My First Topper: Noriko Milan in Marble Brown (Photos)

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Why did I decide to check out the Noriko Milan?


I’m pregnant (and hot, and bloated, and…) and knew that the post-partum shed was in my future, which would devastate my hair (even further!).

So, I decided to be proactive and research my topper options sooner rather than later. My plan is to go back to work after my maternity leave with fabulous new hair (and I’m hoping since I will have taken a few months off no one will notice!).

Synthetic or Human Hair Topper: Which is Best?

I’m not at the point where I can truly answer that (update: I did a post on this, check out my comparison on synthetic vs. human hair), but here is my thinking: I wanted something relatively inexpensive so that I could test out the whole thing. I needed to know if this hair topper solution would work for me.

What if I hated it?

What if I couldn’t find a decent color to match my hair?

These and tons of other questions were floating through my mind.

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We all know what human hair is, but synthetic hair is also incredibly realistic-looking these days. It won’t feel the same, however…it’s generally coarser/thicker (depending on the human hair you are comparing it to, of course) and doesn’t necessarily “act” like human hair.

It has memory, which means that even in humid/rainy/gross weather, you can have a good hair day! Even in the good ol’ days, my hair always flopped in any type of humidity, so that was a perk for me.

The major advantage to trying this Noriko Milan synthetic piece first is that synthetic is relatively inexpensive. The Noriko Milan piece I chose (color: Marble Brown) was super-affordable.

This would allow me the freedom to try the topper without making a huge commitment.

Enter the Noriko Milan, my Synthetic Topper

So, what do you think of the Milan topper (or at least, what do you think of it on me)?

It’s kind of just plopped on my head with no fiddling with it so it’s not the best picture.

(Reader “Bumblebee” agrees with this. Even though I made clear that it’s right out of the box. I always enjoy coming back to those comments below. Haha!)

Also, important question: Do you like my bra strap hanging out? #classfordays

The Noriko Milan was an obvious choice to me for a few reasons:

It’s inexpensive.

The Noriko Milan comes in a ton of awesome colors. REALISTIC colors. Colors with highlights and lowlights!

It just about matched my own hair length (14″ – it actually was a bit longer), so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting it cut.

It has a monofilament top, meaning, it has a realistic scalp and it can be parted in any direction…right, left, center, whatever!

This synthetic topper clips right onto the top of you head with five clips. Two at the temple area and three along the sides and back.

Many women say they sewed/glued in an extra clip at the very front to help keep the piece secure (Update: I actually took to using a heavy-duty hair gel to “glue” the piece to my head).

I found that this stays pretty secure without the extra clip, but the more clips at the top, the flatter it will lay on your head.

Note: I finally did a video review of Milan.

It’s about time, right? Check it out here (this lighting was amazing and I can never replicate it, grr…):

How Do You Wear The Noriko Milan (or Any Topper?)

This can take some practice. I know several ladies who wear this topper, and many of them will put it right at their natural hairline, covering all of their hair.

What I prefer to do is keep a tiny bit of my own frontal hair out and blend that back into the topper. You can see this in the video.

My own hair is a bit darker, but I think it blends well since the color on this topper is very realistic.

Maybe someday I will post a video (update: my “how I integrate my bio hair with my topper” video is now up!), but what I do to put it on is basically flip it onto my own hair, and then press it down while I secure the clips.

The Noriko Milan is a very wearable style that closely matches how I typically wear my hair (but, ya know, better)…and because it’s synthetic you don’t need any hair products to keep it in place.

I sometimes spritz a bit of hairspray right where I’ve integrated my own hair to help keep it where I want it, but it’s not necessary.

Some More Noriko Milan Pics

Check out these photos to get a good idea of what the color Marble Brown looks like in natural light. Remember, this is right out of the box. Here it is from the side:

Noriko Milan Marble Brown Side

And also from the back:

Noriko Milan Back Marble Brown

At the time this photo was taken (fresh out of the box, no alterations), the topper was about one to two inches longer than my own length; you can see my own shorter bits underneath.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Wanna read more about Milan? Check out this post here of a slightly-tweaked Milan in another colorgah, looking back, I heart her so much!

Here’s a sneak peek from that post:

Is Milan not gorgeous?!

P.S. Want to check out Noriko Milan, live and in-person? Corner of Hope & Mane private Community members can try-on hair toppers at home. Read more about this and see what pieces are available on the Try Hair page.

