blog, but wanted to delurk and let you know that I appreciate your honesty with this sensitive issue!


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