Wearing a Hairpiece at Work: Going Public!

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This past Thursday was judgement day when it comes to my hair – my first day back at work after maternity leave, and my first day wearing hair full-time “out in the public”. I’ve been wearing my toppers (one in particular) since I had my son three months ago, but now that I’ve re-entered the workplace, there’s no turning back. I was a little nervous, but not as nervous as most people would be, I think. I had a sort of trial run a few weeks ago when I met up with some close work friends for lunch. All of them said I looked good and that they loved my hair, but they left it at that. These are the types of people would definitely press further if they thought something was up, so that was a huge vote of confidence for me!

I’ve been wearing the Amore #752 Long Topper in Medium Brown; this one is kind of getting towards the end of its rope so I ordered a new one – wow, what a difference! I’ll have to post pics of the new vs. old soon. The newer one is so swingy again! My current one lost a bit of the bounce after awhile, which was actually fine with me since my bio hair never had any swing to it anyway. And this is what kind of made me paranoid…my replacement piece looked a little too perfect. So, rather than debuting that piece I stuck with my old, kind of worn out one. 🙂 I need to give the other piece a quick wash-and-dry to see how it looks as that might help to settle it down a bit.

I only had a few people that said anything about my hair at all! One of my close friends that I work with–he has an incredible fashion sense–said my hair “looked good” – he was one of the few I met with a few weeks ago. Two colleagues also said something. The first is a girl that I’ve actually commiserated with about hair loss in the past. She doesn’t have androgentic alopecia like I do, just some thinning at the temple area. She seemed to think hers got better after she switched to a gluten-free diet. Since we’ve spoken in the past about thinning hair (plus, she has a few kids and we’ve talked about the post-partum shed), it wasn’t shocking that she would notice that my hair looked better. The other colleague that noticed is someone I actually don’t interact with much at all, but he, like my friend that noticed, has an incredible sense of style and the best spiked salt-and-pepper hair. Both of the men and the woman who noticed are people that I think are very self-aware of their own appearances, but for different reasons, so it makes sense that they noticed. Maybe? I don’t know, that’s my thinking, anyways. No one said anything other than a passing “you look great!” comment, so there was no dwelling on what was different, what I did, etc. THANK GOODNESS! I’ll continue to see others as I get back into the swing of my normal meetings, so we’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m calling it a success!

Here is me on my first day. The eyes and face are a bit puffy from the meltdown I had as I was leaving my child for the first time…!

Topper Hairpiece at Work

How did I handle the compliments?

Let me tell you, the first thing I want to do if anyone mentions anything about my hair is run and hide. I don’t generally accept compliments very easily to begin with, and to hear anything about hair that’s not mine is just the icing on that cake! It makes my skin crawl. But, what I did was look like each person in the eye, give a genuine “thank you” and change the subject to something about them. I’ll be damned if most people don’t love to talk about themselves and I certainly used that to my advantage.

Do I plan to tell my coworkers about my hairpiece?

Nope, not at this time. It’s going to be on a need-to-know basis, and I can’t imagine any of them needing to know!

Keep your fingers crossed that things continue to go smoothly for me!

49 thoughts on “Wearing a Hairpiece at Work: Going Public!”

  1. Hi Lauren!

    I LOVE this topper on you! I’m thinking about getting the Amore 752 because it comes in Medium Brown which is almost a perfect match for me. This piece looks amazing on you, but all of the stock photos I find online make this piece look weird, wavy/curly, and just plain odd. How did the piece come out of the box? Did you have to do anything to make the hair straight?

    • Sometimes the ends come kind of flippy and stock photos are always…gross. 🙂 If they don’t lay the way you want, typically a wash will help, or you can aim a hair dryer on low on it to get it to lay how you want it. I didn’t do anything to mine.

  2. I just got the easipart topper and I have to say I’m amazed! After cutting it and playing with it for a bit it looks very natural! The HD fibre looks like real hair and feels very soft (maybe too soft compared to my own hair). I was able to hide the rim (I wear it the wider part to the front) and the color is perfect for my hair (1B is not really black, there’s some brown to it, just like my hair). I’m verry happy with it. I have pictures of me wearing it if anyone is interested =) Next time I’ll try the human hair version or something bigger, can’t wait!