92 thoughts on “My First Topper: Noriko Milan in Marble Brown (Photos)”

  1. Can I ask, since your hair was so thin (as mine is) how do you keep the clips in? Its so hard for pins to stay in my hair because its so thin the clips want to just slide off.

    • The clips are bent in the middle to help grasp hair and most clips have some sort of rubber grip on them, too. Bobby pins and the like will fall right out of my hair, too. Some backcombing and a bit of hairspray helps, too.

  2. Do you still wear it till this day? Or do you conceal your hair with product? Does your husband know? Im kinda embarrassed wearing one cuz i have my hair always always in a bunn. I mean literally its my only way of hiding it, but notices the scalp showing. What do you think of Uniwigs?

    • I recently just started wearing it again and I love it! I don’t put any concealers on my hair anymore, unless it’s right in the front where my bio hair meets the topper. My husbands knows I wear hair, yes – no way around that. 🙂 But, I do cover up my loss with a wide headband at night. I know plenty of women who wear toppers with a bun, so if you ever decide to try a low-density piece, you could wear your go-to look for awhile until you decide to take the plunge and wear it down.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Uniwigs. If I was you, I’d probably stick with better-known sites that stock some of the large manufacturers, at least to start with.

  3. Hey there I just wanted to say I love your blog. Your very inspiring to other women suffering hair loss issues. After wearing a synthetic wig for the last 10 years I’ve just purchased a human hair topper. It was pricey and I think, given the success I’ve had with my synthetic full wig, I might get a synthetic topper next time. That is if I can get my new topper to work for me. I have hair loss but am blessed with a bit of a hair line that I can still, very sneakily, work with. My main issue today is being able to clip it in properly. I find that they pull on the little hair I do have and think I might have it in wrong? Or I just really don’t have enough hair to comfortably hold the peice in place? I can use a bit of double sided tape in the front but it’s a mess to take off and clean. Anyhow thanks for reading and thanks for such a lovely blog. You are brave, it took me years to get to where I am today to be able to communicate with people about my hair. It can cause a lot of anguish and loss and I think it comes out in different ways in different people. You seem very positive and deflect any criticism with grace.

    • Hi Suzanne – thanks for your comment! 🙂 Clips can bother me sometimes, too. A few things you can try: spray the area with hairspray to help give the clips some grip, and then clip them in. You can also very gently tease the hair. Sewing in some extra clips may work nicely, too.

  4. Hi thanks for this blog it’s been such a help to me and you look fantastic and it does look real. I was having my hair bonded at a cost of thousands per year but just got a rene of paris topper and I’m over the moon, no more disgusting glue and although I had human hair I find this synthetic lighter and just prettier really. Only prob I got is not enough coverage at back so thinking of getting noriko milan, is it much heavier than the rene paris one? As I love the lightness of this one. 🙂 husb and kids getting used to me in a headband at night but ju feel cleaner and it’s heaven washing my own hair again!

    • It’s a bit heavier yes, but I bet you don’t even notice the weight of it after a day or two. It does provide alot more coverage, which I love. If you think it’s too much hair, you can actually remove the wefts (VERY EASY!)!

  5. How did you like the topper? I use Xfusion. I looked at a million videos before I bought it, but the videos look so much better than it does in my hair. I’m so glad I found this site. I look forward to checking out all your reviews.

  6. Reading this gives me inspiration. I have been on metformin and Spiro for 6 years and had to get off spiro to conceive. I am now four months post pardum and my hair loss is so significant that I can’t even hide it with fibers. I think I need to start wearing a topper as well and you make it look so easy I am going to look into it more. How much does you piece for? I am also looking into a hair transplant. I miss being able to wear my hair back in a natural ponytail or not worrying if the wind blew and my fibers show. Do you think a transplant will work or with the PCOS attack the donor hair as well?

    • Hopefully your post-partum shed will only last a few months; mine lasted about three months total. It sucks, I know. This particular piece cost $135. As far as transplants…I am a firm believer that if you have hair loss to begin with, the transplanted hair will eventually fail as well. I looked into this at one time, and could never find more than one or two success stories out there. I think if you have certain hair loss (like the kind caused by stress or by tension) it could work, but androgentic alopecia sufferers (like me) are likely not good candidates. Unfortunately!

