An Unexpected Perk of Wearing Hair

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There are alot of things that I started to avoid before I started wearing hair toppers. Slowly but surely, I stopped wearing my hair down. While I might have been able to fake some volume on the bottom of my hair my curling/waving/something it, there was no getting around that I wasn’t able to get any lift or density up top at the crown. My Bumble and Bumble spray helped to conceal my loss beautifully and added a little bit of thickness, but it was never enough to make my hair look what I considered to be normal. So, for the three to four months leading up to me wearing hair full-time, I constantly had it in a ponytail.

I also stopped wearing any clothing that was billowy. No, I don’t wear sacks…I just don’t know how to describe it. 🙂 Big, comfy sweaters were out because they added to much mass to my body. Shirts that weren’t form-fitting had to go. Why? Because the more I added below the neck, the worse what I had above the neck looked. Hopefully some of you understand that as it’s hard to describe. The more I wore on the bottom, the skinnier my hair seemed.

I’m sure there are countless other ways in which I altered my style to compensate for my thin hair, however, I really realized one of them the other day. EARRINGS! I’m not a huge jewelry wearer, but I used to use earrings to pull in pops of color. I didn’t realize how much I avoided wearing most earrings as my hair got worse and worse. I certainly didn’t want to bring any attention to that area of my body. Besides, any earring that was on the large side would basically “cut” through my thin hair anyways. Now that I have some density on my crown again, I can break out the earrings!

These aren’t too large (maybe 2″ in diameter) but I never would’ve worn these–at least not with my hair down–before I started wearing my toppers.

Topper with Earrings
Sometimes it’s the simple things, don’t you think?

12 thoughts on “An Unexpected Perk of Wearing Hair”

  1. Hi Lauren, I’m 53 and have very similar hair loss to yours. It’s something that runs in the family with both women and men. Mine began after I had a child so after the third it’s stayed very thin on top. I’ve never used anything and I work in a professional setting. Now that I’m older the texture of my hair has change too, much thinner and frizzier. I have to do something. I have thought about all the options but haven’t made a move. The products seem like a place to start but I hate all the chemicals. A topper is also an option at some point but I wonder how you were received by co-workers, friends and family when you showed up the first time with it??

    • I debuted my topper at work after a three-month maternity leave – so I just looked different, period. I got a few comments such as “you’re hair looks great” but that’s about it. No one pressed further. In terms of family, my mom asked me what my secret was (I rattled off a product list) but that was about it. I saw my husband’s family and didn’t hear a peep. My brothers didn’t notice anything.

      If you can, I’d recommend doing it after a vacation or something. It might sound silly but putting a bit of time in between people you see every day and your new look may be beneficial!

  2. It is amazing how much our hair really does define us! It sounds like you are describing that, as you lost hair, you also lost part of your identity and style too. Even though I don’t struggle with hair loss specifically, I feel like that’s what PCOS did to me at first: it made me lose my identity and focus only on PCOS… only on the things I couldn’t do or have because of PCOS.

  3. I seriously love that topper on you. It looks so natural and I love the color. And yes…getting back to the little things is a very nice bonus 🙂

    • I love the color…I’ve switched recently to my Jon Renau piece but I am thinking of going back darker again. I’ll have to make another “hair appointment” if I decide to do so, haha.

  4. OMG, yes!

    First, let me say, I absolutely love your blog and always look forward to new posts, even though this is the first time I have ever commented.

    I started losing massive amounts of hair last year after going off of birth control. Even though two dermatologists told me it was temporary, I’m starting to suspect that I have AGA, because it’s been over a year, and my hair continues to get worse. Anyway, I have not started wearing hair, although I am looking into it, and hope to find something that works for me soon.

    I have been wearing my hair back for MONTHS now, and you are so dead on about the earrings! I LOVE earrings. I have a whole drawerful of them, and my favorite kind are the long dangly ones. I haven’t been wearing most of mine though, because I feel like they just don’t look right with my hair all pulled back off my face. Ugh! I am getting my hair cut on Friday (first time in almost a year…). I am super nervous about it, but also hopeful that maybe I will feel better about leaving my hair down. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to wear all my earrings again (either with a new snazzy hair cut, or when I finally find the right supplemental hair for myself). You look fabulous with your new hair AND the awesome earrings!

    Sorry for the long comment! Keep blogging because you’re helping so many women – like me! 🙂


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