    • How cool! So happy you love it! If you ever wanted to be web-famous (ha!), feel free to send pics to me and I can post them for the group. I can edit out your face, too, if you’d like. No pressure, just offering it up!

      Have you worn it around friends/family yet?

  3. Just want to say that you are a huge inspiration to me! I’m only 20 but my hair has been thinning a lot in the past year! Not sure why, but my Google searches brought me here! I’m very inspired that you deal with this & still work & go on with your life. Sometimes I felt like hiding in my house all day & not being a part of society because I’m gross or something but I realize now that there are ways to “hide” it & look normal again. & That having a positive attitude about it is the most important thing. So thank you. 🙂

  4. So glad you are pleased, Julia! I agree on all of your points! You are right- it is a bit heavy at the front/wide end. As much as I like having more hair on my head, I get annoyed with the longer front pieces that fall in my face. Those pieces are also sort of curved in on an angle, so they either hit my face or just below my chin in like a C and I find that annoying. My hair stylist did trim mine a bit so that help to integrate it with my bio hair and make it a little less heavy and bulky. I still found the front pieces to be a bit too long so I trimmed them myself and honestly, I messed them up a bit. I cut them too blunt and too short so the pieces look a bit chunky. I tried to fix it by cutting to angle those pieces, I did the best I could and it still works. I am finding myself pinning my front bio hair that I blend with it and the front pieces back anyway. Plus I am a hair tucker. It’s always behind my ears because I naturally hate hair falling in my face. Have you tried heat styling yet? I am not impressed with that yet. Doesn’t seem to hold a curl and I just can’t seem to get it right. Straightening with a flat iron is easier, but only do it if you want to wear it straight every day. If you don’t need to heat style it, I say don’t do it! LOL. I washed mine for the first time this week and that helped. After 2 weeks it started to look a little dull. The wash revived it. So do you like your color? You got a #6, right? What would you compare the color to? Like could you compare it to a celebrity hair color?

  5. Hello ladies,

    Well my easi-part FINALLY arrived yesterday. 5 days later then it was suppose to due to all of the east coast severe weather and perhaps some poor planning on UPS’s part. I got it with 20 minutes to spare before my kids walked in the door from school. I will be honest, when I first put it on I just had to laugh at myself – which is good right! The front sides are a bit long and heavy for my hair style, and I did put it on with the part down the middle and I usually I part my hair on the side to cover the my thinnest area as much as I can. Also I desperately need a cut and COLOR, so I would say I looked a bit like Morticia from The Addams Family. It was pretty funny. I played with the part and placement a bit. I would say my only regret is that I didn’t know about this topper a year ago before I moved to a new state where no one knew me. If I had this when I moved here – no one would have ever been able to tell. KIM – mine came out of the box with it combed so it looked like the wider end of the mesh went in front. I tried it on both ways and yes, the thinner end does show more of the edge, it just doesn’t have much coverage on it. I will wear it with the wider end in front. I will say it is a bit thicker then I would have liked and that’s just for the sole purpose of no one who already knows me being able to tell a difference. I may pluck some out in the middle of where the part would be after I have it cut . It looks more realistic if placed back about 1/2 inch or inch off of your hair line. I am very thin at the front, but have some hair there. I did put in a little toppik at the front and placed the easi part back a little and I also lined up the part a bit to the side and it looked MUCH better. If that works out I would say this piece could be a success. Not sure how soon I would wear it out as I am still paranoid that people who do know me will notice the thickness at the crown. I would really like to try the next topper in human hair. If anyone reading this blog is interested in the easi-part here are the rest of my thoughts.
    Comfort – it is surprisingly comfortable and yes I can totally see forgetting you are wearing it pretty quickly. The clips have the little rubber piece under them and I did not notice any of my real hair pulling when putting it in or removing it. For being such a small piece it stays pretty secure. It is a big heavy toward the front and if you lean forward you can totally tell it’s hair piece. Cutting may solve this.
    Quality – it is pretty realistic looking I must say. I live on the east coast and with a lot of ethnic hair out here – I don’t think anyone would think twice looking at it. It is a bit too shinny compared to my bio hair. I think it is a nice quality (again it’s my first). I wore it a little in front of my girls and the oldest said – oh mom your hair is darker! That’s it, not “what’s on your head” and she notices EVERYTHING.
    3) Realism: I think it is very undetectable unless you go from very thin to this in like a day. You do need to wear it with the wider end to the front and back from your hair line. Interested to see what it does outside in the natural elements. Making sure it is a color match and cut is a must.

