Tressmerize Review: Gorgeous Human Hair Extensions + Topper

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I’m so excited to introduce you to a product today that is actually designed to make thin hair look more beautiful. Tressmerize is a topper + extension kit that was specifically created to transform thin hair (bonus: it even works on short hair, as long as it’s 3″ in length).

What I love best about the Tressmerize kit is that it’s available in some amazing color options. Most human hair is all one color, which has always made me nervous because I just don’t feel like it’s the most natural look on me. It looks great on other women, but it tends to fall flat on me (if you’re someone who prefers just one color, Tressmerize has you covered, too!).

I was super-excited to see TressChic, a gorgeous blend of medium brown with blond highlights, and knew it was the color for me. My friends at Tressmerize were kind enough to send me a Tressmerize kit to try—I had so much fun playing with this hair!

UPDATE: Be sure to see my latest post about Tressmerize 18″ human hair toppers! Since this post was written, they’ve made their toppers a bit larger, a bit longer, and have introduced some new, FABULOUS colors! You still get $20 off using code LAUREN20. 🙂

tressmerize tres chic

Before we open the box, some facts about Tressmerize:

-It’s Remy Virgin Human Hair – unprocessed, never-dyed, cuticle-intact hair
-There’s 6 pieces in the kit: 5 clip-in wefts and a topper
-It’s MADE for thin hair – the silicon-lined clips stay put (yes, even in my thin hair)
-The hair can last over a year with proper care
-Its generous length means you have endless ways to customize

The hair is incredibly soft to the touch…as much as I love my synthetics, it was so nice to feel the “fineness” of human hair again.

remy hair extensions by tressmerize

Here is the underside of the Tressmerize topper. The base is on the small side, and is great if you are looking to add some density and volume to your own hair. If you are experiencing loss, this could be a good first topper if your loss is in the early stages:

tressmerize base

Before Tressmerize

Here’s me, without helper hair (uh, duh) or any concealers. Say hello to my incredibly thin(ning), mousy brown hair.

tressmerize before and after

About 10 minutes later, my Tressmerize topper + extensions kit is installed (their site has instructions, and the kit comes with details, too).

After Tressmerize

Here is TressChic, right out of the box. Is this color not gorgeous?! Totally drool-worthy. Tressmerize is 16″ long, which is perfect for me and my length of bio hair right now.


Of course, what I was most excited about was adding some waves into my new hair. That’s the one thing I miss with synthetic hair—being able to add curls or waves on a whim!

I was really out of practice (I don’t think I’ve curled my bio hair in close to five years), but it was kind of like riding a bike. It took me about 20 minutes to curl my hair.

Ahh!! I love having waves again! And apparently my husband loves them, too, as his jaw hit the floor when he saw me.


The system is pretty easy to install, and I’ll try to explain it, although it’s best explained by looking at directions on the Tressmerize site.

You just put your hair in a half ponytail and place the widest clip-in Remy hair extension around the back of your head. Two more Remy wefts are placed right above that at top-left and top-right. Re-part your hair at the temple area and let some of your bio hair fall over the extensions. Clip in the two side-wefts and apply the topper.

And then swish your head around and feel like the Mermaid you look like!

One note: the topper has adequate coverage, but it’s not meant to cover a ton of area in the back. If your level of loss is close to mine, you’ll need to make sure that your bio hair has volumizing product on it, and it’s teased to both help it stay in place and add as much body as possible.

Overall, I am loving my new look and am thinking this is PERFECT date-night hair. In fact, it was—I wore this system out for Valentine’s Day dinner.

Want to try a Tressmerize system for yourself? Corner of Hope & Mane readers get $20 off with code LAUREN20.

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This is an awesome deal, because Tressmerize is incredibly reasonably-priced (promise!), to begin with.

Want to read more about Tressmerize? Since this post, they’ve updated their toppers to be a larger size, and I have pics and a review of the new Tressmerize topper!