  7. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I too have PCOS and unfortunately I didn’t find out it till it was too late and had to have hysto (no kids). As if that wasn’t enough I have struggled with weight gain and yes noticeable hair loss. I am glad I found this site and am currently researching and plan to get a topper as well so maybe can get some confidence back. I notice you have marble brown, does that have any auburn in it? My hair is in between light/med brown auburn color so not sure what color to pick. The color chart isn’t very clear so been a challenge to pick a color. Also, do you buy special brush and shampoo for topper? Thanks in advance! Be blessed 🙂

    • Hi Amy! I’ll be doing a post on the products I use, soon. Any sort of synthetic shampoo will work…the brush is important, though. I love the Tangle Teezer brush for synthetic hair (or really, all hair). It simply glides through your hair. You don’t want to use a bristle brush or even a brush with ball-tip ends because those can snag the hair and cause breakage.

      In terms of color…Ginger Brown comes to mind. It has natural highlights with a touch of auburn in it. I love that color, but I always have to steer clear of gold/red undertones because it washed me out. I’ve seen this color on other ladies and it’s FABULOUS.

  8. Thanks for this post. I’m getting ready to check out a topper for myself. It’s time, I think, but I’m scared to know where to start. I’ve made contact with a Follea representative, but that’s a big jump! I’ve been using x-fusion for a few years now and it really gave me confidence back, but it’s become a hassle-always fibers falling on my forehead throughout the day, itching your head and it comes off, reapplying it at night, sweating it out or rain! 🙂 I wondered if you’ve tried it. I know you use the bumble and bumble spray. I was wondering if I should switch to trying that? Any thoughts? And, any thoughts on a topper for naturally curly hair? Although, it would be nice to straighten it again! 🙂 Thanks so much for your honesty and real-ness. It’s much appreciated.

    • It’s worth a shot – if your hairloss is diffuse I think it works really well. If you have hair on top of cover over the spray, all the better (even if it’s only a little). Toppers for curly hair…that’s a tough one. There are a few women in the hairloss community who have curly q’s and it’s always a challenge to find one, to match the curl pattern, etc. Since you THISCLOSE to possibly getting a topper, I’d first try one out in a straight style as those are easier to come by. That way you can try them out, get a feel for clips, etc. Once you decide if it’s going to be a full-time thing for you, then you can start looking into a curly, more-permanent solution. If you are interested in human hair, at least eventually, I know Hair Direct will work with you on the curl.

  9. Love the blog. I have alopecia and so does my daughter. Easihair has a good natural topper, but not a fan of the clips. What is the human hair topper you use?

    • I tried the EasiPart awhile ago, but I bought the 6/33 color and it was much too red, so I returned it. Never even tried it on my head (I should of!). The human hair topper I have is a custom Jon Renau. It also has clips, but not enough and it slides around too much.

  10. This looks so amazingly good! One, you are beautiful. Two, it is so realistic looking. I am again, so happy I found your blog. You’ve opened up a world of hope for me and I could literally cry right now! Haha. Thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

  11. I was wondering how you went about purchasing your topper. Did you purchase it online or in a store? I am just starting on my hair loss journey, but I have to plan ahead so I can feel like I at least have some control over what is happening to me. The biggest fear for me is finding a topper that works with my bio hair since it is naturally curly. Everything I have seen online when searching doesn’t come close to matching my hair. I was just looking for any advice I could get on purchasing one.

    • I got it online at Gallery of Wigs. The one I posted about is synthetic; are you looking for synthetic or human hair? For human hair, I know of some curly-haired ladies who have had good luck with both Hair Direct and Featherlite. As with any company and any hair type, for every success story there is a “horror” story since this whole hair thing is a bunch of trial and error. Curly hair can be very tough, from what I understand!

  12. Lauren,

    I think it looks beautiful! I love it, and it gives me the courage to try one for myself! Also, I want to thank you for having such a good sense of humor about the whole hair loss thing. I was in tears before I got to your site – and now I’m laughing! It is only hair after all – why do we all let it’s absence get us so upset?!