    • Nope – no extra clips and I haven’t taken it to be cut, etc. It’s right out of the box. 🙂 And no issues with the rim, either, although you can see how I wear my hair. The way the hair hangs is conducive to how I would typically style it, so I was lucky in that regard.

  6. I tried every which way with the easi part. The only way I could hide the rim was if I clipped some on my own hair in front over it. I played with it for hours and days and I couldnt get comfortable with knowing I could see the rim. As my own worst critic, it bothered me to the point where I could not wear it. After that is when I decided to cut bangs and since I am not a stylist, it didnt turn out to well. Then I just tossed it. I would like to try the amore piece. I think it looks wonderful on you. Just really scared about the front rim. I havent spent a ton of money on toppers and after the easi part I am afraid to buy another piece. I have been on many websites, her alopecia forum/wigsupport, etc. I have heard alot of people talk about trying to hide the rim. Which makes me more apprehensive to buy another topper. However after seeing how good yours looks, made me rethink if I should try again.

    • If you get it from a place like namebrandwigs.com or galleryofwigs.com, you can return it (less $15) – I’d give it a try but keep the box/tags/etc. and if you can’t make it work send it back. I think you will find the rim of this piece much more discreet than the EasiPart, from what I’ve seen.

  7. First off, the topper looks great on you! I just have a few questions, where do you have the topper placed on your head? Do you have any of you bio hair out in front? And how do you get it to lay flat, without the rim showing? I ordered the easi part a while back and there was nothing i could do to hide that rim, unless i clipped the front up, eventually i tried cutting bangs in it to see if that would work, but eventually just threw it out. I am considering trying this piece, but after the easi part and trying to hide the rim, I am a little scared to buy another piece. I really dont want to have to cut bangs. Your hair looks very natural, and very natural in front. That is my main concern making it look natural in front without using bio hair, if thats possible and without bangs.

    • Hi Darlene! The topper is right at my hairline, there is only a few strands (10-20) peeking out of my own bio hair, and only on the part that angles to the left. I’ve heard this about the EasiPart. One of my readers, Kim, posted a few comments about it. She’s had some more success by putting the thinner part at the back and wearing the thicker part at the front. This piece (Amore #752) as well as my new Jon Renau piece (see my latest post!) both don’t have any issues with the rim. While I technically didn’t need to use any bio hair with my Amore, I definitely don’t need to use any with my Jon Renau. In fact, I’m not using any of my own hairline today.

    • Darlene- I just started wearing the easipart. You are right- the more narrow rounded “front” end you really can’t wear up front because the rim sticks out. Not even just a little, it’s a lot. It was recommended to me to flip it around. So the wider back end is what I place up at my hairline. It works a lot better that way. I still have issues with the rim showing but I also think that’s because my hair is dark brown , as is the topper. I just have to really play with the easipart’s placement and I don’t have it down pat yet.

  8. Thanks ladies. I appreciate the support. I do have to say I am more nervous than excited as I am worried I will be disappointed. I think that is why it took me so long to just step up and order it. I want it to help my hair look fuller, but not too different – that’s a hard bill to fit. I have recently started styling the front of my hair slightly different and people have noticed and told me my hair looks nice but couldn’t quite put their finger on what was different. I am hoping this helps makes the transition to wearing the easipart less noticeable. Kim – I ordered the #6 but am still a little worried it may be too dark, just based on the videos online that I have seen. My bio hair color is, well, a dark brown with a bit of lighter brown highlights and some not so fabulous natural “tinsel” highlights since I haven’t colored my hair in a while. I am glad to hear the piece is working much better for you now. Do you feel that anyone has noticed anything significantly different? More importantly do you feel different? Isn’t that what we are all really after – to feel better. Right now I can style my hair and use concealers enough that you don’t notice (or at least I think people don’t notice) when I am inside. But I am very self conscious outside especially when it is windy, and my kids and I are so active and we are outside all the time. So really my goal is to find something that just makes me feel less self conscious and allows me to be more of my old self. We go into NYC all the time and I dread walking around the city and spend most of the time worrying about what my hair looks like. I know I shouldn’t expect to find “thee” solution on the first time around, but wouldn’t that be nice! Last year I would have never have thought of wearing hair, but really Lauren your blog and a few others I have read have really turned my thought process around into “what’s the big deal.” It’s funny to think that so many women who don’t have thinning hair wear hair extensions and fillers and it’s no big deal. So why should it be for those of us who are follically challenged? It’s all about perspective isn’t it. Thanks again ladies and I will let you know how it goes!

