I Can See Clearly Now… (Wigs & Glasses)

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You can sleep wearing hair.

Go on rollercoasters wearing hair.

Heck, even swim wearing hair (ok, I admit, this is still tricky).

Who knew the one thing that would through me for an almost-loop would be wearing glasses?

I got LASIK several years ago, but between my second pregnancy and my general issues with all-things-hormones, I got to the point where I needed to have either have my eyes tweaked, or begin wearing glasses again.

I was kind of bummed, because I really enjoyed not wearing glasses and contacts for so long.

I can still see fairly well—it’s nothing compared to the near-blindness I had before I had LASIK done—but driving at night was becoming an issue so it was time to break out the specs.

Admittedly, I had forgotten how much fun glasses can be as an accessory! These are from Lenscrafters:

Vogue cat eye glasses to match my hair topper

Love them!

One thing I noticed is that I am acutely aware of my ear area, especially when it comes to wigs and wearing glasses.

Because I don’t yet wear wigs full-time, I’m pretty sensitive to the feeling of something ALLLLLL around my head.

I don’t feel my toppers at all. They are 100% just a part of me.

But with a wig, you have a band that hugs your entire head…and I am aware of almost every passing minute that I have a wig on.

It’s not uncomfortable, per se.

It’s just noticeable.

I’ve spoken with full-time wig wearers and they tell me that the wig really does just become part of you as you become more used to it, just like my beloved toppers have.

So, I have a tip for you when you’re thinking about glasses, if you experience this sensation like I do.

I learned it from going a bit crazy buying ALL THE GLASSES a few months ago.

I definitely went hog-wild after I first got my prescription. I found sites like EyeBuyDirect and Zenni Optical, where you can get prescription glasses for as cheap as $13.

Say what??

Yes! This pair, called Milo (size M) from EyeBuyDirect was just $16, all-in. 🙂

Milo Glasses from EyeBuyDirect in Navy - super cute and only $15

I bought a few other frames, too.

Glasses from EyeBuyDirect - Demain, Release and Escape

(Top L: Escape, $32, Size S; Top R: Demain, $32, Size M; Bottom: Release, $19, Size S; Add $6.95 for basic lenses to these frames prices)

I love them ALL, but find that I need to keep certain measurements and features in mind when wearing wigs.

Because I am so aware of the pressure around my head, I find I feel best in frames that have some give.

The navy pair I showed you above, for $16?

Those arms don’t have any flex.

Milo glasses navy

But this pair from Lenscrafters, has hinges (The first pic in this post in the same, Vogue, VO2961).

Vogue glasses Lenscrafters

Because these frames can move in and out as I move around/chew/speak, etc., I find that they are more comfortable when I combine them with wig-wearing.

When I wear the more rigid frames with my toppers – no problem!

The other thing I noticed was that it’s more difficult to rest my glasses on top of my head when I’m wearing a wig.

You know, like this:

You may notice the same thing when wearing toppers. The extra few millimeters of “stuff” on top of your head means your glasses might sit a bit differently on your head.

I don’t have a problem with my toppers, but when I try to pop up glasses/sunglasses up on top of my head when wearing a wig, I need longer arms.

(On my glasses, not on my body, duh.)

Something about having the extra material around my head and also needing to get around wig ear tabs means some of my glasses don’t work as well worn on top of my head.

If you’re having this issue, I have a few thoughts.

First, having glasses with hinges might help. The ability for them to flex just makes the whole experience more comfortable.

Second, it’s a give-and-take and you should never sacrifice a good fit on your face for the sake of popping your glasses up…but adding a few extra millimeters may solve the problem.

See the numbers on the inside of your glasses’ arm?

The final three-digit number is the length of the arm.

Milo, from EyeBuyDirect.com is 134mm.

This works for me, but just barely. I’d have better luck if I was able to get a slightly longer arm (in fact, my pair from Lenscrafters is 135mm—just a 1mm difference!—and works noticeably better).

Of course, many places will adjust your eyeglasses for free, even if you haven’t purchased from there.

While I did get my first pair from Lenscrafters, they offered to adjust anything else I brought in.

Most plastics can be heated with their tools and reshaped to better fit…so you could maybe make your arm a little longer. You can even attempt this yourself, using a hairdryer to heat.

I haven’t purchased from Zenni Optical because I found EyeBuyDirect’s online fitting tool to be superior for me (I prefer EyeBuyDirect for me, Zenni for my kids), but Zenni does have this handy glasses adjustment guide.

A few simple adjustments can definitely help anyone who wears glasses, including wig wearers.

Oh, one other thing!

So far today we’ve talked about what to keep in mind when selecting glasses. But when you’re fitting yourself for a WIG, you must consider the ear tabs.

Proper placement of the ear tabs will be super important if you wear glasses.

A wig that is too large will have ear tabs that come much too forward (or even low) on your head, and they may interfere with your glasses.

Measuring for your proper wig size is key!

Just something to keep in mind. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a video on wig measuring, so you can be sure to get your ear tab placement down pat!:

8 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now… (Wigs & Glasses)”

  1. So, I just purchased my very first pair of glasses (from Lenscrafters) which cost me a small fortune! I had no idea there were sites where I could buy cheap frames, so thanks for that tip to be used in the future. So far, I have not found any issues with wearing my glasses (or my normal sunglasses) and my wearing my wig.

    • I was soooooo annoyed when I got my total at Lenscrafters, even though I love the frames. “Insurance” didn’t help too much and it was still over $200 I think. Sigh. And yes, I found out about the other sites after, as well…

  2. You have got to be one of the most photogenic people I’ve ever seen! Just saying. With regard to the glasses, I sometimes wear men’s styles because I like them and I guess my noggin is big anyway. Haven’t had any problems with them with a wig-just have to be aware of wear you’re sliding them into (on the side, on top) so you don’t catch your ear tabs or wig cap. I’m talking about sunglasses but I do have a pair of regular glasses that are a cool retro men’s style. You make some good points here in your blog. I haven’t worn a topper yet (a little scared to order online and none around locally it seems) but it sounds like I won’t have any issues. I’d advise others to bring your fave pair of glasses (sun or other) with when trying on wigs and/or toppers. Going through the motions of putting them on , including on your head, can give you a good idea of how it all works.

    Thanks again for such great info! 🙂

    • Hi Lisa! I think the black pair I have on the post with the clear bottoms are actually men’s glasses. 🙂 I like the more geometric shapes sometimes.

  3. How do you always look so beautiful?? Quick question for you re: the southern heat and humidity – are there any tricks to wearing a wig when in such hot weather (and not melting underneath it?) If you stick to toppers in hot weather, do you have problems with your bio-hair frizzing up a bit underneath and therefore not blending with the topper throughout the day? thanks for any tips! great post on the glasses!

    • Hi! I do stick to toppers in hot weather – someday, wigs everyday will be my normal, but for now, toppers it is. I don’t have an issue with frizz. The way my hair reacts with humidity is just to play dead, i.e. go super limp. Plus, my Top Secret topper is very full coverage, so I barely have any of my bio hair proportionately. I can see for those with curly/wavy hair, or with hair prone to frizz, that toppers can be tricky in the humidity.

  4. I’ve cut too-large ear tabs. For the soft ear tabs, I just move them up above my glasses. I don’t really think that much about it in the long run though because if someone notices anything looking slightly “off”, then they are too close to my personal space. LOL!!


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