    • You should try one, especially since they are relatively inexpensive! As to your question – I think we all know why we let it get us so upset, BUT, once you find a solution that you can live with it’s amazing how the weight is lifted. 🙂

  13. Hi Lauren,

    I found your site a few months ago. I have been checking back weekly to see your progress with a topper. I saw your new posts when you first put them up but we have been moving over the last few weeks and I finally have a few minutes to spend doing something just for myself. Your pics are great. It looks beautiful and very natural. Thank you for posting a close up. I have searched many many sites and the pics are so very hard to get a realistic view of what the toppers look like. So thanks for posting a great pic so you can actually see what it looks like.
    I am 43 and have been suffering from thinning hair since my mid twenties.I have been using toppik and creative hair styles successfully for about 8 yrs now, but recently have noticed my hair thinning even more and toppik is just not doing what it use to for me. I went into panic mode abut 2 months ago and started researching solutions. In my case surgical hair replacement is most likely not a option so I am looking into other ways to boost my confidence and find a solution rather then worrying about it day and night. I appreciate the fact that you are not just sitting back letting hair loss hold you back. I love that you are embracing options with confidence and grace. A few of the sites I visited mentioned finding solutions before you experienced too much hair loss so when you did find that magical new hair solution it is not so shocking to you or others to all of a sudden hair on top of your head. Your blog was one of those and really helped me get over the “woes me” and start looking at the find a solution and getting on with life. Just the change in mind set has been a step for me.
    I have been trying Nioxin for the last 6 weeks and feel it is only making the hair loss worse. I have not tried Rogaine as I have read there is a shed at the beginning. Did you experience this when you used Rogaine as well?
    My family has recently moved to New Jersey and have been transitioning to a new home (enough to make a normal person lose their hair) and now that we are getting settled I want to look into the topper options. I have a few questions of curiosity for you in regards to your topper experience. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience in these area’s, I would greatly appreciate it.
    How long do you wear your topper during the day? Do you want to rip it off by the end of the day or does it really feel like your own hair?
    Is it causing any addition hair loss where you clip it in?
    I imagine wearing the topper gives you great confidence during the day, how do you feel after your take it off? I know this is a very personal question, and this is a concern of mine and I want to try to prepare myself for the “emotional roller coaster” that wearing a topper make create. Does that sound odd?
    I am worried that I am going to be embarrassed in front of my husband (of all people) going from “one look” to another. My husband is great, very supportive and tells me all the time my hair is beautiful and that he doesn’t notice any difference. But I am wondering how I may feel about it. Have you had these feelings and how have you come to terms with it.
    Now that you have had the topper for a while – do you wear it every day?
    What challenges have you had while wearing it?
    What are the benefits and what are the cons? Were there any surprises good and bad that you hadn’t expected? I feel your experience will really give me (and others) a true snap shot versus the other sites that I feel are just trying to get me to purchase the product.
    Sorry I have SOOOOO many questions. I am excited and nervous to try this option.
    Also, since my all consuming research started a few months ago I have noticed my daughter’s teacher at school wears a topper. She is young, beautiful and very confident. I don’t know if I would have noticed before this research project, but I remember saying to myself – wow she has a lot of hair. Somehow knowing someone else out there personally makes me feel more confident to give it a whirl.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with others. It really did help to change my mindset to a more positive one. I look forward to seeing how your experience with other toppers work and how your journey progresses.

    With much gratitude,


  14. Hi Lauren,

    oh my. I don´t even know where to begin. This is the blog I´ve been searching for in almost eight years. I´ve been reading the articles in womenhairlossproject and your blog for almost three hours now. I’m so sad that so many women seems to suffer from hairloss but yet I´m so happy that I found out about you and all the rest. Your story could be mine aswell. I´m 27 years old and I´ve been suffering from hairloss since I was 19. My hair just got thinner and thinner. I used to be a brunette but since four years ago I decided that I had to color my hair blond to reduce the difference between my scalp and my hair. Instead of you´re type of concealer I use Klorane dry schampoo with oat milk. It´s perfect for blond thin hair because it makes the hair thicker, blonder and of course cleaner. It´s really my lifesaver. But now after a really stressful couple of months my hair is getting even thinner and on monday I´m planning to take my first step to getting a topper.

    Like you I´ve been to a lot of different doctors during the years, but they haven´t found any reason to my hairloss. In this summer I got permission to go to a kind of hairclinic to get a wig. With permission I mean that my municipality is going to pay some of it. I´ve been visiting this clinic last winter and I have even tried a topper,but I haven´t been ready until now.

    You are so unbelievable strong Lauren (and you look great in the topper, I would never had guessed that it wasn´t your own hair)!

    Thank you for your inspiration,

    • Oh my, now where do *I* begin? You are so sweet; thank you for your kind words. It is so sad that so many are affected — you’d think we’d have enough strength in numbers to find more solutions. Maybe someday?