    • Hey Julia- it’s funny- our goals with hair are so similar. Styling your hair differently is a good idea to set up for the change to wearing the topper.
      Yes, I definitely feel better with this piece. That being said, I am still struggling to find the perfect placement on my head and I get frustrated. I have so little hair right at my hair line so it’s tough to find a good spot for the topper clips to attach. I also struggle with parting the topper to match my bio part. That all being said, I think I just need more patience and practice. I wore it to work for 2 days before getting my hair trimmed. A few people at work noticed so I played it off my saying I had a bunch of layers cut in and highlights and low lights added. I knew I was going to get my length trimmed up- my bio hair was a bit too long to really match up with the length of the topper- so I made up this lie if how u was going back for more of a trim on the length. I think I only said that to one or two people. Maybe I didn’t need to but since my hair would end up shorter I felt like I had to cover my tracks. Anyway, I went to my stylist and she trimmed my hair about two inches and very slightly trimmed the topper so it blended nicely with my bio hair. She said it looks really natural and like I have slight highlights to my bio hair color, which is dyed dark brown. Since then, a few more people complimented my hair and asked if I got it cut. I don’t think anyone is wondering any further but who knows. I do wish that u would have waited to wear it till after I got my hair cut. Before the cut I think it looked too dramatic and after the cut it looked more natural. But one thing I am not is patient and I just has to wear it.
      If you have any more questions let me know. I can’t wait to hear how it works out for you.

  9. I should be getting my Easipart any day now. Received the color ring and then ordered the topper. None of the color seemed quite right but I went with #6. We shall see. How did everything turn out Kim? Sounds like you were having an issue with it when you first received it? How is it all going now? Would love to hear your comments on the product and how it is working for you.


    • Hey Julia,
      Can’t wait to hear about your easipart and the color you chose! What color is your bio hair? I deliberated between #4 and #6 and ended up with #4. It’s a bit light than expected but it still works. I did work out my issues for the most part. I am interested to see if yours has the same issue as mine- in that there is less hair/density at the more narrow end of the base that they tell you to put in the front at your hair line. So I wear mine reversed- with the wider end of the base at my hairline. It has more hair strands, so the edge/rim of the base is less noticeable. It take some practice to get used to wear to place it on your head and how to style it. I still struggle a bit but I am getting used to it and I have been wearing it every day since Sunday. It makes SUCH a difference! Let us know how it works out for you and if you have any questions! I will help however I can and I know Lauren will have good advice!

  10. I got my easipart in the mail! I am so excited! While I hate the fact that I have succumbed to a hair piece and that I need one at all, I am so excited at the thought of being able to clip it in and go rather than caking on concealer and dirtying up my bathroom! Now I just have to figure out how to put in on! What I can say so far is that I am amazed at how real the synthetic hair looks and feels. It really looks and feels real. I got the dark brown color, #4. It’s a littler lighter than my hair color (which is dyed) but it’s pretty darn close. I am going to talk to my stylist about lightening my head hair. Not sure how hard that will be to go lighter. Right now it’s a super dark brown (natural is medium golden brown) so I’ll need it to be maybe a shade lighter, if that.

    • That’s SO exciting! And was it just me or was that really fast shipping? Where did you get it from? I hope Julia sees your comment. 🙂
      It shouldn’t be too hard to lighten up your hair. You could always highlight it to the color of your piece, too, since the underside of most people’s natural hair is darker, anyways.

