Volumizing Products for Thin Hair Make All the Difference!

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It’s amazing how many women with thinning hair skip this step: volumizing products for thin hair are a must-have, no matter if you hair is just thin or thinning. I would not be caught dead outside of the house (hmm, or inside for that matter) without my volumizing concoction. It takes me about 2 minutes to apply everything I need–2 minutes for about a 50% increase in self-confidence is totally worth it.

As you likely recall from my first post debuting my women’s hair loss (ugh), this is what I look like without my lifesaving volumizing products for thin hair:

female losing hairNo volumizing hair products


And here I am WITH some volumizing products for thin hair. What do you think? Big difference, right?:

female losing hairWith hair products — yay!


No, I promise I’m not naked, either. I have a tank top on, you just can’t see it.

You can definitely still see that my part isn’t as defined as someone who isn’t losing hair; you can also see my scalp through my hair (directly to the right of my part in the photo) if you are looking closely. But, there’s a huge improvement, right? I will note that the lighting is slightly different since the first photo was taking after a hair appointment, at it was dark out by the time I got home. The second photo was taken during the day, so there is some light coming through the window.

I must point out: this is WITHOUT hair concealers! That will be my next blog post, so stay tuned (subscribe via email, if it’s easier). It’s amazing what some of the best hair products for thin hair can do when combined with a concealer.

The key is finding out what volumizing products for thin hair (or thinning hair) work for you. For me, I need something that helps with structure at the roots. I use a few other products, but the one that helps to give it some structured shape is Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus; the “Plus” is great, but just the regular Root Pump is fantastic, too. It’s a non drying hair volumizing foam that you spray directly on your hair’s roots. It helps to give it a little extra “ommph”, which is important when you don’t have much on top. I also *love* Nioxin’s Diamax, too. It smells heavenly and helps to thicken each individual hair strand. It’s definitely worth a try to help visually add some heft to your hair.

What sorts of volumizing products do you use on YOUR hair?

27 thoughts on “Volumizing Products for Thin Hair Make All the Difference!”

  1. So when you use to use it. How would you get it to volumize on top. Did you have to use a blow dryer? how would you blow dry. How much volumizer do you use?

    • Hi Denise – no, I don’t think so. What makes most women’s hair fall out is related to hormones, so anything external on the hair won’t affect shedding or thinness. It washes out quite easily, too.

  2. Hi Lauren, so how did you get your hair to look so goog? Did you blow dry your hair or was it naturally straight. I normally put gel in my hair to make it look fuller cuz if not I feel like you can tell on my balness more. Ive already bought me a root pump, waiting to be able to buy the main product. I glad that I came across this site.

    • My hair is naturally straight, but yes, I always blow dry it. I usually do so upside down, too. You can read about my full routine here. The Root Pump Plus really does make a big difference!

  3. Hi LAuren, I love these tips on making your hair look fuller. Thank you so much for posting this! I wanted to ask you, when did you start wearing a topper and do you use it everyday? I have very fine hair and like you I was told I had alot but it was just very thin and fine. I’m beginning to lose more hair now due to hormones and all that fun stuff so i just get so tired of putting all that stuff in my hair and have seriously been thinking about a topper. PLease any advice on this???

    • Hi Ronnie – I started experimenting with hair last summer and was wearing hair full-time by October. As for advice, once you feel you are ready I’d highly recommend trying a synthetic topper first. It’s inexpensive and you’ll get a feel for wearing hair. Wear it a bit on the weekends when you aren’t around people. Then try wearing it to the store. Pay close attention to people’s eyes…that’s what I did. Once I realized no one was looking at my hair, no one was thinking it was a wig, I felt more comfortable incorporating it more and more into my life. I had the added advantage that I started wearing hair after my maternity leave. Luckily, most people were more wowed by the baby weight gone than by my hair. I know not everyone can swing it, but if you work closely with people, if you can arrange to wear hair after a vacation, all the better.

  4. Thank you so much for these posts and your blog. As a college student and not-yet-20-year-old dealing with thinning hair, these tips have helped so much. This has become one of my favorite products since it works so well and is so easy to use. Thanks for giving me courage 🙂

  5. Oh forgot to mention. Appling products Step by step. And is dying hair recommended during post? Does dying hair make loss look fuller? I havent died my hair in six yrs cuzz of loss ….

  6. Hi there, I my self have thin to thinin loss.
    and like your self am going thru post partum loss (arrrr sucks) like I have so much hair to begin with. I ordered caboki concealer not sure how it works. But what exactly are the main products you use to make your hair look the way it does in your pictures. It looks amazing amazing!

  7. Hi, I have a very oily scalp (need to wash hair everyday) and very thin hair in the front.it usually stays hidden with a side-part but its very evident whenever I try to make a puff. Any suggestions as to what I can use daily to cover it up?

    • Hi, any of the products here can be found on Amazon.com just be clicking on them. I’m not familiar with Australian stores, but I know you can get anything on Amazon!

  8. Thanks so much Lauren for posting about Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus. I tried it and it made a huge difference in the appearance of my hair! It looks thicker and this product is the only one I’ve tried that didn’t feel “heavy” on my hair. Love this stuff and so glad I tried it.

    • Jen, I’m so glad it worked out. I think it’s a fantastic product! I’ve used it on and off for years and I plan to use to–permanently, now–for years to come!

    • I haven’t experienced any effects whatsoever from using any of these products (or any hair products in my lifetime), and I’m a self-proclaimed product junkie! The Nioxin is actually really nourishing and will always err on the gentle side since it’s meant to specific treat fragile, thinning hair. The other stuff simply coats your existing hair and easily washes out. I think you should be 100% fine with these.

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