      I’m so happy that you are taking the next steps toward a topper! I have lots of posts planned about my topper journey, so stay tuned. It’s definitely a learning process and I have my good and bad days with it. My advice to you would be to try on as many as you can and have whomever you are working with really show you how best to integrate it into your own bio hair. It really takes just a tiny bit of your bio hair, in my opinion, to have it look realistic and if you have someone show you how you will feel a lot more comfortable doing/styling it on your own.

      Please keep in touch – I’d love to learn how you get on!

  15. I found your blog on WHLP and love it. Thanks for posting. I am 10 years older than you and wish I had done the topper thing 10 years ago. Go for it and live your wonderful life!

  16. It looks really great, it really looks like your own hair! I use Dermmatch and it works well for me. But eventually I may need something more. I’m currently in a dred shed…Since im losing so much at the moment its to hard to know what i’ll need when. Did you ever use Rogaine? I used it for about 1.5 years, and then stopped last July because I was becoming a werewolf…lol. I was maintaining growth on my head, but also get a lot of facial and neck hair (awesome!). So i decided to stop, and since then I lost all the hair I was maintaining plus even more. I realized like you said, we have such little control over the situation, but for women its a very complex emotional position to be in, because this isn’t something that you think will happen to you. I am going to get blood work done in the next couple weeks, make sure all my levels look normal. I’m contemplating a return to Rogaine.

    • No, I don’t think anyone ever dreams of this happening to them! It is frustrating. Were you on the 5% or 2% Rogaine? I’ve tried both and didn’t have any negative side effects; once I am done nursing I will likely go back on the 5% again. Just curious if you were on the 5% if maybe dropping to the 2% might curb some of the hairiness (love how we can easily grow hair in other places!). Getting your blood work done is a good idea as well — be sure to ask if you doctor wants it done on a certain cycle day. I know, for me, it was always done on day 3.

      • I was only using the 2% and I became intensely hair in all the wrong places lol. I made a doc appt today, she is going to send me a script to get blood work and I asked for a number if addition tests. I’ve done all this a few years ago, but now since I’m shedding so much now I want to again. I also went to see Dr. Kingsley who specializes in hair loss, and I never returned for a follow up. Sometimes I think denial is easier than coping. Plus I wasn’t losibg as much hair then, but after I get my blood work done I will schedule a follow up appt with him. Have you ever tried light therapy? I need to stop focusing on it so much and embrace it because it may only get worse. I feel like my mom tries to say it will get better or it could be worse. Two things something’s I’m not sure I agree with. Because although she is right in many ways it’s hard to know what some else is experiencing and what it’s like to lose your hair.

        • Yes, it’s very hard that even though intellectually we know “it is what it is” there’s always that small hope that something could be done. That’s why I finally decided to start researching toppers. I still hope to make some headway with the actual loss, but if nothing positive comes of it at least I will have Plan B!

          Good luck with your blood tests. Mine always showed everything in the normal range, although my testosterone always skewed towards the higher end of normal.

  17. Lauren- So cute! Love it, nice color and looks natural. Can you post pictures of the topper by itself, what the inside/mono top looks like, or a view of the top of your head so we can see the part? I hope to be pregnant at this time next year so I will probably be in the same boat! Thanks for sharing, you look great. How is pregnancy treating you?

    • Sure, Kim. I thought about that but I didn’t want my post to get too long, so stay tuned for Part 2! Can’t complain (too much) about the pregnancy so far…just a few weeks to go. 🙂

  18. Hello, Lauren!
    First of all excuse my English. It’s not my native language. Anyway, this my first time writhing here. I just found your blog and I wanted to say that it’s very inspirational. The problem with hair loss is something that I’m fighting with too. It’s hard and even though most of my friends and family don’t understand why it’s so big of a deal for me I know that there are people like you that do. It’s very brave that you decided to help other people by showing exactly what you are fighting with. I think you are very beautiful and strong woman. I may even say I’m a little bit jealous (in a positive way) with how you handle your hair loss. Most of the day I just want to hide under the bed and cry.
    Don’t stop the good work you are doing here. The topper looks very good on you! 🙂

    • Thanks Denitsa! Comments like these really help to keep me going. 🙂 Don’t be too jealous–I still have my days in which I pity myself, or don’t really want to leave the house, or I think about what in the heck I’m going to look like a few years from now. But, I try to get on with it because I can control so little in this process.