      Let me know how you get on in terms of putting it on, etc. You’ll get it! The beauty of it is you can unclip it and start over if it just doesn’t look right…and pretty soon, you won’t need a do-over at all.

      And do let me know, too, if you need any help in terms of placement!

  11. I ordered my easipart last night! Can’t wait to get it and try it out! I am soooooooooooooo sick of messy concealers. I swear my bathroom is like a sand box. All I do is clean the counters from the concealer dust. And it gets on the floors, baseboards, everywhere! It will be great if I can have another option besides concealers!

    • Is it sad that I am giddy for you?? You MUST let me know how it goes! There is a bit of a learning curve once you plop it on your head for the first time, but once you play with it a bit, it’s like “ahhhhh! relief!”

      • I will definitely let you know! Thank you so much for your help and advice and recommendations!

        I meant to ask you- is the piece that you are wearing to work synthetic or human hair?

        • You’re welcome! Except now I feel this overwhelming responsibility about this, LOL! I really do hope you like it! Right now, I’m all synthetic, all the time. 🙂

          • Ok so do you ever have the issue of the base showing at your hairline? Granted I just got this thing so I have some practicing to do, but the front edge of the base seems to stick out. There’s about a half inch from the actual part of the clip that attaches to my hair to the edge of the base. So that edge piece sticks out and up, not flush with my scalp, and hair doesn’t cover it.

          • Hmm, let’s see if I can describe what I do. I usually flip it onto my head and attach the front clips first. Then I hold it pretty taught on my head with one hand and attach the back clips, pulling ever-so-gently. Sometimes the front ones (mine are on the front-side) need some adjusting after that, but by doing it that way I can get it pretty flush. See if that helps. Sorry, so hard when I can’t see it…!

  12. You look amazing! I am so glad that I found your site today. I am 28, and I have slowly been losing my hair for 10 years. This year it has really become noticeable, and I was starting to lose hope. Seeing the way you have tried all these options has really helped me, and I can’t thank you enough. Please keep us updated on how the topper holds up. I’m glad to know that there’s a step between showing my bio hair and buying a wig.
    One question, when you get hot does it become difficult to wear the topper? How does the hair concealer hold up when it’s humid or you perspire? Thanks again!

    • Thank you for your kind words! The topper I wear doesn’t make me hot, however, we’ll see once summer rolls around. I just started wearing hair full-time over the past few months. I’m in Florida so it’s going to get pretty extreme come June. As for the concealers…if you sweat really heavily you might notice a bit of shifting if you use it right at the hairline. No dripping or anything like that, but it might move like 1/16 of an inch. That being said, I gave BIRTH (with no epidural!) with my concealers on, and no one was the wiser. 😉

  13. That’s a beautiful topper and I’m thinking about ordering it. I’ve never ordered from GalleryOfWigs.com and they only offer USPS shipping.. how long did it take for shipping?

  14. Congratulations Kim – sounds like a wonderful wedding. Lauren, I am going to go with synthetic to start due to the cost and trial and error I will need to work through. Fingers crossed it will be the product I have been looking for. I think as far as any pool time goes I am hoping the topper doesn’t make a drastic change in my looks and if we head to the pool I can headband it and get away with it another year. I have tried the whole neck deep routine and some how I always get drenched by kiddos whether they are mine or they belong to someone else. I always wonder how those moms do it!!!
    Kim – I would work out a back up plan to take full advantage of such a great trip. I always just went for it and then would push my hair back in a headband to feel as comfortable as possible hanging out by the side of the pool. If I get my bangs all back my thinning is not so noticeable. My hair cannot just dry on it’s own even if I combed it- it is a complete nightmare.

    Thanks again ladies!

