Yes! You CAN Wear a Topper or Wig on Vacation

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A while back I posted that I was going on my first vacation wearing helper hair – it was funny to see the hair all laid out and ready to be put into the suitcase. With me, I brought me Noriko Milan as well as the Jon Renau Long Mono Topper – I actually brought two of these. One was a newer one to wear in the evenings, and one was the older one to wear in the pool.

We took a cruise and vacationed in Mexico and Key West and I know what you are wondering: How HOT was it?! Honestly…this is a tough one to answer. I live in the South where it’s 80 degrees or higher nine months out of the year, so I got used to wearing my topper in extreme heat VERY quickly. I do remember the first few times I wore my hair out in public, around this time last year. I did feel a temperature shift, but I don’t recall if it was because I was super-aware of it on my head or if because it actually made me hotter. I’m thinking it’s probably a little of both. Now, though, I don’t feel the heat from it AT ALL – my bio hair has actually not seen (felt?) the light of day since last October so I’m sure it would feel completely different if I didn’t wear hair one day. But, eh, that’s not happening.

During the day, I wore my hair up most of the time. We spent alot of time at the pool and on the beach so I wore my older Jon Renau topper (Long Mono in color 8H14) most of the time. It really didn’t get wet (maybe splashed a little) but in case that it did I wanted to make sure not to ruin my new one.

(If it had gotten wet/sandy/etc. I probably would’ve just been sure to rinse it as quickly as I could when I got back to the room. I’m sure it would’ve fared pretty well as it IS just plastic. Another option would be to bring a spray bottle filled with water [or douse yourself with some from a water bottle] if the hair would’ve gotten sea-salty. Kind of cumbersome, I know, but at least there are options.)

Jon Renau 8h14

Pretty easy-peasy up do! Just twist it up along with your bio hair and clip it with a butterfly clip. Worked beautifully!

Some nights I wanted to wear my hair down, and I thought bringing my Noriko Milan in Marble Brown was a good option for that. I wasn’t wearing this piece “in real life” so I was happy to give her some good use! I re-fell in love with the gorgeous fiber and density on the piece (but more on that later. See some pics of my Noriko Milan here). This old gal actually stayed on quite well, even on the windy cruise ship.

Topper in wind Noriko Milan Marble Brown

Speaking of staying on, all of my pieces did really well in terms of staying in place while being active. There was one day when we were in Key West where the wind was nothing short of brutal. I did experience a bit of discomfort with the front area pulling as we were walking face-first into the wind. A quick readjustment of both the front clip(s) as well as my hair clip probably would’ve solved the issue, but my son was being needy while wanting to be held, I had bags and I was sunburned…so I just let it go.

One thing my husband and I did do was parasail – it’s not the most high-impact watersport by any means, but my toppers survived taking off and landing, as well as a quick dip in the ocean (granted, my hair wasn’t dipped, it was only to my waist!).

So, ladies, don’t be afraid to take your hair on vacation! In fact, no one knows you, so trying hair on vacation (be it for the first time or a different style) is actually the perfect time to wear toppers or wigs!

33 thoughts on “Yes! You CAN Wear a Topper or Wig on Vacation”

  1. has anyone been able to find the Perormax Ad Quick Grips mentioned by Natalie? I’d appreciate any info and/or feedback. Can’t find anything online.

    • Here’s what another readers said: “I also told the wig shop about the Velcro fingers and they called Aderans and ordered some for me.”

      So maybe you can ask a local resource to call in direct to the vendor?

      I tried them and didn’t like them (you need hair to have them grip and my front area is too sparse) but they may work for you!

  2. thank you for taking the time and for your bravery to get this information into all of our hands. I have very similar hair loss. I also just had my third baby and there goes the little I was being preggos. He is 4 months old now. I have used the bumble spray, but now I think it is time for this next topper step. thanks again!!!

  3. Hi Lauren. I too, would be interested in trying the Performaxx grips, or even just getting Natalie’s information. It’s hard trying to find someone in my area that has experience with women’s hair loss and using toppers.

    • One of my savvy readers found out that they are Perormax Ad Quick Grip from Alderans (that’s how she sent it over to me, maybe it’s PerFormax?). I’m not sure if you can order direct from them but perhaps any wig shop in your area might be able to order them?

  4. What ever happened with getting the info out on those Performaxx velcro grips? Sure is disappointing to see something so promising not have any follow up info posted. Did Natalie change her mind on wanting to be helpful with this product? What a bummer… 🙁

    • Natalie was kind enough to send me some to try. I have such loss in the front that I think they didn’t work for me as well as they could have – there’s just not enough hair to grip, sadly. I couldn’t nestle them into my hair (all two strands) enough to get my piece to lay flat enough. I’m sure they could work better for those with more hair, though!

    • Hi – I mentioned this above (below?) but wanted to be sure you saw it, too:

      One of my savvy readers found out that they are Perormax Ad Quick Grip from Alderans (that’s how she sent it over to me, maybe it’s PerFormax?). I’m not sure if you can order direct from them but perhaps any wig shop in your area might be able to order them?