Feeling lucky? Enter to win a FREE Tressmerize kit! This is the perfect way to ease into wearing helper hair (and who knows, maybe this solution will be “the one” for you!).

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What do you you think of the waves? Have a question about the Tressmerize system? Let’s discuss!

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Update: Congrats to our winner, Patricia! She has been contacted and is excited!

165 thoughts on “Tressmerize Review: Gorgeous Human Hair Extensions + Topper”

  1. I know you posted this review last year, but I just read it recently and after reading your review as well as a few others, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a kit for myself. Let me first say, I did not take this decision lightly at all! I went back and forth between the website, your review, you tube reviews and tutorials, and even then, I was terrified, but I have been really struggling with my hair and my self esteem has been literally in the toilet because of it, so I did it.
    Sadly, it doesn’t work for me. Although it is designed for fine, thin hair, mine must just be finer than most, as even with the help of dry shampoo and hairspray, the clips just wouldn’t stay put and constantly slipped while I was wearing them. I was super worried about them coming all the way out and how embarrassing it would be! Even the topper slipped quite a bit, making the “part” uneven with my own part. Odd, to say the least!
    The hair is beautiful, top quality, and the color was nearly a perfect match, it was just too heavy for my bio hair and I am struggling to keep it in (on?)my head. It really breaks my heart that I am no better off than before and that I’m also $389 in the hole. ?

    • Try switching out the clips, or, maybe another attachment method like gluing might work? This is one of the most lightweight human hair pieces I’ve seen, and I’d try to exhaust all options before giving up.

  2. Hi, i just came across this site. You look amazing by the way!
    I too am suffering hair loss and wear clip in extensions daily (or at least whenever i wear my hair down). I have always been interested in trying a topper. But i have heard so much controversy over extensions… Like they will damage the hair and leave bald spots. Is this true? I cant seem to stop wearing them though. Im addicted and hate my sad thin hair.

  3. Would it be possible to see some pictures of the underside of the topper? This system is looking like a dead cert for me…. thinking topper for everyday use for little bit of low density coverage and then extensions for a night out ☺

    I haven’t found any pictures of the underside or close ups of the topper yet which id love to see before ordering xx

  4. So I just came across this blog post in the past couple of weeks, and loved the idea and look of this system. I just wanted to share that Emina at Tressmerize is AMAZING! After seeing your blog on this I went to the site and wasn’t sure what color would work best for me. I was thinking of doing the TresChic but it’s out of stock till May. I sent photos of my hair color to Emina and she responded super fast! Like that very hour! And I even had a couple of follow-up questions that she quickly answered.
    With a bit of help from my stylist to make it work with my bio hair, I’m going with the TressDazzle. Placed my order on a Thursday morning and she had it boxed and a shipping notice sent to me before noon!!!! How’s that for service? So far, USPS is showing that it should be delivered to me on Saturday. That’s awesome. Emina is super sweet, very helpful, and her products look to be great quality! I can’t wait to get my Tressmerize and try it out. My stylist hasn’t dealt with toppers or wigs but she’s brilliant with working with thinning hair and she’s excited to work with me and this new system. Wish me luck on that. 🙂 Just wanted to share my experience so far with Tressmerize. It’s been great.

      • Lauren, is that how you are wearing the topper in the pics (pulled to the front like a lace front wig? I have extremely thin hair on top with quit the bald spot right in the front of my head so me hiding the front of the unit with my bio hair is not an option. I have thin hair through out my head. I have been wearing fulll wigs for about 4 years because my tries of wearing clip in extenstions have been a bust, but, i think tressmerize might work for me, if the topper will work on me like a lace front wig. What are you thoughts on that since you have worn the system. BTW, i love, love, love your blog. It’s been very inspirational to me since i have been on this hair loss journey 🙂

  5. I’ve been so embarrassed about my fine short hair but these look so awesome! I’m so excited that there’s hope for my blah hair!


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