  15. Ok, so I can’t take it anymore. Your hair looks SO great I’m going to stop just thinking about it and I’m ordering a piece today!
    Congratulations on the success at work – I know that was a big step, along with leaving baby at daycare (I would have been a total wreck). So glad it went well and you know if anyone did wonder – within a week all they will remember is how you look now. My plan was to get myself to the gym and drop the extra 20lbs I need to and then start wearing a topper and just hope everyone just thought I lost weight. LOL
    I had been so encouraged by your blog that I was going to order a topper last Friday but, I was worried it would still look SO different on me that I would be to self conscious to wear it. Like Kim I wanted something less full and shorter. I know you can cut the toppers but I was worried to would still look to full. I can’t grow my hair to much pass the top of my shoulders as it refuses to and it just looks like straw when I try. So thank you Kim for asking the questions and you Lauren for mentioning the Easipart. I immediately googled it and ordered the color ring so I can order a piece. I think the Easipart could be exactly what I have wanted. It never came up in my searches for toppers or mini-wiglets. I had found a video with one similar to the easipart, but the woman was in Ireland.
    Wondering if you have thought about how you will handle going to the pool/beach once summer arrives? I have two girls who LIVE at the pool in the summer and I always go in with them. This particular situation has weighed on my mind as I have been entertaining the thought of a topper. Usually I manage through it with a headband and a baseball hat. Any thoughts?
    Will let you know how the Easipart goes. Good luck on being back to work and getting into a new routine. Even through adjusting to a new schedule and returning to work can be tough, you look fabulous doing it!!!


    • Julia- good questions on summer time. I forgot about that- I am going to Jamaica for my wedding in May and the resort is full of pools and water slides and is on the ocean, and my daughter is so pumped for us to do all this stuff. Not sure if a topper will work well when swimming?

    • Woohoo, go Julia! I hope you find a good color match…are you thinking human hair or synthetic?

      Would it surprise you to know that I live in Florida, have my own pool, and never get my hair wet? 🙂 I never could back when I was wearing concealers as they would run, so I got accustomed to going in only neck-deep. With clip-in toppers, I think it might be hard to actually swim. The water pushing/pulling would probably create some unnecessary tension. That being said, I wouldn’t think twice about getting my hair wet if I was wearing human hair. I wouldn’t submerge myself but to get splashed and stuff wouldn’t be a big deal. I would probably wear my hair similar to how I wear my bio hair for bedtime: a big headband and my hair up. For synthetics, I would think chlorine and salt might be damaging, however.

      I’ve never been a big pool-goer, so not getting my hair wet (for the most part) has never been too big a deal to me, but I can see how some women might find that difficult to give up.

      Maybe swim caps are making a comeback??

  16. That’s great! So glad it went smoothly for you. And the hair does look great. Some people- if they give it enough thought and are really THAT aware, might attribute it to pregnancy hormones, or that you just did something new with your hair or it got healthier. And sometimes I wonder- and this is just my opinion- that if a person notices a girl with thinning hair, and then all of a sudden the hair looks better (due to a topper) then that person I think is very likely to have empathy towards the girl and think wow, even if it is a hair piece, it looks great.
    Anyways, I am still thinking about getting one. I would need it a bit shorter than yours and I really want very little hair to the piece. Do they make them like that? I just want a piece that fills in the top of my head and maybe adds some very subtle shorter layers to what I have.

    • Kim, the piece that immediately comes to mind is the EasiPart (VogueWigs.com sells them, wigs.com, etc.) – you can get it in human hair for less than $300 or heat-resistant synthetic hair for less than $100. I tried it briefly but ended up returning it because I got the wrong color. The base is smaller than the one I currently wear by a bit…I can’t remember the hair length, exactly (and obviously you can cut it), however this piece is probably the best one you’ll find having a super-light density. The piece I have (Amore Top Piece) also comes in a “medium length” version for $99 from Galleryofwigs.com, but I’m not sure if you’ll think it has too much hair or not? It’s considered light density and can always be thinned further.

      • Hey Lauren- so even though you returned the easipart topper, did you think it was a quality piece? Do you know if you can add any product to a synthetic topper to tone down the shine? I think I am going to order one today. I am on a super tight budget so have to go with synthetic, plus I want to ensure it will work for me so spending less on a synthetic makes more sense.

        • Hi Kim – the quality seemed really nice! I know lots of women who wear it, too, so I can say with certainty that it is a good first step. As far as shine…I’m going to do a post on that soon, but what I typically use is a bit of dry shampoo on it. Just a few quick spurts and then I run my fingers through it. It doesn’t take it away completely, but it does help a little bit. Baby powder can help, too, if you are careful with it (messy!).

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