  5. Lauren,
    I want to also thank you for sharing. SO many young women suffer w hair loss and it can really mess w your confidence. You’re a blessing to others.
    I’m a licensed cosmetologist in Austin TX and I specialize in womens hair loss. Toppers are my fav. I LOVE them, esp in TX where it gets over 100.
    Anyway, I’ve got some tips I wanted to share with you and your readers. The #1 complaint about toppers is the clips pulling and sometimes causing more hair loss.
    I recently came across these awesome little grippy doodads that I wish I had invented. They are small tabs that you tape to the underside of the topper, in the very front is the best place, (remove the clip). It’s Velcro like but the “fingers” are longer than reg Velcro. When you nuzzle it down into your bio hair underneath, it sticks to it and prevents the front from moving around or having the front edge of the topper flop up and down as if its talking “hello, I’m a topper.” Every one of my clients that I’ve used this on LOVE LOVE it! Its made by Performaxx and I think called wig grip. Even though I get them from my vendor, I’ve tried to find it online but never can. They are not very expensive, like $2-3 ea, and you only need a few if you are still going to use the back and side clips. I can take a pic and show you and can order for anyone that wants. I will add it to my Market Square where anyone can order it.
    I have lots of tips and tricks to solve common and not so common problems. I also have a fabulous suggestion about toppers on vacation: a semi perm attachment so you dont have to take it off while on vacation. I do suggest a human hair topper though for this.
    This isnt about me promoting my biz here, I just want to help. I really love what I do.
    I’ll hold off on putting any of my info here where people can contact me until Ms. Lauren lets me know if she is ok w that.

  6. Hi – which color did you get in the Jon Renau human hair topper? I got the synthetic color ring and the 8 is exactly my hair color (I think it’s yours too?), but I dont know about HH. Thanks!!

    • It’s a custom blend…I’d have to look it up to know for sure but the base was a 6 with I believe a highlight of a 12. In the synthetics, 8 is my perfect match (my synthetic is 8H14). I find my HH topper to be more reddish than what my synthetic is, understanding the base of my HH is technically darker. Hope that makes sense!

  7. Hi,

    I am trying to find a topper and there are a few things which really concern me.
    1. They generally look kind of flat on the top.
    2. The rim of the topper might show and I live in England where it’s always windy.
    3. I only want it with a silk top. Maybe this will only come with a human hair toppper?

    If i can;t sleep in it most of the time, i probably should just use Toppik for now. I have no widening part yet and i see some people use Toppik for years and it worked well. I really don;t want to spend a few hundred bucks on something i would not wear at all.



    • Hi – yes most toppers are typically flat on the top. The Noriko Milan has a bit of permatease in the back which gives it some lift. The Jon Renau and the Amore I have had no lift/permatease. The rim of the topper can be concealed as long as you have a bit of bio hair to blend with it. I’m actually going to be posting a video soon of how I integrate my topper. Silk tops…I can’t think of any synthetics that have a silk top. It’s costly to produce and since synthetics as a whole are NOT, I don’t think it’s worth it for the manufacturer’s to do this.

      And yes, you probably don’t want to sleep in a clip-in topper – it would be pretty uncomfortable!

  8. Lauren,
    I stumbled on your blog by accident because of searching for hair loss solutions through taking spironolactone. I do not have acne or excess hair growth anywhere else, so I don’t know if I would be a good candidate for this? But my hair is thinning. Started back in 2011. I had a telogen effluvium shed due to birth control pills. My hair grew back but not the same and since then my hair has gotten thinner and thinnner and more and more hair just keeps coming out. I’m reaching out to you because the top of my head looks like yours! Not quite as progressed but I’ll get there soon (especiallly if you could have seen my shower drain this morning after I washed my hair… I could have made a pet from all the hair!) Plus my mother has the same hair loss (hers is REALLY progressed so it’s in my genes). So, I just wanted to say Hi! and reach out to someone who understands. I would love to hear more of your journey if you have time sometime!

    Thank you for reaching out to others through this blog! It helps to know we are not alone!

    • Hi Brandy! I use this blog as kind of a one-stop shop to detail my journey so stay tuned. If you’ve read any of my past posts, you’ll know I had a baby recently so I’m currently off Spiro. I’m not sure if I’ll go back on it at this time, especially since it affected my cycles big time. I’ll have to see after the baby weans what my hormones are doing to me.

      Feel free to contact me via email if you have questions: It might take a few days but I always get back to my readers. 🙂

  9. Hi Lauren,

    thank you so much for your great inspiration. Your blog helped me a lot to deal with my hair loss so much better. I will definitively try the Jon Renau Mono Topper. I recently got the EasiHair HD topper and I didn’t like it. The parting looked so unnatural and I had the feeling it did not sit secure on my bio hair. Whereas the parting of the Jon Renau Mono Topper looks so realistic judging from your pictures. And the base is bigger so it will sit more securely, I hope.
    In one of your previous posts you mentioned you also have a human hair topper. Can you tell me which one it is and how you like it?
    Thank you.

    • Hi – I have a Jon Renau custom human hair topper. I don’t ever wear her as the cut just doesn’t work for me, unfortunately! It’s a silk top and the scalp is amazing, though!
      For the synthetic ones, sometimes I pluck out a few hairs in the partline as that seems to help. 🙂

  10. I love your site! I’ve recently decided to make the transition to “helper hair” after trying virtually everything to make my hair grow back. I’ve gotten so much great information off your site, so thank you!!

  11. I have taken pregnitude for one month now and yet no sighns of a cycle or ovulation ill be starting month 2 i have hope that month 2 will have better results


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