      • Lauren have you ever checked out June Penny on youtube? She’s a hoot and could give you some good ol cheering up! lol she just goes for it!! Also check out Blondielocks…she has such a beautiful, upbeat, happy personality she can fill you full of confidence and smiles!

      • I ordered the Bumble and Bumble hair powder as well as the surf spray stuff. It just came the other day and I haven’t had a chance to try it. I am super hopeful! I also found an extension specialist who thinks she can help with the damage and thinness. A little nervous, but hopefully all this can help!!
        But your hair seriously looks AH-mazing! 🙂

    • I am not the only one who thinks that Noriko looks horrible on you, but I am the only who seems to be honest. It really looks plastic. It does. Believe me. If you want to look good and natural with a topper, then please take a human hair one that blends in with your bio hair. That thing doesn’t. Everone can tell you are wearing a hair piece

      • Well, alright then.

        I’ve stated that the part isn’t as realistic as a silk top, and I also did mention that my own hair didn’t blend quite so well at the time the pic was taken. These pics were taken before the piece was even washed — it seems you’re quite familiar with helper hair so surely you can agree that a wash goes a long way. I’m confident in the fact that no one scrutinizes parts and hairlines more than the hair-wearer herself. I’ve been wearing hair for eight months now and not once has anyone looked at my hair funny or said anything about it – not my parents, not my friends, not my coworkers, no one. No double-takes, no snide comments, nothing other than a “you look great!”

        Thank you for your opinion!

          • It has too much hair and it doesn’t blend with your bio hair. I do know a lot of wigs and toppers and wear them myself. But I only wear European human hair. Right now a FeatherLite hair systems wig and I wear Follea too. There is nothing that looks more realistic. Especially the scalp

          • Unfortunately – it’s not too much hair any more as I lost probably 30% more since having my baby. I’ll have to put up new pics soon. And even more unfortunately, I don’t have $3-$4K+ to spend on Follea/Featherlite. Completely agree that they are beautiful though – I know many ladies with them and they look fabulous.

          • Also, did you get your Follea from an actual Follea location? I went to a Follea vendor near me and wasn’t happy with the experience, however all the women I know that got Folleas from the actual shop in CA have had great experiences. As for Featherlite, I’m sure Isadore is lovely to work with but ordering something so costly over the internet is very intimidating, especially when you are new to this. Any tips? I do have a friend that got the most lovely curly-haired piece from her.

          • Bumblebee You Are A Pathetic Troll!! What A Pathetic Person You Are!!! Lauren Looks Lovely And You Can’t Tell!!! Grow Up FFS!!!!

        • Hi do you recommend me order a rooted colour for the Milan for my first topper.if so do i pay much more.thanks learning so much from you

          • I would definitely try a standard color to begin with – custom colors cost more ($40 more in my case) and you must order more than one (I need to order three for mine). Try the piece first to see if you like it. I add my own roots with black eyeliner, so you can do that if you want roots and the Milan you want doesn’t come rooted.

        • All that matters is that YOU like the way it looks. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks. I only wish I could afford a topper. I have found a couple that I might aim for but I need the lighter brown with highlights. I can’t stand anything auburn ish and med. brown is too dark

    • That thing looks horrible. There’s no parting. You can see it’s not real. And there’s also the short plastic hair at the back. From that topper. Take some human hair piece with a natural parting.

      • There’s not “no parting”; the camera angle didn’t quite catch it, however. The Milan actually has a pretty realistic part (made even better by a few techniques I use), but as it states in my post, this is fresh out of the box.

          • “Too streaky” is a matter of opinion – that’s how I used to wear my highlights back in the day, so, I wouldn’t say having streaks means something looks unreal. As far as it looking bulky and plastick-y, I’ve mentioned sooooo many times (within the post, too) that it’s just literally plopped on my head. I haven’t really worked on the clips, I haven’t washed it, and I haven’t even brushed it. I opened the box and within 2 minutes it was on my head.

        • Cram it troll, here this girl is trying to give others pointers on how to pull off toppers and you’re just trying to shoot her efforts down. Also, are you slow? few can afford real hair toppers. So what, just go without? Yeah, okay #facepalm

      • You must be a real joy at parties… you like to bully people don’t you? And I’m pretty sure you and the brat bumblebee above are the same person. You wrote the same thing in a similar way. She doesn’t look horrible. Having hairloss is bad enough and devastating on its on, so if you have it too, why the hell would you want to make someone feel worse?


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